Love begets love so look and see
A new kind of love for you and me
Like a father’s love for his children
What will you say then?

As a Father I stooped down so low
So as to experience the same love in tow
But to experience such rejection in times like this
We are all grappling with it all as you and I miss

I felt the hunger for this love you wield
But you hold so much back and bear a shield
I wonder if I should even bother anymore
Who knows for losers like me what’s in store


I have lost so much over the years
Sacrificed for the greater good
Nobody cares as they tear away
At the prophecy I must convey

Not my life on the line
I did what I can
In truth out of love for you
No more can you possibly do

I have tried to reach out based on love
Wondering why ignorance prevails
Discovering the hardness of hearts
And softening them with my death

Poured Out

The Lord tested me on my honesty
I failed miserably because I don’t know why
I thought I surrendered my will to His
Because I knew I would fail

So I learn from my failure
And I learn that what I thought was failure
Was in fact inability aka disability
So due to it, I am ashamed

With all my weaknesses laid out before Christ
I feel like I am some kind of conduit
For the one and only God of Gods
To pour out what grieves His Spirit

Truly, let me stop you along your way
To say I love you and be on your way
To imbue you with spiritual gifts
To reveal in you what matters most

But have you considered what matters most
Must align with the Lord’s desire?
Not by force but by choice
By your very action or inaction

Therefore, stewards of the Earth
I see that pillaging her of her resources
Is sought after by many and with much greed
Your evil ways are eroding away her beauty

Your chastisement will not stop
Until you come and reconcile with Him
When you see Him
Receive Him

It is with hope that you open your eyes
You do not see the butterfly effect
But your good deeds and actions go a long way
Do them with love and they multiply


These are troubling times
Can I double my rhymes?
To pierce the deafness
So they too can listen and hear

The Lord has been pouring out mercy
It fills the hearts of those He sees
But receptive hearts some have not
He pours out that mercy nonetheless

Though Mercy lasts forever
The gift of it does not
It will soon come to an end
To those left standing without

But listen not to an old man’s word
I have lived more than a thousand lifetimes
Wisdom is attained by loving her
Not by books or any earthly thing you procure

Heaven is but a heartbeat away
But I stand here as I choose to stay
Engaging in a battle unlike anything you have ever seen
Everyone else thinking it is some wild dream

I care not what others think
I do not listen to the ones that hate
Leave them to their own devices
Look at what they devastate

So leave me be and let me be
The one that God sent me to be
A voice crying in the darkness
He comes to you, be awake!

Law of Love

I listen closely to the lost
To look for the ones truly lost
Found them in my heart
Just like how I found my Lord
For in my heart is a New Heaven
Created by God through Christ
Within Us for all eternity
New Heaven, New Earth
New Law
In these there is only the One Law


Truth is
I descended into the dead
It was not long before
They discovered who I am
Then all hell broke loose

Who and what I am
Is not meant for hell
But ascension from the pit
Was after three days
And nobody knows me

What I have been through
Has been dismissed as false
Greatest puzzle I have ever found
About how to entertain
The possibility of a refrain

So take a close look at my hands
See that they are healed but full of pain
Your pain and the pain of the dead, not mine
It seeps through my arms aimed at my heart
So I take a deep breath and breathe my Spirit free

I let out a soul crushing prayer of sorrow today
For the dead to be brought back to life
But this reality it seems is far from faith
For those that have the power
Do not have the ones who believe


Watching the leaves leave
Their beauty paused to take a breath
Collectively ensuring
That they share the same fate
But sometimes just sometimes
The beauty of that leaf
Is eternally portrayed and saved
But only God can take that leaf
And breathe into it new life

What parts of you are to be saved?
Like the leaf a memory is what remains
But take them all for granted
And they will literally take your breath away
Knowing that I am covered in His Blood
Climbing where it is steepest
Those that dare to follow
Will discover His jealous love

To heal your broken heart
You must allow it to be touched
Give in to Him and to His love
So just where do you find Him?
Just look closely for His imitators
You will know them by their joy and their pain
Living in grace and protected fiercely
For we are His Children of Love


In your presence
I wish to be
Not for myself
But for thee entirely

Lifted by His Spirit
In light of His power
I admonished the wicked
And was tortured for it

Now this light of mine
Forever will shine
Into the darkness
That you wish to revel

So I dismiss your puny power
For I lived after death
Despite your wish
That I died instead

I laugh in the face of evil
At their futile attempts
To circumvent divine power
For their selfish gain

Behold the power
Is in my hands forever
Caused by the nails of hate
I join myself to His fate


Have you ever seen a mountain lay low before you?
Have you ever seen the ocean blow away like mist?
Have you ever seen what a multitude of nations really looks like?

The flesh and the things of the world
Are what you are attached to
To the dust you remain
Unless you abandon yourself to Jesus Christ
Share in the Glory by promise remains
Alas what is Holy is Good


When I tell it how it is
I get shunned and called names
Insults like vomit are poured out
Inciting hate and jealousy
Turning what I say on it’s head
So you’ve lost your way
You need not even convey
For you I pray
So one day you will say
That Jesus is Lord today


Truth is you do not know me
I have even witnessed evil flee
Just know what is in store
Whether alive or dead as a door
What you do with love matters
Instead you leave behind what shatters

I would rather you heard the truth
Than slip away like a lost tooth
Take heart if you are kind
Necessary traits for all to find
The gift of giving for love’s sake
Is a cherished memory I will take
To my grave and survive


I know I am a sinner
Will never be content with reparations
I hear the songs of kindness
I tear up over the ballads
What you created swayed my heart
On the cusp of death I slowly fade
Lo, your absence a torrential pain
Only wishing you would gain
Eternal Life


Everybody knows it is a time to be
With the very ones we love to see
But my world is upside down
You have no interest in me

The crushing blow to us all
Will affect us forever more
I am left all alone thinking
Surely to life there is more

Indeed there is as it is
Love is where it is at
With grace and glory
A life worth loving is a life worth saved


You’re so far away
I wish I didn’t need you
But the fact I do
Means I have gone crazy

Distant and afraid
That you will die without me
Been wondering
When will that ever be

Got me thinking of mortality
A distant memory fading away
Grasping what is real
Enabling love to have a say

I love you beyond the stars
Reserving the best for you
Oh how I want to write you
Even if I knew you


An overwhelming sadness
Fills my heart today
A sorrow of the deepest kind
For those who are lost
And now death is at hand
Forgive and be forgiven
Let go of an evil past
Join me in
An unending hymn of prayer
For deliverance in Christ’s name


I know you were sent by God
As am I sent by God
To rid the earth of evil
Amidst an extreme purge

I brought this curse upon the earth
Now people are banding together in kindness
While the evil ones will always stand out
They have more reason to be afraid

The reality is this
That our lives are lived
In accordance to His Will
Without it we are dead