O you poor wretched souls!
No one has been truly leading you…
Lift up your hearts to the Lord
He is the only one who can

Lead you to salvation
Lead you to revelation
Of the truth
Of the life

My articulation falls short
My gesticulations ignored
While walls of flames surround and confound
Imparting a situation that has gone worse

Imagine my surprise
To learn of demise
When pity should be poured out
Like never before

On those who are suffering
On the survivors of death
On those without a home
Give to them as they are great in number

I have power to dole out consequences due to inaction
But no one listens after disaster after disaster…


What were my notable achievements?
I most certainly have none
For any account on my accord
Is incorrect, it has always been the Lord

I love without reservation
You have me running from every nation
Nowhere is there to lay my head
Weary and distraught are my neighbours instead

Heed God
Not the sod
Not the statues
Nor the booze

There is a devil within us all
Feed it and you will fall
Why not feed the Lord
Who starves closer to you than any board?

Fight to save Love
Like a departing dove
Breaking every shackle
Imparting love from the tabernacle

Silent and unyielding
Disparaging for love is apparently annoying
So I will simply sit this one out
While you all battle it out

No Escape

I warned you about the coming of fire
Next comes the Lord’s Fire
To all there is no escape
This Fire is meant to purify
So if you are entirely pure
Nothing gets burned away
But if your purity is in question
The Fire does not ask to burn impurities away
Entirely impure?
There will be nothing left


To you does my heart thus sing
My love is stronger than any diamond ring
Rejoicing over my love
To you do We send you His Dove

I feel the loss, the suffering, and the pain
Never as a result full of disdain
But compassion towards those whom I feel for
My offering, my pain, my way, same as before

In truth, my way is His Way I follow
Those bloody footprints are hallow
Full of love and compassion
Entering into His Glorious Passion

Waste not this opportune moment
Perhaps even in some way, vent


As I slink by unnoticed
With every breath
And every beat
The cantor and the song
The heartfelt throng
Echoes across the world
Sustained by the song

I feel like I am
One and the same
But in reality far away
I had my say
Voices from up on above
Said otherwise
And here I am
Singing my song to the dead

Living Truth

I am living truth
Of the testimony I give
That of Jesus Christ
And His Second Coming

Fulfilled promises and gifts
The Lord does not dismiss
His graces are from beyond
Enabling even thrones for men

I speak of the nature of God
His tendency to love unpredictably
Giving gifts to the lost
And raising the dead to new life

Sparks from my mouth ignite
A flame of fire that is desire
To be one with God no matter what
Even if it meant sacrifice

Washed Away

My sins washed away
Gone forever
Never to come back
All by the Blood of Christ
Everything has been revealed
Everything has a price
But the one that redeems us
Pays the ultimate price
Gaining us freedom and glory
So the freedom to love comes into play


How can I say I love you
If your face is not around?
Your beautiful face
More than just a face
God put His best work on you
Made you perfect in every way
This is something I will say
Love comes in many forms
This one comes from God Himself
Proclaiming your beauty
Like that of a queen
So shy not away
Believe in your love
That it can do more than just sing
It can even raise the dead


With these mystical sighs
I am just somebody who tries
To do the mighty will of God

Granted the gifts of seven
All of which came from Heaven
Has me here hated and despised

Ill conceived are their opinions of me
Thinking I am in some fantasy
What will they think of next besides the truth?

But I stand here before God always
Shadows of me are in the hallways
Now I am wondering if I should I even stay