If by His Spirit you discern theirs
Then you know what I mean
When I say they are dead

For their appearance is deceiving
In their heart they are conniving
So many surround me, I bleed

They cannot look me in the eye
If they do, they cannot see why
I Love them despite their deeds

Burdened Offering

In my anguish, I did not relent
The Lord remained with me
He did not abandon me

Now my heart is heavily burdened
Oh superior anguish indeed
Those whom I love abandon me

There’s nothing left for me here
I have no friends, no memory
Only God, He is all of me

The world revolts me, yet He has pity
This extreme pain by rejection
I felt it all as Him

I plead for destruction of Satan’s grip
No one cares, they’re placid and dead
Oh God release them by my own death!

Disasters Will Escalate

The Lord has opened my heart
Revealed truths forgotten and unsaid
The gifts by His Spirit my daily bread
Now closer than ever to Him my Lord
His Joy and His Sorrow adorned

To partake in His suffering and death
An undeserved privilege I’ve lived
I do all of this for the forsaken and lost
Teach those who are unforgiving
To forgive and forget, to not regret

I have nothing to give Him
Everything comes from Him
Except that which is our decision
To live according to His Will
If you truly believe and see
You’ll know this does not come from me

So listen closely, in Truth and believe
The Lord is indeed coming again
The world you all created against
Breeds hatred and resentment
Towards one another and there is no Love

It is with great sorrow I must state
That it is by the Lord’s command
That the disasters severely escalate
Due to your deplorable state and hate
Lord’s Angels flood from the Gate

It gives me no pleasure to break
Satan’s grip by forceful measure
Christ’s prophets have delivered
But you reject them and continue in sin
Rejecting God and the message to repent

Elohim Adonai


I’ve stirred chaos with His finger
Yet the world knows not it was through me
What more shall come to pass
What has yet to be written
Has yet to be revealed
An avalanche of calamities is what you need
To wake up and reject the greed

Open To The Knock

I’m weary with intense suffering
Losing myself to this Love
God’s been busy I can tell
Cause the suffering turns to joy

I am the epitome of scandal
The lowest and least of you all
Deified by Grace and offering
My heart it burns, it burns for you

But institutions burn garbage as incense
It angers Him who sits on the Throne
Time is running out fast for them
Need to deliver this message of truth

None listen, they are dismissive
They’ve slammed the door on His face
He still knocks again and again
They better open the door before He walks away

Wake From Your Sleep

Now my heart is heavy
With a sorrow that is deep
About a world so very deceived
They need to wake up from sleep
To do my part takes its toll
Either songs with joy or destruction with pain

We can do whatever We want
I’ve given over my own will
All I have left is nothing but Him
He is mine and I am His
Disasters I have commanded in His Name
Songs of true Love go unheard

Learn The Way

In the wake of evil acts against you
You who still incite hate and evil in return
You pray with your lips for protection
But from your heart you despise and rebel

You have thus chosen your fate of late
Without God, without Love, without Heaven
You were given keys to the Kingdom by Jesus
Repentance and forgiveness with Love, says He

You scoff and scorn at His prophets, His Word
You deny them a voice by ignorance absurd
Yet before God they cry out and are heard
No act of nature will convince you of Truth

The burden of this double edged blade
Is His and mine to bear
The power to command nature to lay waste
It’s my Cross and unmistakably His

We walk hidden among you
Some of you have even seen
Yet you keep yourself silent
Yes, of course it needs a leap of faith

Treat us with ill contempt
We may withhold our curse or we may not
Woe to you who would be cursed
Everything will taste like ash in your mouth

So what are you waiting for?
Go to Jesus, call on His Name
Learn the way, His Cross for sure
Just don’t be lukewarm

Praise To The King

Angels of God surround and protect
Eternally beyond all time and space
Think nothing of the astronomical event
How else shall there be a New Heaven and Earth?

So praise to the Father, Glory to the Christ!
Bless you Holy Spirit, send us your Holy Fire
Your Holy Face brighter than all the stars
Let Love reign and give praise to the King


A remarkable cosmic dance, I’m obliged
How long must I be disguised in your eyes
I tell you, the earth is nothing but a bauble
Compared to the value of you and your love

If I felt it was right and God’s will
That the star we surround I would command
Implode into darkness it would obey
Ask your science what would happen next

Do your earthly possessions now matter?
Do you now get that God’s Powers are greater?
Than the earth, the stars, and the entire cosmos?
You cannot stop the coming Fire

Repent, this is bigger than you think
Believe in Jesus, His Name will save
Love one another, ask and forgive
As though… it’ll be super tomorrow

He Returns

I’m done with the dead
As I’ve already said
Onward and upward
This path I dare tread

Unity under One God attained
Only by Grace is sustained
In blissful silence He is adored
In one small moment, I was floored

The Lord placed the entire Cosmos
Before me in this silence
In awe, no words need be formed
Galaxies like grains of sand in my hand

The marvels of the Universe
Like when black holes are formed
New Universes are born
Heaven is so way beyond that

With Love He said to me, I forgive you
Before I could even utter my humble confession
I forgot my sins, I had nothing to confess
Explosions of Joy in my Heart

He blesses you all with His Peace
Should you be humble in reception
Give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ
Son of the Living God

Now is the time O People of God
Listen closely for there is not much time left
The Glory of God revealed
Heaven on Earth, joyous to proclaim

There’s no mistake about being one in Him
He stumped my unbelief at every turn
My name is John
Prepare for the Coming of Our Lord

He Returns every day yet will Return in Glory
On that great Day to be feared by many
Listen, repent and expect Mercy
Reject, and you will be burned

Very harsh yes it is indeed
But that’s what sin leads to
The choice to Love thrown away
With it your freedom, are you sure you want it that way?


I’ve been asked by God to deliver
The keys to Ascension
To take those souls to Heaven
To be there while on the dirt here

Every path I took on my own
Led to nowhere, everywhere
Every attempt blocked and thwarted
By blasphemy, apostasy, and sin

So He took me up into Himself
I let Him in by my permission
Yes, this is the first resurrection
Cause I was dead, now I’m One with Him

Desires greater than all the gold
Love fulfilled every dream and hope
By Heaven and all the Glory
Lifting the veil will be so amazing

But the whole lot ignores the signs
Except for a select few who believe
Their faith still lacks the seed
To grow into the greatest tree

I am forbidden to deliver the keys
Until East and West come to their senses
And unify the great Easter divide
This is His command, it must be done

Ignore the signs no longer please
I have no desire to command
Legions upon legions of Angels from Heaven
To deliver destruction never before seen

While this might seem, a bit extreme
They refuse to come to Him
They worship themselves in sin
Keeping humility from coming in

No Contest

Alas, there’s trouble brewing
I’m stirring it with my finger, God’s finger
Recompense will be made
But first must come His wrath

People cry out, Why God why!?
Because if you just obeyed
Love one another is all you had to do
But you disobeyed, despised Him even

So spit out your pride and disrespect
Or God will spit you out into the fire
You see it as a threat to be
But it’s the way it has to be

You can’t accept the Truth
That He gave His life for you
Instead you kick Him a curb stomper
So what do you think His Father will do?

So without remorse or any regret
I command Angels to deliver a warning shot
Don’t get into the ring with Him
There is no way you can contest


Love is not just a feeling produced
It’s a decision one makes
From the Heart
The ones they Love are more important
Than their very own sakes
Most importantly letting God flow through
He will forgive my every mistake
The question is, will you?


It is written in scripture
That He will write His Law
On their hearts His Love
Making them One with Him

I’m saying the time is now
Mercy showering a downpour
Leading us to be like Him
In Love with the Spirit in Truth

The answers are not even riddles
It’s total submission
Oh yes Trust indeed
Perfect harmony