Know that I am all alone these days
Walking bound and blind in a haze
But His Strength always shines through
At my weakest it even feels to be true

Her face cannot disappear from my mind
The beauty of her soul a very rare find
Seeking a certain kind and Sacred Heart
Means I am already found from the start

What this world needs is inexplicable
Feeling like I am not even able
Yet I somehow stand up despite the pain
And on a good day command the rain

Power of His Spirit

Many have forgotten about Him
The Holy Spirit, that is
Misunderstood and underestimated
He has all the Power and IS the Power
But He uses it wisely
People want Him to do things that are evil

Why should the Holy Spirit strike down your neighbour?
When your command was to love your neighbour
Why should the Holy Spirit answer your prayer for blood?
When you should be humble and drink His instead
For the power of His Most Holy Spirit is Love

Lonely Heart

Love has many forms
Sex is not one of them
Sex can be an act of love
But is not love itself

Love is an offering of one’s self
To do that which is rather meant to be
An act of kindness, charity, and compassion
Towards those whom we all have a passion

Ultimately the Passion is His
Never dismissing anyone who is
Where forgiveness is an ocean
And mercy is sailing toward the New Heaven

Soon the voyage will end
To enter into a new beginning
My silence deafening to some
Listening to my lonely heart I am to blame

Grappling With Reality

I found that love extinguishes and enhances pain
Requiring endurance and charity to thrive and sustain
I know because I taste love in its purest form
Like drinking sunshine filled with joy so warm

I drink it all by the Love of God
Inebriated on His Gift beyond all laud
Who then could I possibly be?
That the earth laid herself low for me

I stand invisible before the nations all alone
I am done warning now, I wish I had known
Going away is hard to do because I love you
Last time I had to leave, I died not you

This time I will move on for good from thee
Since you want nothing to do with me
I felt the rejection plain and simply
Hope you never notice or hear me leave

You must understand by now
That I am a nobody, a wretched sinner somehow
Whose mission is to witness until Christ’s Return
Now I am ready to rest in an urn

If He is already here why would I want to leave?
In truth it is because I suffer every day to bereave
That I suffer not really but rather He
By my wickedness He suffers which must end by me