Your joy is my joy
But I am stuck to you
Don’t rip me off
Love is my devotion
To you and to those
Whom I love with all my heart

I could say it any other way
I am now reaching the thousands
In all those different ways
Reaching out despite me
Even been called Moses
So here are your roses


No one reaches out
Left with a feeling
That they will forget me
Until I am gone
Then it will be too late
Assuming I am fine on my own
Truth is
I am not fine
For now I shake the earth
To crumble mountains
Like dust they lay low
At my very command
You have forced my hand


I have sunk to a new low
In this dungeon do I grow
Feeling isolated and invisible
Love that is indivisible

No one visited me when I was sick
No one visited me when I was in prison
No one visited me when I was not
And you wonder why you are divided

Your wish to squash me where I stand
You have got nothing on me
My innocence and guilt you see
Praised and forgiven

Found love even in the darkest of places
Choked by the thistles
I saw a flower with such divine beauty
Survive the onslaught of lies

Good Time

I speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit to say
What remains must first come
To prepare the Earth for His Kingdom come
Know He is quick to forgive and forget
Don’t want Him to forget you
Swirling around the eyes of this world
Is an urgent call to attention
To put down your arms
You are all fed lies like crazy
Can’t you see we are in the end times?
The culmination of all the Good Works
Will be presented in Good time


Have you ever seen a mountain lay low before you?
Have you ever seen the ocean blow away like mist?
Have you ever seen what a multitude of nations really looks like?

The flesh and the things of the world
Are what you are attached to
To the dust you remain
Unless you abandon yourself to Jesus Christ
Share in the Glory by promise remains
Alas what is Holy is Good