All Glory is the Lord’s

The Lord wants us/me to help unite His flock, I look and His Church is so divided. Do any of you think that God will let this continue? I tell you solemnly, one year will not even pass before the Lord unites all.

While I continue to struggle with identifying with myself after having been emptied completely allowing Christ to make His home within me, one thing is for certain, to be abundantly clear, that Christ’s desire for unity is both for the unification of His people to be of One Mind in Christ and also His Mind in us! For it is impossible for us to do this on our own accord. All we can do is first invite Christ to unite Himself with us. Give Him permission to do so.  Do you not understand that the end is soon?

Therefore, it is necessary for me to write of this first, draw out my experiences and my journey towards Christ so that others may learn and be brought back to God through Jesus Christ.

The most amazing part of all this, is the Knowledge that comes forth, the prompting to ACT out of Love, to become Love, though my perceptions of “why” are not relevant because of my flaws in sin, that despite my failures, the Lord fulfills His Will through me, no matter what happens. To say otherwise, that it’s not God’s will, is to say that His Will is not done on Earth, and this my friends is a lie, and fulfilling His Will is why we are here. To listen to the Lord and act according to His Divine Will so that on doing His Will to Glorify Him in His name and out of Love, we all give Glory to the Lord.

Universes are like marbles to God

Eternal Life is far above and beyond than what the entire universe can possibly offer. Entire universes are like marbles to me, so fathom this: I am who am

I John, have the Loyalty of an Angel and the Authority of God, because it is not I who am. Be forewarned, things are going to get very messy. Remember dear brothers and sisters, without Christ we are nothing. May the Glory of God be brought forth for the sake of those who do not believe, may it be a sign from the heavens, to give them hope, before the Earth rejects her guests.

Mary is about to say something very important. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us.

Praise and Honour is God’s

In every moment I can, my heart gives praise to you O Lord, from the moment I wake in the morning to the moment I go to sleep at night, I honour and praise you, I bless you at all times, Almighty Father, Glorious Son, and Magnificent Spirit.

Today is a special day according to the Lord, for He revealed much to me in a single moment, and will write of it over time as His Glory is intertwined with every Grace He has granted me.

The Lord says, “I will soon enter into the world, give the troubles in your heart to me and I will console you.”

While I am in the world, and the Lord is with me, He indeed reminded me that He will work through me, even when it comes to what to say and do, so to Trust in Him.

Helmet of Salvation is God’s Grace

One of my daily prayers is that the Father and I become one just as Jesus and Him are one. Faith is the assurance that what we hope for will be granted. Hope. My Hope is indeed in the Lord Jesus Christ and when I asked that this be done according to His Will, He said, “It is done. We are. I am.”

Therefore, do not be jealous, for what He offers me, He offers every one of His beloved, and therefore they are all my beloved. When he stooped down to where I was at, I was the lowliest and the least of all, so he raised me up and brought me to himself. When I gave up all I am, He also gave me Himself. When I consumed His Body and Blood, He consumed my body and blood and He did not spit me out. The Glory of God is all around, do you not see?

Take a moment today, revel in the mystery of Salvation, for the helmet of Salvation is God’s Grace.

Peace to you and give Me all your troubles

Peace is and His Grace sustains me. I am.

Attacked as usual this morning, though last night the Lord revealed to me why it is that the spiritual world is hidden from us, and it is because of the battle that rages on between Angels of God and Satan. Know this, there is no Yin and no Yang. There is only God, He is beyond what we perceive as good and evil, light and darkness. Satan is not equal to God nor is he the opposite, nor is he anything above God, for Satan will indeed be destroyed. Rise above the things of this world and you will see. For when you do see, you will be frightened because when you start to see demons outside your window gnashing their teeth, even in that fright the presence of the Lord will bring you peace.

Prayer for Glorification

For every day that has passed the Lord has revealed something new to me. Today however, I am troubled. I am troubled because the Lord has made me worthy though I deserve absolutely nothing from Him. I am humbled to the point of deliverance.

My prayer to the Father is this, “That you be glorified through me, for I have become an empty vessel, do this Father for the sake of all others so that everyone will know that you have sent me, so then you will usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth. All Glory and Honour is Yours Almighty Father forever and ever. Amen.”

A thousand years

Remember this also, that with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.  Our Creed is such that we know that Christ rose from the dead on the third day, not after, not before, on.  Today is the 3rd millennium, the third day, and on the third day he will Return.  This is Truth, fight for it!

If your heart burns when you read this, open your heart and let the Light of Christ grow, for His Light is the Glory of God.

Death has no power

Jesus, be with me while I write.

I cursed and got angry today, at a small thing nonetheless, it did bring me down as a result. My short temper the result of continuous attacks, every day. I fail to call on Him sometimes and what ends up happening is I get angry and want to leave this world, not because of how I feel about what the Devil is doing but because I’ve tasted Heaven and desire to be there and not here. The attacks are mostly interfering with how things function, many little “insignificant” actions like knocking things out of my hand, nudging me while walking so I lose my balance, instigating fights between my children, and causing confusion in many things I try to do, and it doesn’t end there. This sometimes leaves me with a very deep and strong desire to leave this world, a desire so powerful that death has no power over it.

It is true that this desire is great, but so is my unworthiness. I only ask because it’s time that we are equipped to fight the battle, to let Christ transform us into His Glory and bring Heaven down to Earth.

Almighty Father, we ask You, if it be Your Will, that You speak Your Word into the Universe one more time. By Your Breath lead us into the Eighth Day and transform us by Your Love and Your Light, Your Might and Your Glory into perfect beings of Love, raise us up dear Father from these trenches and the slavery of this war, deliver us from all evil, and renew the face of the Earth. Amen. So be it.

John 10:28

Deliver us from all evil

The Holy Spirit revealed something to me today, and as a result, though I did not write it down, I was tested again. This time it was the Devil trying to convince me that all of Heaven and the Angels were laughing at me and were saying that I was an idiot. That I didn’t love Jesus, and that God rejected me. For a moment I experienced a moment of horror, as if that were true, but I refused to believe in a lie, I truly felt in my heart the presence of Jesus and then Satan proceeded to try and convince me that I was already in Hell, because I am always suffering, and then I knew it was not Jesus and ignored him. Then he said that I was a fool, so I interrupted him and I said, “Yes, I am a fool, a fool for Christ! Begone Satan and do not come back! Jesus I trust in You and here’s why!” Then I recited the Nicene Creed, however I have never said it like this before, the prayer came from my Heart, flowed like blood and water, and opened the Heavens to my Heart. Then I heard the Almighty Father clap and exclaim, “Bravo!”

The distraction by Satan was an attempt to deter me from these very important days ahead and what they are for. Try and make me forget about the Glorious vision I had about being lifted up to the Heavens!

Sing as One

Jesus come!

Open the heavens and bring yourself down, save us your people, we trust in the Lamb!
Our eyes are now opened and we live as one
With war at our step, we fly to thee, oh God!

Take us all up and consume us in Glory
Burn though our hearts and make us anew
Pour out all your Glory and so all will see
That we are the Christ, and we sing as one!

It was, is, and will be finished

I am at this point almost completely diminished, and soon I will be no more, and in my place, Christ will come to be. Should He Glorify Himself through me, remains to be seen, however I feel there are others that are on this path, and they have the same desires of Unity, the same struggles against evil, and most importantly they indeed act out of Love and give Him Glory for everything.

Today I heard the Lord say to me, “Finish it.” and He was referring to this Word. I am such a fool for Christ, for He is my Saviour and I do these things in His Name, for His Glory. Know this, that I am not He and I am He. How shall He Return in all His Glory? I am not worthy of His Promise so should He choose to return through Me, I will not hinder Him, for only He can Glorify Himself, and when His Glory is revealed in the Light of Truth, indeed that will be the day I finally die in Christ so that we will reign in Eternal Glory.

The Day of Light is upon us, and I am wearing my robe, radiating the Blood of Christ and His very Presence is indeed within me. Give Him Glory and Proclaim that His Return is very soon, like a thin veil over our face the blindness of those to His Glory will soon be lifted, and all will see Him as He truly is. This is the Day I pray comes in haste for His Glory. This is the Day that sin cannot stop from happening. This is the Day our Lord Jesus returns in ALL His Glory.

The Buddha and Jesus

After New Year’s Day this year, I had a vivid image appear in my vision, it was the Buddha sitting cross legged and He transformed into Jesus the Shepherd and Jesus was also sitting cross legged also but was dressed in a red cloak, with a wooden shepherd’s staff over His shoulder. Then I saw the image of a baby (in utero?) much larger than the image of Christ, that faded in and then out in the background.

I do not receive these kinds of visions very often, but this one was such a powerful one that it has burned itself into my memory.