To Know

I came to know the Lord
My God
In His Way
Which is to say

Wonder (Fear of the Lord)

I remember them all, try to live them all, however the order is how His Spirit is arrayed within me today, wrapped in Love.
Good luck figuring out why I am struggling to stay pious!

Any Good

Do not praise me
For any good I have done
Do not condemn me
For any bad I have done
In your eyes you see
But your eyes do not see
God is Judge
God is Just

Therefore give Him the praise
Not me
He does not condemn me
Forgiveness is key

Do you condemn Him also?


Surely you know by now
That the evils that pervert
Every nation on earth
Will be cast down forever
Following a last stand

I heard their cry
Came down before the rain
Saw and lived your ways
Walking amidst you
Out of pity
Truly pity took me down this far
Love endures forever
You know
If I cannot do it
With a We, Us
Is it even worth doing
Anything at all?


You are a fool
If you only look on the surface
At just a man behind the glasses

Understanding Heaven
Involves a constant steadiness
Of Heart, Wind, and Flame

Something you cannot see with your eyes
Something that cannot be taken away
Something that I Am said I was
So I must believe in We instead

What is blood but the dust of the earth
And with His Heart
Flows His Blood and Water
His Body is not dust
But everlasting life

Parcel in Perfection through forgiveness
Sacrifice, there is only one true sacrifice
Hence the Divine Unction of Ascension that comes

All around me thunder and lightning
The world is in for very turbulent times
We decided to wait this one out

You definitely cannot say I did not warn you
At this point I have not looked to see what comes next
No one heeds or admonishes His Word anyway

I am ostracized for how long?
Put your ear to Heaven
Put your ear to Hell
They all say the same thinng
Jesus has Returned

Skipping Beats

As I ponder
As I sacrifice
As I live
I Am for Christ

It is like a record skipping
Skipping to the words
Over and over
Only no one is listening
Only wanting to shut it off

Heaven is an earshot away
But humanity gets in the way
While the largest battle ever
Goes on with no one noticing

No notice for the sleeping
This is war the devil is brewing
Let Christ be your protection and guide
It is Jesus who saves, not I

I Am William
Unacknowledged Divine Word
Comes as a Divine Sword
Not a double edge
But a doubled blade…

Seek And You Shall Find

I have done my best to please God
I am consecrated to Him forever
I am also aware of a massive battle
The Father has not stepped in just yet
None can come to the Father except through Jesus
Truly I tell you, I know
Pray for the lost souls
Pray for peace


Listening to
Conversations in Heaven
In that silence
Emulsified in Glory

Learn Mercy
To give it
To receive it
Same with Love

If this was rocket science
I would say ignite it
And let that rocket soar
To the Highest Heaven

From Nothing

Truths become apparent
After the fact
Another Truth has yet to be
Either I Am who Am
Or I Am not
Which is it to you?

If you say that I am not
I will say you are right
And go to Jesus, not me

If you say that I Am who I Am
I will also say you are right
And go to Jesus, not me

I came from nothing
Am nothing
Will always be nothing
Therefore only deserve nothing, right?


I know what it is like
To read a veiled gospel
It perplexes the mind
Of a sinner
And a sinner is just a sinner
They will go on sinning
But they eventually perish
For their desires and wants
Their inner voice that speaks
Does not speak to God
They only think of themselves
Or lust after one another
Using and abusing

Then I heard as I was writing
Someone yelled, Wait!
So I stopped
And listened

I heard a cry out for Mercy
It was bold and strong
I want them to come to me
I heard you and that plea

I sent the Fire into the ground and breathed through my nostrils my fury
But I held back my breath
I held it
To my astonishment
The wait comes

Taste and see…

Tears Filled The Beard

I feel what the Father feels
Important to know how to
Something to do with faith, grace, love, and hope put together into a neat package1
Otherwise I may feel
That the anger is directed toward me
When in fact it is not
It is directed toward all the Earth

Alas, the Father has made known His Fury
But concerning the Earth and her rage
The Father has let go of His Authority over her
You are all on your own with her now
I can continue relenting wrath forever
Drinking this cup is easy for me
It is more of an account
Of how much the Father can take from all this
There will come a time
When He will open His Mouth wide
To bellow from silence itself
So you will all hear Him clear
A third of the people on the earth
Will perish from the mere shock upon hearing His Voice
With but a single breath from His Mouth

And ALL of the stars from Heaven will fall
And ALL the light will be taken from the world
Before He must enforce Divine Law
By stripping the Authority from the hands of the devil
And place it into the hands of the ones chosen by the Father

But the devil is crafty
He manipulates you in ways you never knew
Centuries of this hacking away at the lives of God and His people

A host that leaps
Into a mouth received
Is a delight and a joy
For both of us
But leave us without His Blood…

So He must nourish us by grace and does
In the Heart fed by the living water that is He
My Lord, Jesus Christ who is My Beloved


The sting of death is sin
And the power of sin is the law
For just as sin came into the world
Through one man
And death came through sin
And so death spread to all because all have sinned
Sin was indeed in the world before the law
But sin is not reckoned when there is no law
And the law is written on your hearts

Behold, the world you inherited
Sin thrives because of your laws
I came to abolish all laws
Keep in mind
The first three about love
For all the Law is fulfilled
By love alone