Limited Time

There is limited amount left
Everything I must do right
Nowhere to go but forward
Never going backward

I bless the cosmos with love
I fight for love daily
Whether to stay or go
I chose to stay

Your mere presence is glory
Enough to make me stay
Reject me as always
One day I will say

Goodbye my love
I gave you my heart
Only to have it speared with ignorance
To one clothed in light

I came in the cover of darkness
Like a thief I entered the cosmos
Unbeknownst to everyone
I castled myself out of defense

I bear all weakness allowed
To fight with the strength of God
Wonders never cease
Answering the Heavenly call


I am in a stupid amount of pain
Like my spine is being ripped out
Every single day

But my love does not waver
Rather flourishes under grace
Despite the evil against me
I wither away never fade
I died in love for love
Brought back to proclamation
Of the Glory of God
That Death has no power


I found a love so real
So true
No longer blue
I wept away
At the sight of myself
Left it to love’s embrace
Only to be dead
To her

But I am not really dead am I?

I pity the dead that they do not see
The light and the dark that divides
Lo and behold love’s embrace
Is grace

Among Men

Among men I am a god
But next to God I am nothing
He makes me everything in unity
I like to love
Love to love
Love worth chasing
For glory and nothing else

In their weakness they are blind
I will open their eyes
To see the light of love
And the power to overcome it
Seeing the truth for what it is

I lifted the veil to get a peek
Found Jesus underneath
No one noticed
His Spirit is here to stay
To bring peace and love
Through the wonderful dove

So listen closely while I write my thunder
Sounding around the world in wonder
Making real the love that was lost
And now it has been found
Love has been found
I wonder


It is simple
United with him in his death
An innocent death on a cross
United with him in his descent into Hell
A necessary three days of darkness
United with him in his resurrection
A proclamation of Glory
United with him in his ascension into Heaven
While here it is but a taste
United with him in his return
That day has already come
None are the wiser
They need to see beyond the veil
Before the great revelation