If you have the Faith
That you are united to Christ
You automatically have the Faith
That you become also
Part of the suffering on the Cross
Thus also you are united to Him
On His Death and Descension
Resurrection and Ascension
Thus also you become
We who are united on His Return


I live
Therefore I love
Peace be with you
My peace I give you

Set yourself against
The gates of Hell
For the world is indeed ending
And what comes must come

Hold fast to your love
And give it freely, dove
I invite you to enter
Silence your echoeing banter

When I look beyond the veil
I can see the Heavenly court
Our lives are on trial
Jesus taking the stand all the while

The Lord vouched for me
Said to me silently
Go and love others
Just as I have loved you

So I set out to work
Found no one is ready
For any such words
Yet alone the Return of the King


She unraveled my heart
All tangled up in their lies
Setting me free from evil
Roaming the earth
Soul searching
Found only a few
If you only knew
What would you say
Should I approach you
But do not be afraid
Love loves you
You will either flee or stay

Most flee and none have stayed
Should I let them see my face
What does that say about me?

If you really know me
Then to you my face
Is always veiled


Got this heart that burns to write
That the Glory of God is at hand
By my life I am
Still in love with you
No matter what you do
You may think you do not need my love
But it is here
No matter what
Has got me going forward
Never looking back
Never forgotten
Moving toward
Bestowing great Love
I bless you and yours
And it shows


Not very popular
As you may have noticed
Thousands of lines mostly
Meant to tell a story
But before all this
I had found loves of my life
More than one I had to decide
But the one I love the most
Is the one not with me at all
Doesn’t care at all
Prefers ignorance overall
So I persist like a squeaky wheel
But I have been silenced
Now she hears nothing at all

Fishing for her love
I used the wrong bait
The bait being a poem
Must have tasted bad
I think she spit me out
That is what makes me sad


My heart droops with sadness
How many times is countless
At the ill behaved people
Ignoring the one in the steeple

So what if it is the Lord?
He returns in the manner He chooses
Before you is the Light
From within
An infinite Light
Dispelling darkness forever

Once forever always forever


Tell me something, anything
I lost all of my friends
It was all me distancing
From them to spare them
For alone I must be
But I broke the rule
It was that to save her
I needed to love her all my life
And my life is forever
Love is a gift worth giving
No matter the cost
For you care not for cash
When it concerns someone you love


Looked at His marvellous light
Tears bled through the fight
Won the battle in victory
Over death and sin
It wasn’t just a whim

Felt the fire surge
Compelled with an urge
To do what is right
Only hearts are stone cold
How many have left this fold?

With Jesus gone after them
I tend mine alone amidst the wolves


Got the pain and the angst set aside
Going to spread Fire far and wide
As it burns it churns
It was God that lifted me to the sky
To meet Him in a cloud

Taken up in an instant
My heart leapt for Joy
This was it and we soared
If you saw it you would be floored
You saw nothing
As I was the only one there
With Christ We were never seen
Now the cloud is here

My prayers are always for you
Bore great sacrifice and more
You have no idea what’s in store
My pleading is now bleeding
Onto the pages it seems


It is a beautiful day outside
As love does coincide
With the greatest of Hope

But you are all divided
The fighting has not subsided
Your haughty words mean nothing
Why don’t you do something

I mean it when I say
He is here and here to stay
With Us who give all Our Love
Even to the least of them all


Too much arrogance
Not enough humility
You cannot enter
The Kingdom of God
That dwelling place of the Lord

Now people are waiting
Waiting for the Lord
When in absolute Truth
He is already here
Divine Love in a Dove

If you were humble
Then you would say

My eyes cannot see
My ears cannot hear
The Glory of the Lord
Please open me up Lord
To find You while You are here

With Faith and Love
You will see and hear
The Glory of the Lord
Revealed in a moment
Struck with the utmost fear