I Am Like That

So many ways to say
I love you
So many ways to show
I love you

At show and tell
We will see
What acts of love there were
Though you did not see

Let this then spark in you
A Revelation
Read it for it is open
It is relevant now

Who are the riders?

Now comes the fire…


You have heard; now see all this;
And will you not declare it?
From this time forth
I make you hear new things
Hidden things which you have not known
They are created now, not long ago;
Before today you have never heard of them
Lest you should say, “Behold I knew them”
You have never heard
You have never known
From of old your ear has not been opened
For I knew that you would deal very treacherously
And that from birth you were called a rebel

Isaiah 48:6-8

What do you know of the invisible world you cannot see?


Fighting temptation is one thing
But recognizing the tricks of the devil
Is another matter entirely
For if you feel there are none
Then you have already been tricked

I have been tricked before
And it leads to disaster
Let myself get tricked, I did
Now I am all tricked out with love and grace

Looking Back

Looking back (though I should not)
I made some mistakes1
While learning to discern
The voice of the Lord

The point of the journey
To have walked from afar
Led back to God
Proclaiming His Name, not mine

So out of humility
I must die to myself
Every single day
Out of love for you all

So now it is about you…
You must turn back to God
You must find Him in your heart
You must visit Him and receive Him

I rescind all the prophecies I have written
In the Name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen
That the Angels hold back the fury
Out of mercy and love. Amen

We do this to prove a point
That signs, wonders, powers, and authorities
Even with the evidence arrayed out for you
Even then they do not believe

Thus any destruction caused
Will no longer be by my hand
But will be by state of sin in the world
When the Father turns His face away… again

All I want is love
What does it mean to you then
If love Itself wept
Wept because they cannot see?

Wept knowing what they lose
Wept knowing they can be saved
Wept knowing that many will never choose life
Wept over the loss

If love dies
So does the whole world

1 Saying things like, the “author of chaos is the master of peace”… something that made sense to me, but it was a lie planted by the devil, and it was uprooted and burned. If you ask the Lord to destroy the evil within you, be prepared to face it. Face it with the Fortitude of Christ! I am persecuted even by My Own, but I indeed rejoice, for it fulfills what is written for the sake of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who saved a wretch like me with nothing to give but my poverty.

Did You Not Notice?

To further the proof
As it seems to be required
If you look closely
Where the quakes took place
In Italy, near Rome
In recent days
You will find their place
In the shape of My Cross

If you doubt of My Mercy
As it is clear by your rejection
Of Me and My Word
Know there will be more
The more ignorance is preferred


I thought perhaps I was going crazy
In my wonder and bewilderment
I had to have my head examined

I poured it all out
No utterance of any lie, no secret withheld
The truth that was in my heart and mind

Now the doctors say I am healthy and fine
But to discern the truth of what is written
Are matters for the spiritual domain

So here we are then
For how long will I be
Here like this to answer any questions you may have?

Ask me anything, anything at all
And I will answer you in truth
If you believe and have faith

For no border, religion, or race divides you from me here
Let us watch, see, and live in this powerful love
Powerful Love from afar

You will indeed witness His Power in Mercy and Love
By the faith that you have in the Lord God through me

Let us then see the goodness of the Lord
Taste of the Heavenly Kingdom in the Lord
To lead you to Eternal Life in the New Heaven

Look not at the least of men before thee now
But look to your heart and ask for Jesus there
Love will always endure and forever last with you there

Be ready soon, for the Day draws near
For the Truth will come to light
The Day that He is revealed

The day His Voice is heard in the loudest thunder over and all throughout the earth
Every heart and ear will hear

I love that I know how much He loves you all
This arrow is like a cupids, but His
Look for Him in the Eucharist
Peace to you and your enemies
For peace to your enemies
Means your hands no longer spill their blood
And vice versa, see

Led By the Heart

If I was led in the heart
By love alone
All alone
In humility by grace
To perfection of unity
In my very own heart
To God Almighty
By the way of the Cross
By the way of the Resurrection

Why do you reject me?

My peace I give you
My love I impart
My prayers are for you
My prayers are for your foes
My words a double-edged sword
My arrows are but warning shots

All this I do
In Christ as Christ
Without Him I cannot lift a finger

I want nothing you have
Not money, fame, or pleasure
I want your love
That is all
And you will have peace
Not because the Lord wants it so
But so you will have joy and have it full

A Letter to the Pope

I wonder if he will write back…

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

November 23, 2016

Your Holiness,

Beloved Francis,

The Lord’s peace be upon you, I pray you are well.

“Apart from me you can do nothing.” Those words from the Lord rung in my heart as I began writing you.

It was no coincidence, the very day you were inaugurated as Pope that I happen to be in Argentina on other business, I even entered the Metropolitan Cathedral to witness much joy as the place filled with praise and incense in celebration of a glorious event. Why is this not just a coincidence, you might be thinking? I will let the Holy Spirit reveal that after you are done discerning this written word to you in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

I have to be honest, the Lord has lavished me with many gifts, spiritual and physical. Discernment of spirits is one of them, as I’m sure you are aware, with that gift in the Lord, one can read hearts in the blink of an eye… What I saw in your Cathedral was a very wounded Church, thus it is also a wound within you as well.

The Church is wounded because it is divided on several matters of faith. This division, caused and maintained by Satan, has been a second lance in the Lord’s side every Easter. On what other matters does the Church remain divided?

I am certain that you are aware of the papacy being approached by many to reconcile the different dates of Easter celebrated by the East and West; to use the Eastern tradition as it is more accurate to the correct day. Did you know that the Lord actually endures His Passion twice for our sakes on the seasons that the dates do not coincide? This year there is an exception as the dates happen align, but I must warn you, implore you, please reconcile the dates. Put an end to this disunity within the Church and let the Lord deal with the abomination that evil has created; this attempt to keep Easter divided will no longer stand. I am deeply troubled that these dates have not yet been reconciled. So many years have passed since the leaders were approached and they offered reform which never happened! This is their last chance.

How long will you continue to force Christ to endure the Cross, unnecessarily, twice in a year? For seven years?! Do you really want the Father to lay everything to waste? For it is written: …as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with noble stones and offerings, He said, “As for these things which you see, the days will come when there shall not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.” Luke 21:5-6

You may be wondering who I am, but I am just a nobody in this world, like the poor, and that is the way the Lord likes it. This is a true statement of a wretch of a man that has given himself over to the Lord. So you can have confidence I do not seek to gain anything in this life, but that of my Lord Jesus, for He always provides. The Truth, we all seek It, and the Truth is, the Lord chose me, changed me, transformed me, deified me, and I did not deserve any of it. Do you believe? Satan always spits at me and mocks me. There is no other within this body but me as Christ, and I am not the Christ, We are. Yes, you, others, me, we all are an entire nation one in Christ are we not? You won’t understand this at first, but look to scripture, it is all there and the answer you seek will be revealed. Many years were spent probing the mind of Christ, asking Him questions, receiving answers, while at the same time He cleaned house, so to speak. This brings to mind another matter on which I may write you another day.

It is not by way of fame, fortune, prestige, thrones, or influence that this letter reaches you; although over all these things and more I have power. I remain hidden like a grain of sand amidst a desert of affliction and suffering, I am nothing. While I am writing, it is still undecided whether or not this letter should reach you considering the deplorable state the Church is in. “He has shown strength with his arm, he has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts, he has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree.” Luke 1:51-52

What went through your heart the other day when this very Gospel was read?

Have you not received a call to unite? Do you think it will end with the dates of Easter?

No, truly I tell you, if you do not unite the dates, the sins that are piling high on the heads of unrepentant sinners will literally bring Rome to ruins, again. This is not a threat if that is how some might see it, but it is rather the cause and effect of the deplorable sins they commit.

There is always hope, for there was a command that was written, one of massive destruction of the west coast of the US, mostly California. But out of the few that prayed for Mercy, through my very nothingness the words reached the pure of heart and they made offerings for Mercy, and the Father relented His anger, He did. Praised be to Him for such Mercy, and my heart never ceases this praise.

As the destruction around the world makes its rounds, which is caused by unrepentance, Rome and the city within will indeed crumble to dust unless there is action. Those vipers that resist, twist, and manipulate, those who have Satan as their guide, they will seek a sign. Such Mercy will there be should the sign of Jonah be fulfilled! So I write you as The Scorned Prophet, not unlike Jonah, but back then the people believed he was a prophet and listened to him, unlike myself, only so very few believe.

I give you this then, with the utmost urgency, whilst you pray and discern before our Lord; There is a visible sign, the sign of the cross, the Romans perform this sign opposite to the Eastern tradition, so as a sign of unity, I urge you, I implore you, to ask the people to learn it again the Eastern way. There will be opposition to this, which in itself will be a sign for you, but the Lord will prevail and they will be blessing themselves seven times every time to get it right. No one way is better or more powerful than the other, nor does it diminish the power of the cross, for it is their faith that matters, so putting the choice in the hands of the people as a sign of unity and allowing the Holy Spirit to move, you will then see that this is indeed from the Lord. For the people in their hearts seek peace, they long to anoint and soothe the wounds of Christ, and they will do it with noble and loving acts towards those who are nothing thus relenting the destruction that looms.

I do not see the need to converse with you about any other matters at this time, however if you wish to communicate with me, you are most welcome. May our Mother Mary watch over you as you discern.

Sicut Christus,



The time is near…

I see something you do not
I see all those who were slaughtered
The innocent and even the unborn, I see them all
The Truth, though you cannot know it or see it
Answer me this
Who are those absent among innocent before me?
See if you understand what that means
Thus you will know
To whom God’s Hand of Justice shall fall

Rank Me

I warned them here
Saw this here
Wrote a warning letter in haste
Then this happened
The very next day
Nine very strong quakes so far
There will be more

After I pleaded for Mercy
Was ignored as usual
They do not rank me
As one of their own
What does that tell you?

Bad Feeling

Peace to you, peace

I got a bad feeling about this
But I will not let that get me down
For my hope is always in the Lord
Even though He reminds me
Perpetually of my own nothingness
So that I allow Him fully through

Every day it is the same
Except some days
Some days it is the withdrawal I feel
Withdrawal of His Presence
Which feels like abandonment
But I know it is not
I need not feel Him to know He is there
But We enjoy it, so We are, most of the time

So, back to the bad feeling…

If He withdraws
I feel it
But He withdraws not from me
I know
He is turning His Face from the world…

Which means dear children
Something awful is about to happen
Whatever it is
Something I have written
Is about to be fulfilled
And the Lord has to turn His face away
To allow it to happen

Pray, I urge you all to pray… Oh God… Have mercy
And pray, pray for their conversion, pray for their souls

Become Love

I have become Love so that you too can become Love
Out of all the places in the entire Universe
You creatures of God are the most pitiable by Him
So out of Pity came Mercy and Love
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Most Perfect
But you tried to destroy Him out of envy, greed, and hate
And again now, through me
Though I am most unworthy
The same as you
Most Imperfect
For all intents and purposes
Come to crush the stone hearts
And topple the nations by Word alone

So that what We abolish
We abolish by acts
Of real and true love
From the depths of the heart kind of love
Love that destroys all division
Destroys envy, greed, and hate
Not just because it is power over them
But that theirs is the lack of that real true love
See where that leads to?


My Laws do not lead you to love
Love leads to the fulfillment of them
For you have only tasted Love

There are many Laws
Most of which you do not yet understand
Such as the Laws of Wisdom
And the Laws of Knowledge
For with every Gift there are Laws
Including Love
But that one is easy
Love God, that is It

All the Laws are fulfilled
By Love and only by Love
For Love is Eternally above all

In truth, obedience to Love
Brings Heaven down to Earth

A Lesson on Trust

Oh the delight of being in the Lord
Trusting in Him
Trust in Me
He says, again and again and again
Ugh, it really is not that hard
Abandoning yourselves to Him
Is trusting in Him
For how can you trust someone with your life
If you do not first put it in their hands?

Put your trust in Him daily!
Every morning the moment you wake
Do not set an alarm
Ask the Spirit of the Lord to wake you
It may be at 3 am or it may be at 5 am
And ask Him again to remind you
To offer Him your will and your love
In that moment of your own awareness
He will give you Himself and therefore accepts yourself in His place

See, because I do this daily
No one can stop me from doing just that
In my heart, every morning
But it may be at 10 pm
Who are you to demand when He calls?

Or you may not wake up at all

Wisdom and Love wake me with a kiss
I approach in my nothingness
And He cooperates with me
In and above my own weaknesses
To lead me
And You
To become Yahweh’s New Family

Then you will realize
He is really and truly working through you
Amazing things start happening
Around you and in Heaven

The simplest way to explain
Is that Heaven is a state of being
A way of living in the Lord
Under His Wisdom and Knowledge
So that you will always know for certain
That when you die
That Heaven is where you will be when you do

This is what raising you from the dead means
The Glory of the Resurrection
Is being veiled from you on purpose
Which is why Faith is required
In order to Live Eternal Life
In the Glory of God
On the New Heaven
And the New Earth


I am tired of this
Tired of being ignored
Despite the self sacrifice
They do not understand
Those who now sit
In those lofty places
While the lowly are trampled
Now they will indeed be cast down
And the lowly take their place

How else can this come to be
Than to blast the lights out of your days
For the lofty to not listen
To the ones they tread upon
Now We will tread on the winepress of wrath

Come, be at peace, the Lord is always with you
Repent and believe