I spoke words of life
Muttered my troubles
Conveying strife
That the end was near

Now it has barely begun
And matters have escalated
As the days ostracize me
And I bleed profuse

A suffering like no other
Entered this realm
Making it viable
To anyone

But worry not
If love is abound
For love is really
All that matters

Flame To Flower

I Am too much to handle
The Fire from my breath burns
I rarely use
So the Tree of Life burns
By a Fire that does not consume
A living Fire that is His Love
A Love that burns for more

Keep that Flame
Your Flame of Love
It will never go out
Even if the light in your eyes
Fades to black

So I looked the deepest
Into those dark and lonely pools
And saw a life I wanted
Life that was taken
Taken from me
By those who afflict me
They dread the Day
My Fire bursts into a Flower
A Flower of a Flame
So the Dove burst into Love

I Love You


A Thread Of Hope

I was standing before
An infinite chasm
Earth under me
Heaven above me
Across the chasm
The New Heaven and New Earth

The whole host of God’s people
Stood behind me
So I stepped forward
With a single step of faith
Fully expecting death
But stepped on a thread instead

A thread of mercy and hope
Held me up
So I walked that fine thread
That invisibly Divine thread
As it did not give way
While every step delivered hope

So careful did I tread
Kept my head down low as though dead
Put every bloody foot forward
One after another, I did

A Journey came about
Walking that Infinite Chasm
None before me nor behind me
None above me nor below me

I was alone with Myself
Walking on a thread of hope
Above the great chasm of death

But to my own amazement
I was pushed off that thread
To discover with great joy
Solid ground lifted my foot
A seldom traveled road
That led to my very Cornerstone
A place to rest when found
Looking only at Christ my Love

Under my very feet
The thread had tested me
Though I really was pushed off
Off that thread of infinite strength
I had already crossed it
Crossed the infinite chasm of death
While I was not even dead
For such fear had no foundation

So now I have returned
In a way you cannot possibly fathom
While I care deeply for your understanding
I will not force you to believe in the truth
So let us walk arm in arm together
With every single love in Our Hearts
Beyond all Time and Space
And beyond any strife
For the Love of Life
And the Life of All


Be Ready

Everybody is equal
In the eyes of the Lord
How you are seen and judged
Is not with human eyes
Or human rationalization
But by love

The eyes of the soul
Opened up one day
While I stood
Still on the Earth

I thought to myself
Two places I see
How can this be?

With one world as rigid as stone
The other as free as light
Both before the Lord God Almighty
Face to Face
With the Father of all Creation and Love

Only the world with hearts of stone
Do not seem to know or care
That where they actually are
Though blind they do not see
Is indeed Hell of their own design

To you who close your eyes in adoration
You are at peace
And love fills your heart with joy
Despite living around those who are in Hell
And spread their filth
As they do not repent
So when the lights go out
And they will
I can assure you of that
Where you are at within, truly
Is where you will all end up
This will be for all Eternity
After the lifting of the veil
And looking deep into your Hearts
You know the Truth
Of where you are truly at
Alas therefore
What have you done lately
For the lost, dejected, rejected, and lame
For the prisoners and the sinners
All the unrighteous bastards in your way
Whatever made them that way?

None can escape the inevitable
The good
The bad
Even the indifferent
I am amazed that no one has made the connection
Or the correction1
To not only abolish Death once and for all
But establish the Light of Christendom
As the Kingdom within
And that Kingdom I speak of
All of whom Heaven resides between
Is coming so quickly
Faster than light now
Glee is a close enough word
I delight in this
Because the New Heaven is in Me
Love loves you
Be at peace
And help when you can in the wake of more disasters
Pray for all
Pray for conversion

The correction I speak of
Concerns the dates of Easter
I am not looking forward to
Suffering twice because of ignorance
His Reign will reign the cosmos and subdue her, the Earth
She lashes out at you all for this
Because she loves Me
I Am not empty of Mercy and Forgiveness
Wanting to pour out Love and Healing
And for those who are ignorant in belief
The Lord of Hosts writes these words directly

The One who writes these words His Name is Jesus the Christ
The One who taps these keys His Name is John
And I am also a Christ
And have a New Name
Known only to Myself
And a story that can only be written
If it truly happened in Heaven
And on Earth just the same

There is much to learn and enjoy
There is life everlasting
That is never tasting death
Only in Jesus the King
In Jesus who saves
Not I
But Him

Be like Me, says He

Goodness in the Divine

Goodness drips like honey
Love raging like rivers

There is great Joy
In giving
Amplifies receiving
But even greater with love
Not only the feeling
But the Diving Knowledge
That makes all the difference in the world

Passion In My Fruit

Let us stop for a moment
And Reflect on it…

Ever wonder where that phrase came from?
To reflect on something?
To turn one’s thoughts back on
Etymology is fun
Funnier if you can see beyond time

It was originally a reminder to reflect Christ on whatever it was you were focused on
Reflect on the title and see the revelation in the phrase.

Remember, keep holy by His Holy Spirit only

Living Faith

Living your faith is Faith
But what does living it mean?
If one of the core elements of faith
Is abandoning your own will to God
Every day
You would have no cause for war
But in your blindness
You would be led away by sin

Therefore laws must be obeyed and suffering bestowed when broken
The most important one is love
And you can only love more than one person at the same time truly
If you absolutely love everyone
Otherwise you would all destroy yourselves in a matter of minutes
Take a look around
Love is your only hope you have left
Live it, Love
And if someone asks you what your faith is
Say, Love
Say it, Love
Say it with Love
Love loves you


Patience out of Love is always worth enduring
Suffering out of Love is always worth enduring
Helping others out of Love is always worth enduring
_______ out of Love is always worth enduring
Fill in the blanks
Does not work if the blanks are filled with things wrapped in hate


Listening to
Conversations in Heaven
In that silence
Emulsified in Glory

Learn Mercy
To give it
To receive it
Same with Love

If this was rocket science
I would say ignite it
And let that rocket soar
To the Highest Heaven


What happened when we were children?

Have you ever had a memory
Of someone you once knew
As a child
But no record exists
And you find out much later
It was just in your head?

Was it any less real as vivid as it was?
Drawing in the dirt
Leaves a permanent mark
But washes away in the rain


I read a chapter of Luke today
I read it out loud
And all of Heaven could hear
And my Heart projected
Telling it like a story
And as I was doing so
The memories came flooding in
I could not stop reading
And I could not stop seeing
A Journey
Parallel to my own as I read

Twenty four minutes it took to read
And that was the chapter
But took as long as four days

There is still but one more thing

Where Is The Joy?

Live every day
As though it were the last
For it is the last day
I Am the last
So what now?

If I say I have entered the Kingdom of Heaven
Yet before me you have not
I do not say to you
You are not in My Kingdom, away with you
I tell you it is here and now
And saturating this place with grace
Do you not know it with your heart?

I am left surrounded
By an army of the lost
Brought to me from every corner
Though there is a great and infinite chasm in between
Heaven and Earth
The Lord and I
Have bridged the divide

By the mere Will of God alone I will draw you closer and closer still
Because I have opened up my Heart to all
And thus blessing and graces
Yes, especially now
In the most desperate of times

Grace for the courage to respond…
Oh Francis, Peter, what are YOU going to do for them?
Who are your eleven?
I appointed twelve
The other twelve thrones
Will be appointed by ME

YOU, Peter, have the power to cure the sick, blind, lame, and even raise the dead. Why is this not happening? Shall I take that power away from you and give it to the other twelve I have chosen or shall you share in the Glory of the Resurrection in Christ?

On That Day

On that day it shall be said to Jerusalem:
Do not fear, O Zion
Let not your hands grow weak
The Lord God is in your midst
A warrior who gives victory
He will rejoice over you with gladness
He will renew you in his love
He will exult over you with loud singing
As on a day of festival

I will remove disaster from you
So that you will not bear reproach for it
Behold, at that time I will deal
Will all your oppressors
And I will save the lame
And gather the outcast
And I will change their shame into praise
And renown in all the earth

At that time I will bring you home
At the time when I gather you together
Yea, I will make you renowned and praised
Among all the peoples of the earth
When I restore your fortunes
Before your eyes
Says the Lord

Zephaniah 3:16-20

Paid In Full

There was a dark and treacherous cloud overhead
I looked up and commanded its departure
Always in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord it obeys

Lo, if the power let flow the wrath is mine
The power to stay it is also mine
I have chosen to stay the wrath
And left these temporary markings behind
But I stay the wrath at a cost you do not know
Do you seek to know what price I paid?

I have decided I shall never tell you
But what I can tell you is this
And Jesus says this:
The deal is, if they ever love me back, I will even yank them out of Hell

At what point will I give in from suffering
Even if such storms of anger and hatred is brewed up against
I will not slash you down from an earthquake, but I could
I always decide to not pour out that cup against you
I do not, even though the devil tempts me every day

Now, if I say to you, leave me alone for a while to suffer greatly before the loss
What does that mean to you?
But truly I tell you
I Am all alone but not
And in that silence I bleed profusely now
I have no fear for the Lord is with me

No fear not because I am courageous (read both ways is true)
But because when someone said
Fear separation from God
I realized I am supposed to fear the one thing that shall never happen to me
And that made me wonder…

Just When

I collapsed to the ground
At the feet of my Father
He lifted me and carried me
He is so perfectly strong
And I am so perfectly weak

I was a mere child
Abandoned on the side
Left exposed to the devil
Exposed to demons1
I am still recovering from that..

So the Spirit of the Lord
Consumed them with His Fire
Oh, there was delight all right
Joy in my heart that day
Love came and conquered me
Love always conquers death
No matter how disfigured I had become
The Lord loved me so much
He became me and I became Him
Truly One
No denying it
I even confessed it

1Demons have a way of harming those they hate in such a way that there is nothing to show for it, physical, mental, even “paranormally”/”supernaturally” as you call ita; if you go looking for that kind of suffering, it will be given to you, that is your freedom if you so choose, but this should NEVER be sought! See and understand, now it gets complicated as we are delving into a way of living in the Lord that for anyone who does not already know the Lord as they should, they require commandments (which will not be written) to try and prevent self harm and harm to others to their own peril; seeking the very suffering that leads to Hell, there is no one to blame but yourself;

However contradictory it may seem, but by uniting yourself with the suffering of Jesus on the Cross, your own sins are guaranteed to be nailed on that Cross! So, if you do suffer, whether it was brought on by injustice, accidental, self even with repentance, and so on, you will not die a second death because He already died and rose from the dead WITH you, therefore Jesus has raised you up to Heaven while united to Him, this is the Good News!

One can even enter Heaven while living on Earth, but forgiveness of all sin and long a journey is required, which must be granted through the Sacraments!

Since you have been granted more time before the hasty obliteration of this world, in truth, the path to salvation through the Cross of Christ, ESPECIALLY THE LOST, is simple: Receive Him

I must point out, that if you are not yet baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you all should be. There are plenty of Catholic parishes around, Catholic because by the very foundation of the faith itself, the priests there are legitimate, that is what is meant by Peter being the Rock, the Catholic Church stands, as will Tradition, as is demonstrated by the Romans in their strict adherence to that purity and devotion of the Sacraments, this is so beautiful, wonderful, majestic, and to be celebrated for the very devotion itself is evidence to what prevails. This Rock, as Jesus stated correctly, Hell itself can never prevail against (they also know that Jesus can knock it down if He so chooses, but the Rock will stay).

Go to them, tell them that I told you this: The Lord desires you to receive the sacraments of Baptism AND First Communion the day you call them asking for it, and if the Parish is to arrange a time, do so within a matter of days, that is how grave this is… How many are the lost? Do it in groups if you must, but if they refuse you, and some will, DO NOT pester them, judge them, or call them out, just leave them in peace and move onto the next, my command is that the ground be made low for you, and causing trouble is not. Those that do not hinder you, but rather help you, they will be blessed for it, and also a sign that they are with the Spirit of the Lord at work, by such you will all be granted miracles of healing, cleansing, casting out evil spirits, the raising of the dead, and more, more than what is written of in the days of Jesus and in the Acts of the Apostles. Those that insist you partake in a long drawn out process of enrollment with beautifully planned ceremony that takes years to completion, know that you only have months left. Even so, such ceremonies should only be done if you are baptized as a baby, and during which such children are fostered by the Father in spiritual growth throughout the years before Communion; that time of formation, another gift that many do not understand…

You should not have to wait in line to fill out a form and then be drilled and questioned about your understanding of what it is that is being thus poured out to you at no cost! If you want to be baptized to receive Jesus that day, you should never have to wait or pay money. How can any candidate truly understand these Gifts of God that they are receiving without having first received them, by human understanding?! Ha! Let them come by their faith and thus enter into God’s Glory!

John opened up the River of Baptism, Jesus sanctified and blessed the Waters of Baptism, and some have placed a stupid dam up the river! But that is the cause of jealousy I suppose.. They should not be jealous, for most of them are being pruned and pruning has done wonders, they will see. If they question the authority, they can come directly to me and ask me themselves, but warn them that the sword that comes from my mouth can whisk up a blast from the Sun, enough to wipe out all the inner planets even, though the power is mine, I do not and shall not, not until the Earth be restored by the Hand of God. For it is so important that the very moment you are baptized; YOU SHOULD ALSO RECEIVE JESUS in the Eucharistic Sacrament the moment you wipe the water from your face with the towel still over your shoulder, and the day you are Confirmed by the Spirit, that same white towel should be the stole. That day is a great moment of celebration and best delivered at Easter, for the 40 days after Easter serve as the best time to contemplate and experience the joy, the wonder, and the healing Jesus brings through the waters of Baptism and the Holy Eucharist before entering Ascension, you will want to receive this true food every day! During these days of basking in the Lord’s presence, by the very reception of the Most Holy Eucharist, it is a most wonderful and sacred time of reflection and conversation with God and no one else; just you and the Lord after receiving Him. It is truly a Gift no one should ever refuse you (and if it was ever taken away from you, eternally by Grace to you it will be if you so choose)!

There is so much more… after your time of reflection with the Lord, that intimate Communion with Him, when the Trinity is in agreement with you, the Candidate, you will be ready for Confirmation, to confirm and seal the work of and Power of the Holy Spirit manifest through His most powerful Gifts, and discerned during your time of prayer and reflection. Even if you mess up along the way or someone causes you to mess up, reconcile! Reconciliation is available as an integral part of the path to purity, without that, your own perpetual sins will only keep you nailed to that Cross, enter into His Glory instead!

I have been harmed in this way
I have asked for it not for my sake
But for the sake of others
But never again will I ever ask
To suffer this way, but only if He asks
For I once did it without Him present
To be torn to shreds by demons
And died in a horrible and awful way that I dare even to remember
Even though I wandered off
The Lord still saved me from death
THAT is what amazes me
THAT is love and devotion
To a wretch such as myself
Thinking I can do things on my own
Now I am only a fool for Christ
Hence my deliberation in the Acts

Indestructible Life

The Lord sees all and knows all
Fortunately none of that is broadcasted
No one would know what to do with that
Though what is seen makes me sick

I opened my heart to many and a few
Discovered they have nothing to say
Not looking for an answer
I am here to give it

I will never close my heart, ever
Even if you should have a blade to my neck
I know my own blade hurts
Have barely started swinging it

Resorted to firing warning arrows
Instead of dealing death that this sword brings

I see you and your pain
Which out from great love
Joy there will be with freedom
Freedom that was never before conceived

The songs of love I listen to
Start off with genuine desire
They always reveal the twisted nature of evil
Ignoring the facts of real love

I see the abuse and the noose
I took the noose for you
But never left and neither did you
Not stuck see, just waiting
For I have all Time in my hands
Living an Indestructible Life