Power To Prophesy

Oh His anger is quite real
Despite His majesty and patience
Our Father is about to stand
He will issue a command

If I told you one third will be wiped away
You with the lack of reverence, faith, belief, and love
Do you deserve to be spared?
Change now before it’s too late

I’ve said before, His Word is His command
Angels will respond with haste
None have asked how to change
What comes is destruction and waste

This power to prophesy cannot be contained
Soon you’ll know not from whence it comes
Your devices and idols will fail to save
Lord Jesus have Mercy… Please

Natural Disasters

If you wonder why
The disasters come your way
It’s not just a coincidence
It’s a call to repentance

You don’t believe in His Law
You fabricate your own
Only for selfish gain
You blindly follow the beast

This is the only way
But it’s normal you’ll say
Expert prediction is folly too
Against the Power of God

What’s happened so far
Is just the beginning
It will be one after the other
You won’t be able to recover

Power Is His

Look and see this Divinity
All that I claim has been granted by Grace
He offers to anyone who asks
But very few believe
In His Mercy and Love

So up this path I will tread
For the sake of others
He’s got my all, my heart, my everything
It’s better than anything I’ve been

So what’s my claim, you might be wondering
Well wonder at the Power He has
He stopped a bullet meant for me
Been poisoned so many times
I was drowned by haters and choked to death
Survived a crash by malicious intent
Most impossible, don’t care to prove
What’s faith if you don’t believe?
He will take me up in the hour that’s His

My faith led me down the seldom path
I was blind but I was still led by Him
My garment now drenched
In the Blood that is His
I rejoice and all this Power is His

Acknowledge Him

The Lord raised me up to the Highest Heaven
To stand in His court and hear my prayers
I reluctantly commanded the earth to shake
The earth obeyed

I commanded storms to brew or depart
The sky obeyed
I commanded winds to blow fire and burn
And again the earth and sky obeyed

It’s not me issuing these commands
Through me
It is the Lord God
And Yahweh is His Name

He is the Triune God, Father, Son, and Spirit One
That by the Power of His Spirit
The Sacrifice of His Son, and the Love of the Father
He and I are One

So I have commanded again, the earth continue to shake
Crack open and bleed
That storms churn and burn
Oh earth and sky, obey

Because this world I kid you not, they are really lost
I’m but a light in such dark and dreary times
To acknowledge Him as Lord and King
A tough pill to swallow, but sweet as honey for some

Still I failed as a son, for I am a sinner
Am simply nothing without Him
So on my very last breath I always proclaim
That Jesus is Lord and He is my King


United on His Cross is amazing
At One with Him on Calvary
Suffering becomes a tool of redemption
An instrument of salvation
Not for my own sake
I unworthily have been granted
Everything that He gave
So He’s turned me into His prophet
As I always was before time began

Life Sacrificed

So here we are, the Lord in my heart
The King of kings
The God of gods
The Lord of lords

Less and less I am
The more and more He becomes
This is the end you need and the sacrifice of which I gave
The sacrifice of my own life is all I have to give


I’ve grown weary
So few people Love in this world
What most think of Love is a twisted lie
All I ask for is Truth and Love

But because my suffering is great
United with Jesus on the Cross
Means that the world is still definitely
On the wrong path of late

Long Foretold

What is this Love I am willing to give
But God Himself, incarnate and real
Not some figment or misrepresentation
But palatable, tangible, and oh so poured out

His Spirit is my Spirit
I just so happen to breathe His fire
It kindles those hearts it surrounds
With Peace and Love, Kindness and Joy

But to those whose hearts are stone
Who refuse to repent and turn to Him
The fire burns and destroys
Because evil cannot be before Him

Thus the earth it shakes, and the crust it breaks
Escalating towards the inevitable
The destruction long foretold by prophets old
Don’t let ignorance or deception have it’s way

Least Expected

The Lord has indeed come in His own way
In a way that you all least expect
Though Heaven opened up and raised a few
None noticed, they’re blind and ignore His Law
The Law is to Love one another as He Loves

This world you so fearfully cling to
Is a fabrication founded in sin
So Angels have been sent down from Him
To abolish everything you’ve created
You cannot hide, so flee if you must

Should you realize your own mistakes
Reconcile, repent, and Love is what’s left to do
Your neighbor is not your enemy
Though you cannot distinguish which is which
So Love your neighbor and your enemy

As it has been foretold by prophets old and new
Always scorned, ignored, and cast away
The abominable ways worse than Sodom and Gomorrah
Think of what came to pass
How much worse it will be for you

Divine Aid

Sharing in the sufferings of Christ
Is a privilege, passion, and delight
Of being one with God and His Might

No power, person, or demon can prevail
Legions of Angels, you cannot fathom or see
Are at my beck and call wait and see

Love is my foundation, no one believes
A whole world of Love infinitely beyond
Pales this world to a breaking point, it is done

All is set in motion, He is in command
The End that has been foretold of old
Has already begun and will finish at last

The seals have been broken
Trumpets are in their final blast
Now to be poured out His bowls of wrath

Rejoice O People of God, Our Father has heard
Your prayers and my pleas for Divine aid
Are now answered so give Him all the praise!

Fulfillment Divine

Surely I am lacking in some form or another
The right words or phrase to convey
Divine aspirations delivering Truth
A shining light of Love in darkness

If this Word is not just mine, but mine and His
Our fulfillment of Revelation in passing
The world has already been warned
A Triune God, dwelling amidst this dry land

So ignore this poor sinner’s posts
I am gladly nothing in Christ the Lord
I won’t say I told you so or boast of myself
It will be too late, a world gone up flames

What you might think of rapture or ascension
It is not a collective event
It’s Heaven and Salvation by Mercy and Grace
Whilst dwelling among you in this land of waste

No one cares nor do they believe
But tell me O foolish crowd of dust
Can His omnipotence be squashed
By a select influential few?

So much more there is to be revealed
The greatest when the New Heaven comes down
Those who cannot bear to look upon Our Father
Will never witness this Glorious event


My Faith should not be tested
I ate the seed, now it’s a tree
Wisdom revealed a mystery
Miracles happen to reflect yours

Don’t put His Prophets to the test
Their fear is in Christ the Lord
No harm comes to them
Justice happens, His hand when it’s due

If peace comes, rejoice in the Mercy of the Lord
Calamities are a call to repentance
Scoffers of His Word, their fate is sealed
So Love one another and know what that means

Peace. Amen.

Good News

In times like this by ignorance unaware
They don’t see the demons or angels
Or acknowledge the war that wages
Over their very own souls

So here’s the Good News forever unchanged
Christ is the Victor, even before the end
His Power destroyed sin and death
Just call on His Name and He will save

Mercy is Love unexpected and undeserved
Mercy is not withholding death for selfish gain
Those who parade their hate Justice will be served
Wait for the winds, will credit be given where it is due?

Event Horizon

I lay there weak and unafraid
Thump thump went my heart
Thump thump it went again
With each pound it shook

Thump thump so strong
Thump… it stopped
I waited and waited
Peace came like calm water

He came to me
Told me it wasn’t time
Said He would never leave me
Thump… I gasped for air… thump

I saw the whole universe, entered the event horizon
There is so much more beyond, you cannot fathom
Do not be afraid, even when darkness surrounds
Love is the answer, the key, and the way