All Along

You have been with me all along
My ups and downs turned all around
Doing what you said you would do
Which was rooted in love

My joy is complete is what I feel
But you were stripped of love’s foundation
When you were a child I can see your face
Oh what horrors tore away at you at night!

My ability to heal depends on the faith of others
And if I could my hope would be in an onlooker
To witness and believe you will be healed
By love’s embrace despite what we face

Together we will always be like the pioneers
Fighting for love with every breath
Just trying to fan the flames of this heart of mine
Blessing you with every gift I can possibly give


Cannot get enough of writing about Love
Over a thousand poems hidden
And another thousand in transition
All about and for Love and you

My greatest treasures have yet to be found
I see that my words rubbed off on you
To lead you where love soars like an eagle
Meant to reach beyond the steeple

All fired up and ready to go
Brandishing love like a sword meant to show
Strength and Spirit with no revenge
All to change hearts bent by hate

Gently warm them up and bend them back
United in mind and heart
Pierced from the very start
With God’s Spirit comes everything else that is His

So her song was sung
With new words rung
The truth about herself
Put on award on a shelf

Crashing on your shore

In every inkling that shines through
Wrapped in love adorned with gold meant for you
A gift of truth to crack the shackles free
Comes to everyone but will you receive?

I felt my heart tumble after you
Wondering if the song you hear is true
Can you sing the tune only known to you
For those who are supposed to know too

My spiritual life is my own
Formed by Angels
And the Lord
Now I’ve grown
Was shown how to live
According to Love
So as to not shove
When one only needs a nudge

I break most of the rules
By my very existence and my tools
Never following any human doctrine
Hate teachings meant to benefit only the top

What I have done is simply flow rivers of love
Into your wide ocean carrying life and joy
Swirling with the salt of your tears
Taking journeys over thousands of years

A day will soon pass
Seconds only remain
Singing only the refrain
No more disdain

Delight in the love
Even when surrounded
By darkness and hate
Jealousy and those irate

Alone love can do any wonder
In groups it can change nations asunder
And waves
Crashing on your shore
Listening in between
For the secrets she delights
Softly in the lights


I know because He wipes away every tear
So that if I weep it is not me that would endear
His strength is better than my own
Enduring such pain never known
I know because my heart will overflow
Spilling onto the pages that follow
My joy would then be yours
To share with you from my shores


What you see with the eyes of the soul
Where compassion is the goal
Learn that it is a power to behold

I have reached out to many and lost count
Every single one, no response was the result
Makes me rethink my own thoughts
Whether they are misunderstood or not

What I am thinking now I will never utter
Lest it be fashioned against me or any other
Just like those that go to war have to
My battle was long ago which will end soon too

The world as you have noticed is polarizing
And most people do not see it happening
They blame a human construct
Or people go to war over something hidden

Something I need not repeat
But have to apparently
Love, my neighbours, love
Is the key

In the Silence and Noise

Listened intently at your voice
Wondered if there was a choice
So I hear in the silence and in the noise
That it is not up to any of the boys

Exposing my heart was a gesture of love
Only to be accepted from up on above
Parched for love in this deserted land
Kneeling before God not on the sand

I reached out beyond the stars
To say you don’t need so many cars
What love has in store for you
Would have you give it all up, that’s true

Bound to God

I am bound to God
Not by any human means
But by Spirit and Truth
Though I was never welcome by anyone

I practice goodness all day long
Then I am subject to evil all night long
Tortured and torn to pieces
Again and again for you

My willingness to be drowned in agony
Is beyond anything you can imagine
It is situated in the highest heaven
With love at the core it will never die

I was taught to listen to God
He speaks in silence and love
Adorning passing words with gifts of joy
And filling our hearts with compounded love


Blessings to all who read this
Meanings behind every bliss and kiss
A dance if you will, changing forever
Never meant to sever

Your love means more to me
Something I wish for you to see
Just how much it means
More than it seems

No more broken memories
Just beautiful stories
Gleaming right on through
Love that is really true

Cannot say it enough in so many ways
Over and over again it is love that portrays
Our deepest desires of our hearts
And mine begins with the arts


If you wanted my attention
You got it with no reservation
You can’t bring me down to my knee
For my prayer is continuously free

But when you’ve got the beat despite the feat
I can see the future and what is in store is defeat
But weakness is amidst the very poor
Gaining God’s strength against the gore

I have nothing to confess anymore
So here I am standing on your shore
Waiting for you to say hi to me
To capture your love so free


I have lost so much over the years
Sacrificed for the greater good
Nobody cares as they tear away
At the prophecy I must convey

Not my life on the line
I did what I can
In truth out of love for you
No more can you possibly do

I have tried to reach out based on love
Wondering why ignorance prevails
Discovering the hardness of hearts
And softening them with my death


That song in my heart that needs to sing
Is bursting forth like a diamond ring
Glittering love like a white fire flickering
Giving me ample time to write what to sing

I have found you so it seems
After thousands of years searching through reams
Your inklings of curiosity set me on a course
To find your love seeking mine of course

So either you are shy or ignorant
I believe I already dispersed my rant
I see my patience is being tested
After a thousand times I rested

So I danced with the Lord out of pure joy
What did people say when engaged in a ploy
After something that cannot be taken away
But rather acknowledging the truth I say

The dance was in part meant to be
A way to whisper in His ear, see?
Care to catch the phrase that saved?
Listen to the Lord to that which raved


What your heart sings when you cry
Has me wondering if I should try
To bring myself into the spotlight
Moving my heart toward the light

Your love is what is real to me
A passion worth enduring so free
So I pour mine into words so true
With a beat to be felt, so please do

You have me coasting and floating
Elevated by this love that will sing
A magical moment to bring to you
A love never felt before by you


I give you my love amidst the sea of billions
Deep diving for treasures of bullions
Swimming my way to you
So much in my way to you

Unable to catch up with you
So I sat still and set my Kingdom here
In the peace and joy awarded by God
No way to dispute the staff and rod

Laid out before Him like an offering
His joy is mine complete in a ring
Wonders never cease of His Glory
So much more than any story


Lord, I am
Feeling like I am a ghost
Invisible to most
A most formidable host
I feel like a toast
To the One Triune God
In Christ’s holy name
Live in Us as we live in You
Love us as we love You
Protect us and keep us safe
As You have always done for us
Forever Amen

Love in Play

Always from the heart and do not know how else
Know that I am perfect for you in every way
But I am far from being ready for you today
Love in play is never a mistake
With the Lord’s Spirit as my guide, my heart
I breathe His power in and out like fire and water
Salting the earth with new life