I give God all the glory
And save none for myself
I have already told my story
But you just put it on the shelf

I give God all the praise
For He is the only one worthy
His own life did he raise
As I am the one unworthy

But His mercy is boundless
His forgiveness quick
Could not settle for less
As I cannot heal the sick

For I myself am more sick now
And in dire need of healing
Prayers for myself are just not how
Just goes to show all or nothing

They know not I am in need
But their prayers are for themselves
So instead I planted love’s seed
With plenty of books on the shelves


In the fire of my heart
Rests an eternal flame
Dangerous to try and snuff out
For it’s permeated by His Spirit

His Love is ageless
And so is my body
His Love is steadfast
And so is my fire

So ignore me not
It was you I sought
To show you God’s Glory
Will make one heck of a story


My love left me vulnerable
Instead of love in return
My heart was maimed
I feel the lance’s blade

Shall I forgive and forget
Or retain their sins against?
Listen not to this bleeding mess
But rather to the Lord’s address

Addressing all the nations
Akin to a cricket’s voice
Drowned out by the noise in their head
His countenance you will dread


It feels so natural to be with you
Like our synergies of love aligned
Would never get sick of it
Could never get rid of it
Better it is to be grateful
So I am grateful for you my wife
The sacrifices you have made for me
Is up there with the saints
You and your brazen love
Has me loving you more these days


Surrounded by evil masquerading
Catchy and tricky beyond saving
Like a lily among the thorns
Only noticed with stuck horns

So I reached out with my hands
Replanted that lily to fertile lands
No longer choked by absent grace
But with that sunshine on her face


Got this war in my mind
An intense battle you would find
Between those places
After all your beautiful faces
Tearing me apart without any traces

Bring me close
Just the right dose
Of love in company
Keeping you with me
Oh how I pray you will see