I let my mind drift in your direction
Awestruck by your love and affection
More love and blessings to you be given
Though I have the power of God times Seven

Would you remind me of why yours came to be?
Show me your affection so envied by the sea
Charitable my love is one of the forms to be
But also philia which is one I seek from thee

Nobody’s hopes come without love in store
Work the to and and fro like waves on the shore
Eventually revealing oceans secrets galore
Never resorting to anything that leads to gore

What you do to and for others matters most
Just as what we do that Eucharistic Host
Got in mind a secret to be revealed
That the fate of the world is actually sealed

Put your hand on my heart and feel it’s beats
To every word you say it in feats
It will change it’s pace to quicken or deepen
It’s by love that I will be reaping

Can’t get enough of your love like flowers
No matter how it comes in showers
Sway my heart toward your own
I like the feeling of the love sown


Little do you know someone like me
Always in so much pain amidst suffering
Meant to circumvent
A certain catastrophic event

In so many I meet do I find the love I seek
But I am also in search for the ones who do not
To show them that the Light of God is simply Love
To shed it on others despite who they are

You want me to dance with you
Then come to me if you can find me
I am hidden on purpose
Want you to respond on all channels

I can feel the heartbeats far away
Matching mine I wonder if the moment was said
Tell me I am dreaming as I swirl in the light
You take my breath away most days to my delight

Why does it have to be the way it is now?
Your songs are luring me down
From where I am in Heaven so high
Nobody to bring me down, so sigh

So here I am alive and well
Don’t care anymore what anyone might say
If I shed my blood once again to save
The ones who tread death like water and fire


What you want from me is love
And I love that you love to love
Makes me want to dance again
Like I cast away my cares to refrain

Found you and knew it was you
But the oil change was just a chance for you
For you to get a chance to see
Love incarnate like a broken tree

Broken by the forces over it
But roots that are deep like where I sit
I know you also do not see what I write
But know that with me we would not fight

Peace flows from this heart like a river brings
That my children love others and their siblings
My fruits are of every nature
Three kinds and they will always love her

The ebb and flow of the push and pull give you
Just do not let go of me when you do
Back and forth I hope you pull me close
Enough for a kiss to be a just a small dose

A dose of good kindness and basic delivery
Vulnerability in turn for immortality
But what is a kiss without love intwined
That even a stolen kiss could actually bind?

With every kiss comes with an entrance
Into my heart a Heaven that has no fence
What you give I give back ten fold
But in every way I am left in the cold

So warm me up with your soothing fire
My Father lets it so transpire
Because He can see right through
And Know in my heart so true

Sometimes I let my heartstrings stray
Like tiny tendrils of light that say
Words of love like the only God I know
And to the proud of heart they toss to and fro

Alas, Love will always love you
I am not done with you
Could keep you alive with the kiss of Christ
And with my tears bring resurrection not a heist


As I reveal my deepest secrets over time
Writ within a meaningful rhyme
I contemplate my purpose once again
With truly nothing to gain

My heart is as simple as love itself
All of my poems sitting on a shelf
I felt it just the same
I never thought of it as a game

Dance with me because I love to
But my mind is fading without you
And will forget how to dance the tunes
Instead I go into the desert dunes

Drop to my knees with an emotional sigh
My tears flow like a deluge of a river sly
Waiting for this moment and broke the dam
Irrigated this desolate desert and became a ram

What if

If you were on fire with love for me
What would you do to me?
My heart flourishes the butterflies
In anticipation of and what it implies

If I was on fire with love for you
And if you allowed me to
I would kiss you hand, head, and foot
And bless you with all I have to put

What if I told you things no one would believe
Would you believe or decide to leave?
What I would say would lead your thoughts to
A formidable conclusion that is true

But what truth is hidden in plain sight
That brings forth God’s Divine Light?
See that what is left unsaid
Is kept a secret even kept from the dead

Held True

She held me tight
And It felt right
Little does she know
She has grace in her healing power
But she needs to be healed herself
So much pain caused over and over
Lost in old traditions that bled hate and pain
Surely there is a way
And I have found it
Took the door and went on my way
Entered a barren desert
And the Lord let down the rain
My heart was flooded and like the ocean waves
Breathed life into the soil by planting seeds of love
Barren no more and Home to a King
Heaven within if but only to sing
Sing praises we must
Wishing I would hear your voice say
I love you too in a song that says you are true


My hair curls into downward spirals
My eyes gleam blue like the oceans
My mouth utters prayers and prophecy
My heart witnesses everything to thee
Perfuming the cosmos with God’s incense
With a reflection of God in the starry skies
What gifts I have been given!
To unravel the mysteries of Heaven
A place of which is here and now
On the way to a convergence of being
In Heaven while on Earth
Ushering in the New
So what is New?
A Heaven and Earth that is true
Jesus is what is New
For His Love is renewed every day
Mercy and Justice go hand in hand
On His hands are the marks of blame and hate
Yet he flourishes His Love in every place
So God grant me the grace to receive
Every prophecy uttered by Your Holy Spirit
To renew the message to deliver
Those from the clutches of evil and death


Fortune favouring the bold is a lie
People still steal, cheat, kill, and lie
My warning shot above their heads
But their lack of fear was in their heads

The Spirit moves and works in many ways
You do not understand His plays
He has kept me safe all these long years
Confided in me with His heavenly tears

I reached out only as far as a branch
Only to realize I have carte blanche
Won by the sacrifices made out of love for you
I choose love, over all through and through

With my staff now gone from me
I seem to have corrupted my journey
Thinking I could go at it alone
I certainly do not have a clone

So while your sentiment brings hope
I am at the end of my rope
Knowing now my span is very short
For evil has already started to cohort

Know and understand this times ten
The Lord allows much to happen
He wills your own love to bring fruit
But allows any selfish gains to take root

So cascade the truth toward the skies
To love thy neighbour, hear their cries
My cry is old and deep with sorrow
Of which you can either convey or borrow

The truth is that a shepherd is a shepherd
When His flock follows his word
So I went searching for the lost
And found you at a tremendous cost


Oh how I love you my dear
I want you to have nothing to fear
My rhymes are just the beginning
In this heart race, I think I am winning

You make me feel special in life
By the ways of your love as my wife
Your words are like balm to my lips
Kissing me while I am getting grips

My love reaches beyond the world
My eyes seek love unfurled
To find your heart is always full of love
Is a gift on its own like the Dove

I seek to deepen this heavenly bond
Instead of cowering away after some blonde
Though we both are still in this damned desert
I will always give you everything, even my shirt


I am always under attack
By demons or evil spirits
Whatever you want to call them
They are allowed to inflict pain
For years on end and it gets old
Invisible but exhausting and painful
Just when I think I would collapse
I recover and stand tall amidst the fire
But sometimes when it is unbearable
That the soothing sound of your voice
Takes a stand against the pain
Brought tears to my eyes out of joy
Yanking at God’s heartstrings
Learning what it’s all about
Living the life of a living miracle
Little do you know
Wish you would show
What I seek must be
When what I do is more of a dance
With life and love
Sweet sweet love I seek
But sometimes I wonder out of awe
What you really think of me
After I poured out my heart’s desires
And in response this is what I received:


Took the offbeat path
Led by the light of God
Bloodied footprints and all
Put there by Christ Himself

Many years have passed since I began
So much suffering I was allowed upon
To recompense for others
For they do not know what they do

So when misfortune comes my way
And it always does as it is the root and the cause
Would you rescue me
Or will you watch me drown?

Does the fault rest with me
That I am torn to shreds by your sin?
I stepped in front of the bullet and survived
For that from you I am despised

No one understands this love
They have to be told it in stories to learn
But a certain neighbourhood ruined the message
Twisting it to their own financial gain

Watch and observe the theft of these words
It takes all kinds as they never care
Credit to God is never given
Despite the glories by God granted

I have no shame in living a life
In likeness to His including strife
So crucify me by your silence or your hate
I will then die the same death and fate

Only to be raised from the dead
For Death’s power was destroyed long ago
Opening wide the doors to new life in love
Calling us back to Him and our Heavenly Home

So go to Him giving your thanks
No matter where you are in the ranks

One in Play

Dwindled my thoughts down to nothing
Only back to God did it bring
I am simply but a nobody
With an immense power in my body

To my own credit I would never think of
I am alive because of love
Nobody believes me when I say I cannot die
Even by anything they can conjure based on a lie

I can be injured and feel intense pain
Suffering though I am not living in vain
My life a tribute to the one who is Love
Only to be the one they would certainly shove

What they fail to see is this
Is the Spirit’s voice is my bliss
So no matter how many demons attack
I find myself still alive with some slack

Like the three saints in the furnace of fire
Giving into faith as a way for living to transpire
The will of God unfolding what I am holding
Towards a new way of living according

You may have the audience and the glory today
Tomorrow you will enter into the demonic fray
It will tear you to pieces and again the next day
Unless you can live one with Him even in play


I sought what you fought for
Looked in places like never before
Only to find you’d already gone
And I died a horrible death in this song

What you sought and what you held
Was something by me that was beheld
But what I know and see
Has set me completely free

You are not the only one battling demons away
So far I have kept them all at bay
Never will I give in to your demand
As that is what I hear when I listen to your band

So pick up your solemn guitar
And pluck the strings of hope not far
Forgiveness is granted no matter how bad
Despite how heavy my heart is so sad

All the warnings that came with my song
Were never sung yet alone by a throng
People cannot help but fall for their demons lies
Because I can hear all their cries

So let’s pull them out from their deplorable state
No one is tied to a certain fate
I am proof of mercy infinitely gained
In my heart He lives and always reigned

I understand the full absolution
Of what was done and not done
In accordance to God and His hand
Something for you to comprehend


If I daydream I can always see you
Go on adventures and enjoy love that’s true
To come back with nothing to show for it
A journey of a thousands lifetimes I can do
But none of it is worth it without you
So here I can bring you along
But out there I would lose you to a throng
I wonder if the daydreams are real
Perhaps in a parallel universe so surreal
The power to create worlds in a blink
As I created and first sent this without any ink
For I used to daydream of the day
So I again I wonder what to say
With you in so many of these dreams
We would then be bound to cross paths it seems
Even if I do nothing
As I ought not to do just anything
I ought to do what is right
But everyone else always gets in a fight


His love is so strong and bold
Yet gentle and kind, I’m sold
He has taken me places only dreamt of
The New Heaven on the New Earth, love my dove

I have tasted His goodness I must proclaim
His love forever going His way, my claim
Want to be a part of the great good that comes
Always in the forefront going before me He comes

He has lowered the mountains in my way
This is something metaphorical to say
That I have no enemies not defeated by love
Did I tell you I am in love with the Dove?

So go ahead and take and take and take
Never giving back any money you rake
I have warned you people of many things
And it all came to pass to what this power brings

I held my hand and cross so high to the sky
Left a mark on their lives so sly
But felt it was a waste of time
Parting a storm by a single word is not a rhyme

Beautiful Journey

Did I tell you I am lonely?
When with you feeling like I am homely
No one understands but that’s okay
I have nothing more to say

I know many feel that I am crazy
Hence all the drugs with my mind going hazy
Don’t know what to think anymore
As my body falls to the floor

Still standing I look down to see
Myself dead as can be
About to leave my body behind
I heard your voice calling me to you to find

So I jumped right back in to be
A part of your beautiful journey
So waste not this opportunity
As my heart flutters quickly within me

Great Transfiguration

Oh the agony in the mere minutes that await
Oh the pain united unto Him forever and ever
Salvation belongs to our God
For He has saved us from the clutches of death
Our prayers have been answered
And on a united front we stand
I chose to interact with God
Outside of my duties as a father and a husband
With God and the only God
At the face to face level

Let me say what has been said in secret
He is coming
He is already here
I tell you because it is time to bear witness
To what We have called something before
The Great Transfiguration

Those chosen by God will be Transfigured
They were chosen not by their own merit
They were not chosen because of anything they did
They were chosen because the Lord saw Himself in them
Now witness the Ones who are Love
This will be known as the Great Return
My heart is racing


I am a master of forgiveness
Love always shines through
It grows and it shows
While fighting for Glory

No recognition came when needed
Lost in the valley of death
I try to move accordingly
Hoping someone catches on

But their hearts flutter elsewhere
Grasping onto material things
Groping their way through darkness
And blaming their problems on Him

I can assure you, my friends
My Love is greater than any amends
And you should be forever enshrined
In love as it is in Glory

Mistakes Made

She ran circles around the truth
Hoping for some kind of youth
With no wisdom or knowledge to impart
It was wrong from the very start

But mistakes are to be made they say
And some mistakes can change the day
To a moment of discovery or one of dismay
I wade through the glory of today

Effortlessly I walk unhindered
Not by my own accord but tendered
Through faith and love I am in Heaven
Acceptance is the first step of Seven

So I have done things accordingly
To the things that are heavenly
My hope for you is my prayer
To light up love like a flare

For I took this path not for me
I am still here amidst you walking free
My path has no journey’s end
It is you I wish to befriend

For I never wished to live forever
No more did I wish to be born ever
For no wish comes before His will
My wish was left on the window sill

In every instance of danger I was saved
To His Spirit is the glory I have raved
So wonders never cease, do they?
Keep wondering, I must relay

In the Mirror

It is for the Resurrection we hunger
It is for the love that lingers
It is the new life that comes
Through Him with Him and in Him

Never been in a real fight
Everyone feared me
For reasons only suspected
But now I know why

I am not supposed to know
But I look in the mirror
And only see horror
This is why I have no friends

It is like a curse but it is not
Everyone fears the one
Who destroyed death
With but a flutter of His eyelids

It was death that met his demise
It was a complete annihilation
Death never stood a chance
There was not even a bloody fight

I felt the love of God flow through me
Like a conduit fully charged
Knowing it was Christ in my place throughout
With such power He has no match on Earth

I say these things that you may believe
In the one who sent me for He and I are one
Though we are not the same
It is Him who can make it not rain