Repent or Perish

Nothing comes from my heart but peace, joy, and love. I could be anywhere, anytime, any circumstance, and it will always be the same. Peace comes as solace in the knowledge of certain salvation by being one with Christ. I have indeed reached Heaven, it is no lie, I want to teach those who know not how, how to ascend and become part of the Glorious moment in all of history and the beginning of a new era: Our reign with Christ until the Final Resurrection, for the moment is very soon when all of the legions of Hell and Satan will be locked and sealed away until the end. For the Lord is merciful to his people and wants them to live in peace, joy, and love with one another. Rejoice O loving people, for the time is near, but woe to those who reject love, for eternal fire awaits unless they repent.

Act with Love

It was revealed to me that there are those who think that repaying evil acts with acts of love is folly. To that I say, what world do you want to live in?

By all means, act in any way you so choose, but know this my friend, truly you will live as such, eternally. Anyone who desires Heaven, this is a “no-brainer”.


The Lord hid Himself from me
I knew in my heart He was there
Though I felt His Presence not
I listened in silence for Him
Only to turn into a desert
Waiting, parched

My Heart in anguish cried out
Do not abandon me, my Lord
My weakness overwhelms
Lord give me Your Strength

A memory thus came
The truth of reality
Revealed to me by a Dove
That fire thus will come
Only to devour and burn
All that is evil in every heart

Prepare yourselves people!
For when this cleansing fire comes
Like the days of old on Passover
The Lord will send His Holy Spirit
He will thus enter and make His Home
In those who are of Christ
And passover those who are not
Those who have not been sealed
With His Holy Name
Will be consumed and burned
For those who reject Him
Reject the one who sent Him
The Almighty Father of Heaven and Earth

Gone are the days of old
The sins of the past have been wiped away clean
No more will there be weeping and crying
Pain and suffering will cease to be
Love, Joy, and Peace will remain

Like A Dove

Peace to you all.

Invite the Holy Spirit to enter into your heart like a dove, beating its wings like heartbeats, instead of fluttering away from you He will flutter His way into your Heart if you let Him. For when I saw this, I saw fire coming from His mouth as He entered and He consumed the enemy. Now I stand free and alive in His Divine Presence, even amidst his fiery flame. For my Life is in His hands, and nothing without Him. Such Glory awaits those who believe!

God’s Presence

Upon reflecting on the mysteries of the Lord, it was revealed to me how the Lord is present in all things visible and invisible. The best way to describe it is that God’s actual presence is woven in and throughout the actual fabric of matter, space, and time. What this means is that every point itself in the entire universe is subject to His Command and Authority, and because the fabric itself is God’s power, nothing can take that away, for if God took it away, the entire universe would vanish in an instant.

Alas, such power and authority surely must be demonstrated as a sign so that all might believe. So what then shall be His Command? To shake the earth like never before and hope that all of you heed God’s warnings? To wipe the moon away from the sky? Blacken the sun so that darkness overwhelms you all? Command all electrons to cease? What will it take to prove that Christ is Returning sooner than you think and that everything is subject to His Authority and Command. Don’t you see?

To be Sealed

The Lord has extended the time before His Glorious Return to give one more chance to those who repent. To give all people one more chance to turn to Him and be saved, to be sealed on the forehead with His Holy Name. Those who were, are, and always will be the Body of Jesus Christ, His Church.

Who am I?

I’m wondering with amazement
At what waits for those
Heaven on Earth
A New Jerusalem
A New Heaven and a New Earth
His Reign is Eternal as is His Glory

I do not read books
I study not the things of this world
I lean on Wisdom to listen to her inklings
Her inklings can crush or deliver a nation
The Spirit of Truth lives and breathes in me
His Truth a light to be shone
His Divine Knowledge, flows like water
I never thirst for He sustains me

Who am I?


I haven’t been writing much lately because the Lord has been quiet. He’s waiting. He’s standing on the shores of Paradise. The Ocean that’s between you and Him is now frozen. He’s calling us all to come to Him, turn from all evil, turn to God and open your hearts. Ask Him to guide you to His shores. Know this, I am already on the shores of Paradise with Him, but when I look around, there are not that many here with us now.


I spoke with a someone beautiful today, and I told her about my childhood, bits and pieces, suffering, leading up to the visions and the locutions. I saw such love in her, it was comforting to see, as I was talking with her about one aspect of myself, particularly my innate ability to fall in love easily, i.e. attracted to those who love, because I can peer into the souls of people, I came to realize that I also see those who do not love, or are lacking love, so I am to love them more than those who have great love in their hearts, to find a way to break their hearts of stone, and instead of wandering off into the desert, to walk with Christ any which way He so chooses. Another revelation that I had during my time talking with her was that all I feel, ever since I died on the couch, no matter what pain I am in, the suffering is gone, and what remains is Love, Joy, and Peace…

That’s my claim, I’m already in Heaven, so should the end come now, I will feel sorrow for all of my inactions to convert souls back to Him, to convict them to belief… Signs and wonders only convince the few, so what remains is destruction for those who reject Him. How much more there is to Christ than the reward of Salvation by His Name! Salvation is just the beginning, much is still to happen, but there is one thing I know that others do not, and it will remain hidden until the right time, for the Glory of God. So to that, and for you to remember, that prophecies can still be fulfilled, if that’s the Father’s will, but they always are fulfilled in the way that people least expect it.

At this point, all I can say is, Love without cost people, act out of Love and mean it, Love like you have never Loved before, ask for the Grace to Love with the greatest Love that is God. Write Love poems to people showing them that Love is not sex. Repay evil acts against you and others with acts of Love, not violence or war. Bless everyone you meet and make amends in peace. This is the way to Heaven, and I tell you truly, the Gates of Heaven are already open, so what are you waiting for?

Christ says this: To the unrighteous, heavy is the hand that will strike you down should you continue to persecute those under your power. Turn from your evil ways and My Peace will fall on you and remain with you until the end as a reminder of My Mercy.

Another prayer

The Lord over my heart, my God and Savior, Jesus Christ revealed to me, a memory when I died of starvation and I remember He was angry when He spoke with me. He brought me back because of the prayers of His people, they cry out to him to end the suffering. So He is sending me into the world, and now my prayer is this. That anything I say and do, in the name of the Christ, and in the name of my new self, is done according to the Will of my Father, Yahweh. Amen

So, how do I Love God more, how many ways can I bless Him?

I call on St. Michael several times a day, but now I call on him to capture and deliver Satan before God for He is to be judged by God the Father. I ask any and all people, to stop the hatred. Peace people, but not just peace between enemies, but peace in your hearts, let go of the past, and be free from the pain, free from suffering, free from death. Amen.

The Devil flees before Him

I was assured today that the devil flees from those who simply worship the Father by humility, love, and devotion.

While I still acknowledge that I am nothing, He is everything and I Love God with all my heart, mind and soul. So much so he has raised me from the dead. Yes indeed, he sustains my beats, confounding the medics. The Lord is awesome, and so much so is my experience, I’m excited for all the Good things that are coming, but at the same time I have a deep and strong sorrow for the lost. The Lord will leave the 99 to find the one, I was that one, and he found me and saved me. There are more and now I want Jesus to do His part through me to bring back the lost.

While I said I was done with the dead, and this is true, I will endure once more that which he wants me to endure in order to usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth.  The question is how much destruction will be required to purge the world of the evil that refuses to repent?

Take my hand

Take my hand

Let me lift you from the dirt
This life sacrificed
Gains nothing here
Not in want anymore

He’s in command
Angels are at the ready
It’s the last bowl my friends
It need not be this way

Grace and Mercy
Out of Love is the key
Salvation my friends
It must be this way

Start with pity

Of this Love I found in the Lord, I can write volumes and volumes, Love others through it, and bring them joy. Bring them consolation in the knowledge that the day and the hour matters not, we fear it not, we welcome it, but our hearts are full of sorrow for the lost souls that would be gone should He Return now at this moment. Hence this Word to you my beloved people, He is indeed coming soon, and there are only a few who have already been raised.

Know this, the first resurrection is the raising of the spirit to Heaven, giving life eternally to those who receive his breath of life, his Love, his Glory. Yes, indeed, there are those who have already tasted death, but they now live and are passionate warriors for Christ. Not for the war you are thinking, but a battle where the weapon is Love itself, through his branches we bloom His Fragrance into the world.

So here is how you are to do it. It’s simple, it’s possible, and anyone can do it. It’s not easy, but the reward is greater than you can imagine.

Start with pity. If you have pity on someone, it’s a message from your heart telling you that you have something to give them to heal them, deliver them, raise them up, if that pity moves you do something out of Love, unconditionally, for that person, then go, do it and ask for the grace to do it out of Love. Do not expect or ask anything in return, bless them in secret if you can, and if you make a mistake, cause yourself or others to sin, seek forgiveness and turn back and face toward the face of Love and you are already forgiven. If they reject you or scorn you, pray that the Lord help them see. Lean on Wisdom, she is indeed your comfort in trials against you.


I have a strong desire to surround myself in God’s Love, so I’ve sought out those people that were of God’s Love, so bright and beautiful, I found them and loved them, but I’m still wanting to Love those with the Love that is God Himself. His Love is my light and my guide, though I keep on, though I walk through thorns, and I break and bleed, He is always with me. I know Love and Love knows me. The heart of this dead body still beats because He wants me to remain. My eyes are toward Heaven, my life and all that I am is His. For His Glory, Amen, let this be that which will bring those who desire eternal life to Jesus.

No turning back now

I told my Dr yesterday that I am a prophet and that the Lord is coming soon. He said that we don’t know when our Lord will come, but I said we don’t know the day nor the hour, I said that the day and the hour is his, but we know the season, as it’s written. He then indicated to me that this is private revelation and the Bible says to keep it to myself, I refuted that by saying that the Church teaches, not the bible, that private revelation is to be kept in the dark, but this is not private revelation, and that Christ also said to not light a lamp under a table.

This is not private revelation, that Christ is coming soon, as it’s already been revealed in the book of Revelation.

I suspect at this point, now that I have stepped into the light, that there’s no stopping it now. I will be the subject of ridicule, likely lose everything, suffer much, and possibly die once more if I do not ascend before then. I tell you this, in all truth, by the power of the Spirit of Truth in the name of Jesus Christ, that if I remain scorned and am put to death by their hands, the end will come. If the state of your soul between you and your God is irreconcilable then you do not want the end to come.

Reflecting on what I’ve written so far, in my weakness, anything that I’ve written about myself, my story, etc, may have been embellished due to my faulty memory, however what I wrote I wrote while in the mind of Christ, as He is always there, and as I am now and they are therefore His words, not mine.

One more chance

It is no coincidence that the day I died of starvation, the day that I was delivered from death, was the day the Lord offered us all one more chance. This is it. Now I can’t do nothing, and I will trust the Lord that He will guide me in everything until His Glorious Return, for if He does guide me, and I have already been delivered, where I go, no one can follow unless they are in Christ.