Only you
Can help me through
This difficult time
This difficult rhyme

I thought I found
What goes around
To come around
To be unbound

I wonder as I wake
It’s a slice of cake
Not being irate
As of late

These words are meaningless drivel
Never thought it to be civil
As evident by the lack of response
Over the years not like the renaissance

Poured Out

The Lord tested me on my honesty
I failed miserably because I don’t know why
I thought I surrendered my will to His
Because I knew I would fail

So I learn from my failure
And I learn that what I thought was failure
Was in fact inability aka disability
So due to it, I am ashamed

With all my weaknesses laid out before Christ
I feel like I am some kind of conduit
For the one and only God of Gods
To pour out what grieves His Spirit

Truly, let me stop you along your way
To say I love you and be on your way
To imbue you with spiritual gifts
To reveal in you what matters most

But have you considered what matters most
Must align with the Lord’s desire?
Not by force but by choice
By your very action or inaction

Therefore, stewards of the Earth
I see that pillaging her of her resources
Is sought after by many and with much greed
Your evil ways are eroding away her beauty

Your chastisement will not stop
Until you come and reconcile with Him
When you see Him
Receive Him

It is with hope that you open your eyes
You do not see the butterfly effect
But your good deeds and actions go a long way
Do them with love and they multiply


Immersed myself in your beat
I reclined because of it in my seat
Felt that your mission of conviction
Towards love was not admonition

So simply you cannot avoid it
Everything is joined to it
Lifting up the brokenhearted
According to what was started

Now I stand firm in my resolve
To bring you to your senses to revolve
All your works around the Lord over gods
All the power still at odds

Have you ever felt truly alone?
Abandoned by every one of your own?
But I know more than you
And this love is what is true


You can hear my heart pounding
Upon hearing about your confounding
Of the wise at their seats
Not understanding the beats

Oy my heart aches
My whole body shakes
When He lifts the veil
There I become frail

Vulnerable and meek
It is just you I seek
I died last week
Among the least and weak


If you found me amidst the lowly
You know what it is that I told thee
But what you truly want may only come with time
As the world tears itself apart

With no true leader to guide them
They console themselves in sin and tears
Setting before them all of their fears
Washed away by the mercy of Him who comes

Know this, that the truth always calls for justice
Under whose name did they commit their sins?
To the heart of the matter that the lost are forsaken
Amidst the crazy ones you may have even found me

Imprisoned by your earthly dominions
I subject myself to your unrelenting cries for help
And call upon every fibre of my being with my Sprit
My friend and companion to aid in an extraordinary way


Often I simply go for the rhyme
But the meaning just stays behind
With no idea what to write
I have to let go and let Him do all the work

But today His silence is deafening
His anger palpable yet without rage
His mercy even more to those accept
Did you know He loves you in every respect?

I have what you want and give it away for free
I divinized that which was rejected
Let the lowly rise up from their places
Watch the look on all the faces

What you will soon witness is already written
In scripture as it will be fulfilled
Look forward to the goodness that comes with love
Remember love’s kisses are divine like the Dove

I have heard the cries and feel the pain
I enter into the darkness and sorrow
Dive into the depths of Hades in search
Of you


As your vibrato elevates my soul
If the love is real I pay the toll
You denied love’s place today
I felt it, I felt you rip away

Left bleeding and awake
I live on despite the snake
I suffer and I reel in agony
Healed by love and majesty

Like a constant flame she burns
The suffering and the healing turns
My heart toward love in humiliation
Now I am ready to leave the station


Sent out thousands of messages mostly the same
That love is central to all actions in play
Whether or not you are dancing or explaining science to the masses
Means nothing without love in every way

You could climb the highest mountain
Free all the slaves in the world
But if you have not love as the world turns around
They will see you barking madness and not love

Now the world has been polarized by a lie
The lie defies loving one another
So easy to spotlight it
Giving the press a field day

But what I know and see
Comes from His divinity
Which means that what I write
Comes to pass despite

What I warned about
Has already come about
With more to come, I warn
You need Him now more than ever

In reality, what I have you do not
Which is divinity and the power of God
Because I am the least of the lot
Emptiness becomes me

So now He has come to you
Chosen amidst the little ones
To defy all odds
No matter the cost

So what do I have that I can sacrifice
Since I am and have nothing at all?
I can only give my will and life
An offering acceptable to the Lord

Now use your imagination
Standing here before you is love
How do you think the Spirit will behave
If He comes across any evil in play

Awestruck you would be to witness, see?
His music undeniable like the tree
Love breaking through like the dawn
Before you a hand and not a gun that is drawn

Sadness flows like a stream through me
That any acts of kindness are key
But received not by the world
With love exposed and unfurled


My heart still leaps at the mere thought of you
Again and again the leaping would ensue
The moment I spot your beauty
Captivating me like it’s your duty

What draws me to you I cannot explain
Like why some people dance in the rain
My heart delightfully rings like a bell I must say
When your love shines through all the fray

Amidst the Least

So in my heart Christ was happily sleeping
Like he was in a boat amidst the stormy sea
Though I am certain of Christ’s protection
The storm that surrounds us makes me worried

So I wake Him up in my heart
I try not to startle Him with a shout
But with a whisper and a gentle nudge
His power over everything gets noticed

Between Christ and I
There is no owing the other of anything
My love expects His protection
As does He expect it for His little ones

Those little ones are the ones who are like children
Before God they are as precious as His own eyes
Amidst the little ones are the least of you
Amidst the least, Him you will find


I let slip a revelation from the Lord
Irretrievable it is until the Lord intervenes
No matter how hard I try
It slips away just out of reach

So I recollect myself in Christ
Cleanse my thoughts of iniquity and let go
And lo and behold a mystery appears
Revealed in an inkling that almost slipped away

We are the works of God’s hands
Created out of love for love
Even though it feels like we are first drafts
Our inherent love says creation takes time

So our journey in our life defines who we once were
What we do going forward in Christ matters
As the mould of humanity shapes us
The Spirit of God breathes in us

The pain I am in doesn’t matter anymore
No one to blame, it is just how it is
So I let go of being opaque
But the transparency just made me invisible