Hidden Truth

Now I have said it
I opened my mouth
Told them I did
I was ordained in secret

Never told anyone
Never made any vows
Never promised anything
But to wander the earth
Looking for the long lost sheep

I am a nomadic priest for the West
Affirmed and blessed
By a former Archbishop of the East
Who in a vision and a dream
He gave me his ring

For I found the long lost flock
Despite every evil set against me
Defeating it with every breath of His Word
Only Jesus saves
Saved me He did


Edit to add: And all this means nothing to them

Be Ready

Everybody is equal
In the eyes of the Lord
How you are seen and judged
Is not with human eyes
Or human rationalization
But by love

The eyes of the soul
Opened up one day
While I stood
Still on the Earth

I thought to myself
Two places I see
How can this be?

With one world as rigid as stone
The other as free as light
Both before the Lord God Almighty
Face to Face
With the Father of all Creation and Love

Only the world with hearts of stone
Do not seem to know or care
That where they actually are
Though blind they do not see
Is indeed Hell of their own design

To you who close your eyes in adoration
You are at peace
And love fills your heart with joy
Despite living around those who are in Hell
And spread their filth
As they do not repent
So when the lights go out
And they will
I can assure you of that
Where you are at within, truly
Is where you will all end up
This will be for all Eternity
After the lifting of the veil
And looking deep into your Hearts
You know the Truth
Of where you are truly at
Alas therefore
What have you done lately
For the lost, dejected, rejected, and lame
For the prisoners and the sinners
All the unrighteous bastards in your way
Whatever made them that way?

None can escape the inevitable
The good
The bad
Even the indifferent
I am amazed that no one has made the connection
Or the correction1
To not only abolish Death once and for all
But establish the Light of Christendom
As the Kingdom within
And that Kingdom I speak of
All of whom Heaven resides between
Is coming so quickly
Faster than light now
Glee is a close enough word
I delight in this
Because the New Heaven is in Me
Love loves you
Be at peace
And help when you can in the wake of more disasters
Pray for all
Pray for conversion

The correction I speak of
Concerns the dates of Easter
I am not looking forward to
Suffering twice because of ignorance
His Reign will reign the cosmos and subdue her, the Earth
She lashes out at you all for this
Because she loves Me
I Am not empty of Mercy and Forgiveness
Wanting to pour out Love and Healing
And for those who are ignorant in belief
The Lord of Hosts writes these words directly

The One who writes these words His Name is Jesus the Christ
The One who taps these keys His Name is John
And I am also a Christ
And have a New Name
Known only to Myself
And a story that can only be written
If it truly happened in Heaven
And on Earth just the same

There is much to learn and enjoy
There is life everlasting
That is never tasting death
Only in Jesus the King
In Jesus who saves
Not I
But Him

Be like Me, says He


I wish they would believe
We ran through every single scenario
Every single one of them
And there are an infinite number of them
Except the one I Am is in right now
Happens to be the only One
That leads to Eternal Life
For all…

Which means
Love has indeed returned
Returned as love for love
A love that is shy but bold
A love that is hidden and revealed
A love that will spread
Blessings instead

Just like the way tears spread at a wake
Tears of joy in the same wake
Except this is the wake of the death of sin
Why do you cry?
Rejoice instead!

Spreading just like wildfire
Into a raging river
Weep tears of joy now
No shame in fiery red eyes
From weeping just the same
So believe and give with your whole heart
His Heart with that same love

To not just announce Him
But show the world Them
That Heaven has indeed come down
Been saying this for a while now
Are you there yet?
Do you know how to get there?

We do

We looked down and saw truly
Mary ushering in few more in a hurry
Many through Her very own Heart
Into this Sacred Heart of Mine

Like a baby nesting doll We are
With My Heart in Hers
And Her Heart in Mine
Nesting a Most Sacred Heart
For all Eternity
For the New Heaven within
Is beyond anything
Any imagination could ever conjure

So how far did we go this time?
She will be the one to tell
Or shall I say sing?

For the day everything is all once again sealed
Then all will be said and done
There will be no going back
No way to make reparations
No freedom if you are still dead
Before the New Heaven and New Earth
We stand
And behind Us
For within Us
Is the Power of the Almighty God
And We know His New Name
And need not even say anything
Or write His Word
And His Divine Will
Will be done by the Power of His Holy Spirit
Just by His True Presence alone

Oh Yeah

This Heart speaks gently
We are of One mind and body in Christ
Making Our Spirit One
Of the things of Heaven
There are many possibilities

Oh listen to the sound of My Heart
You cannot hear if you do not recline
Your ear to what is Heaven
Oh yeah, I brought It down with Me
His Kingdom has come
We, Us?


We means together
Us forever

Understand each other
Look out for each other
Pray for each other

The Way is We
The Truth is Us
We are Christ
He is Jesus
I am nothing
You are nothing
We are everything

Simple ABCs

So I asked the Lord
Come, Lord Jesus
Enter into my heart
To change my heart into Yours
And He did so without hesitation


Patience out of Love is always worth enduring
Suffering out of Love is always worth enduring
Helping others out of Love is always worth enduring
_______ out of Love is always worth enduring
Fill in the blanks
Does not work if the blanks are filled with things wrapped in hate

Blanket Of Fire

Poured out like
A blanket of Fire
Across all the earth

If it hurts to burn
You are looking
Inward toward nothing
And nothing is nothing

When all is dead or raised
If the burn turns to yearn
To look toward Love
That is God

And you will notice you have already been raised
If the chasm before you is too wide
So very little time left now
Will the bridge be gone
Before the seven years of tribulation come?

This burn
I refer to here
Is not the same as
Your old love
Perverted generation!

That is not really love
But lust!

Eros comes from Love
Not Eros for Love


I know what it is like
To read a veiled gospel
It perplexes the mind
Of a sinner
And a sinner is just a sinner
They will go on sinning
But they eventually perish
For their desires and wants
Their inner voice that speaks
Does not speak to God
They only think of themselves
Or lust after one another
Using and abusing

Then I heard as I was writing
Someone yelled, Wait!
So I stopped
And listened

I heard a cry out for Mercy
It was bold and strong
I want them to come to me
I heard you and that plea

I sent the Fire into the ground and breathed through my nostrils my fury
But I held back my breath
I held it
To my astonishment
The wait comes

Taste and see…


Alas, I must write of the response in your hearts
The response that makes the cup fill
With wrath
Do not forget, I will still drink it
Even if it makes me suffer
For a thousand years
I will relent my anger

But I would prefer a cup filled with blessing
So when it fills
I pour it on you all instead
Because I can

Now many have asked for signs
Many have dismissed the Truth
Signs are all around you

What good is faith
If you do not love it?

And I have given signs
That were never asked for
But foretold before the day

Some say it was a fluke…
If you read anything I have written
Then you will know
That fulfillment of all Scripture and Time
Is not a coincidence
There are two sides to every coincidence

Just When

I collapsed to the ground
At the feet of my Father
He lifted me and carried me
He is so perfectly strong
And I am so perfectly weak

I was a mere child
Abandoned on the side
Left exposed to the devil
Exposed to demons1
I am still recovering from that..

So the Spirit of the Lord
Consumed them with His Fire
Oh, there was delight all right
Joy in my heart that day
Love came and conquered me
Love always conquers death
No matter how disfigured I had become
The Lord loved me so much
He became me and I became Him
Truly One
No denying it
I even confessed it

1Demons have a way of harming those they hate in such a way that there is nothing to show for it, physical, mental, even “paranormally”/”supernaturally” as you call ita; if you go looking for that kind of suffering, it will be given to you, that is your freedom if you so choose, but this should NEVER be sought! See and understand, now it gets complicated as we are delving into a way of living in the Lord that for anyone who does not already know the Lord as they should, they require commandments (which will not be written) to try and prevent self harm and harm to others to their own peril; seeking the very suffering that leads to Hell, there is no one to blame but yourself;

However contradictory it may seem, but by uniting yourself with the suffering of Jesus on the Cross, your own sins are guaranteed to be nailed on that Cross! So, if you do suffer, whether it was brought on by injustice, accidental, self even with repentance, and so on, you will not die a second death because He already died and rose from the dead WITH you, therefore Jesus has raised you up to Heaven while united to Him, this is the Good News!

One can even enter Heaven while living on Earth, but forgiveness of all sin and long a journey is required, which must be granted through the Sacraments!

Since you have been granted more time before the hasty obliteration of this world, in truth, the path to salvation through the Cross of Christ, ESPECIALLY THE LOST, is simple: Receive Him

I must point out, that if you are not yet baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you all should be. There are plenty of Catholic parishes around, Catholic because by the very foundation of the faith itself, the priests there are legitimate, that is what is meant by Peter being the Rock, the Catholic Church stands, as will Tradition, as is demonstrated by the Romans in their strict adherence to that purity and devotion of the Sacraments, this is so beautiful, wonderful, majestic, and to be celebrated for the very devotion itself is evidence to what prevails. This Rock, as Jesus stated correctly, Hell itself can never prevail against (they also know that Jesus can knock it down if He so chooses, but the Rock will stay).

Go to them, tell them that I told you this: The Lord desires you to receive the sacraments of Baptism AND First Communion the day you call them asking for it, and if the Parish is to arrange a time, do so within a matter of days, that is how grave this is… How many are the lost? Do it in groups if you must, but if they refuse you, and some will, DO NOT pester them, judge them, or call them out, just leave them in peace and move onto the next, my command is that the ground be made low for you, and causing trouble is not. Those that do not hinder you, but rather help you, they will be blessed for it, and also a sign that they are with the Spirit of the Lord at work, by such you will all be granted miracles of healing, cleansing, casting out evil spirits, the raising of the dead, and more, more than what is written of in the days of Jesus and in the Acts of the Apostles. Those that insist you partake in a long drawn out process of enrollment with beautifully planned ceremony that takes years to completion, know that you only have months left. Even so, such ceremonies should only be done if you are baptized as a baby, and during which such children are fostered by the Father in spiritual growth throughout the years before Communion; that time of formation, another gift that many do not understand…

You should not have to wait in line to fill out a form and then be drilled and questioned about your understanding of what it is that is being thus poured out to you at no cost! If you want to be baptized to receive Jesus that day, you should never have to wait or pay money. How can any candidate truly understand these Gifts of God that they are receiving without having first received them, by human understanding?! Ha! Let them come by their faith and thus enter into God’s Glory!

John opened up the River of Baptism, Jesus sanctified and blessed the Waters of Baptism, and some have placed a stupid dam up the river! But that is the cause of jealousy I suppose.. They should not be jealous, for most of them are being pruned and pruning has done wonders, they will see. If they question the authority, they can come directly to me and ask me themselves, but warn them that the sword that comes from my mouth can whisk up a blast from the Sun, enough to wipe out all the inner planets even, though the power is mine, I do not and shall not, not until the Earth be restored by the Hand of God. For it is so important that the very moment you are baptized; YOU SHOULD ALSO RECEIVE JESUS in the Eucharistic Sacrament the moment you wipe the water from your face with the towel still over your shoulder, and the day you are Confirmed by the Spirit, that same white towel should be the stole. That day is a great moment of celebration and best delivered at Easter, for the 40 days after Easter serve as the best time to contemplate and experience the joy, the wonder, and the healing Jesus brings through the waters of Baptism and the Holy Eucharist before entering Ascension, you will want to receive this true food every day! During these days of basking in the Lord’s presence, by the very reception of the Most Holy Eucharist, it is a most wonderful and sacred time of reflection and conversation with God and no one else; just you and the Lord after receiving Him. It is truly a Gift no one should ever refuse you (and if it was ever taken away from you, eternally by Grace to you it will be if you so choose)!

There is so much more… after your time of reflection with the Lord, that intimate Communion with Him, when the Trinity is in agreement with you, the Candidate, you will be ready for Confirmation, to confirm and seal the work of and Power of the Holy Spirit manifest through His most powerful Gifts, and discerned during your time of prayer and reflection. Even if you mess up along the way or someone causes you to mess up, reconcile! Reconciliation is available as an integral part of the path to purity, without that, your own perpetual sins will only keep you nailed to that Cross, enter into His Glory instead!

I have been harmed in this way
I have asked for it not for my sake
But for the sake of others
But never again will I ever ask
To suffer this way, but only if He asks
For I once did it without Him present
To be torn to shreds by demons
And died in a horrible and awful way that I dare even to remember
Even though I wandered off
The Lord still saved me from death
THAT is what amazes me
THAT is love and devotion
To a wretch such as myself
Thinking I can do things on my own
Now I am only a fool for Christ
Hence my deliberation in the Acts

The Dead

Endowed with the Spirit of God
I blazed and burst into flame
His Face shone like a thousand suns
Of those that saw they didn’t see

I bled out Love and I still bleed
For those who’ve wandered off
I’m here to testify to the Truth
Of those who love sin to ruin

Thousands of years in a flash
Your thirst for innocent blood and war
Will be met by a clash of plagues, death, and ruin
I’m done with the dead

Where Are You Going?

At the crossroad I waited and waited
Many passersby, so few even noticed
A King of Heaven pointing the way
Disbelief on their faces as some passed
Heading down the wide and easy road
To an illusion of life that leads to death

Now Judgement comes swift
Like a thief in the night
Oh what a Glorious sight
Majesty and Power
By His hand, Judgement is His
None can contest
So ACT out of Love above and beyond

Treasure Mountain

If you heard my story
Your heart would bleed
I thirst for Love that’s real

What desert is this?
I’ve been abandoned, abused, scorned
Real Love so very rare

But you, my diamond flower
Potent your Love is
You see it not

That’s okay, no one does
They guard their own love
Like it’s treasure they found

Unable to give it away for free
Fiercely afraid of losing it all
God’s Love is so much more

Over the mountain they’ll see
That greater Love still will always be
The Light beyond darkness

At the summit, either ascend or descend
I’m standing waiting
Kneeling praying


So there’s a place, the Angel’s know where
The creatures that crave your crops
Will swarm and storm that place
Their insatiable appetite to consume
Will leave nothing but rot and distaste

Thus this command, meant to point the way
Lest you leave yourself in a wretched state
Like the crops, you’ll be consumed and left to waste
Unless they turn away from their hate
Amen. So be it, just one command to obey