Heaven Is Silent

Yes, all of Heaven is silent
But here on earth My Heart is not
I plead for mercy and love
But you continuously defy and hate
Murdering children by the billions, an abomination
Now you are about to invade
And trample all over My Sacrifice

Know this, oh children of men
What is written, is written
It shall come to pass
I shall stomp my feet
Mountains will crumble
Seas will bow and overtake
Yes, the inevitable quake
How many then will repent and remain?

Thus I Command

What I have thus written
Are not predictions
They are commands

I thus command
Unrelenting wind
Unlike ever before

I thus command
Violent quakes you must face
Incited by your own hate

I thus command
Fire from the earth
To increase in consumption

Then the Fire from Heaven will come
Ah, everything will indeed burn
None can hide from His Flame

Remember the days of old
As on the day of Passover
Death will come to those who hate

But you will not know the day
Oh that Victorious day
When Love will be all that remains

Amen. So be it. In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name

Mercy Is Awesome

God is awesome because of His Mercy
But do you know His Mercy?
Acceptance of His Mercy requires repentance
Reconcile with Him, through Christ
His Mercy knows no bounds
I did the worst in His eyes
But I have been forgiven, my sin forgotten
Peace thus comes to you
Melting any heart of stone

While I write this, I can feel in my wrists an intense burning and tearing pain, as nails pierce them through. My face is being slashed, feels like hot glass searing my eyes and cheeks. On by back, my spine feels bare to the bone, there is metal in that whip. I suffer this pain by Grace and none can see it, none can see the crown of thorns. Oh, I suffer indeed but not for my own sake, for yours, and the lost souls. Bless you and peace be with you, may the Lord heal you in mind, body, and spirit by the power of His Most Holy Spirit. Amen. So be it.

Foolish Faith

Some have called me Moses or even Jesus
I laugh ‘cause it’s true to both and to my own
Though they all did it in jest
I lost my staff and skipped my stone
On the silent waters it was calm and smooth
My foolish faith made Him laugh
I knew my stone would return to me
As it left ripples in time and space

Empty Table

I’m sitting at a dining room table
It’s empty, no one is here
However, standing behind me
Is Jesus Christ and Mary

I’ve agreed with them and have entered a union
One that cannot be broken
Immortalizing me into a New Creation
Sitting here in silent pondering
About the Glorious things after His Return

My Stone

I was always looking for stones
I saw myself on a pebble beach
Picking all of my favourite ones

A man, Jesus, walked to me on the water
Reached down and put in my small hand
A stone so beautiful, so perfectly clear, reflecting every colour
It was blank and smooth, dazzling brighter than the sun
Said I had a choice to make
Whether the name on that stone
Was His Name or myself

If I chose myself, I would be forgiven
My acceptance of Jesus as King saves
Into the Heavenly Kingdom with Love
And Glory and Praise from my lips

If I chose God over me
I would forever be united
With Jesus, the only begotten Son of God
And enter Heaven a New Creation
But this would come at a cost, my sacrifice

By His Holy Spirit He burned and etched into and through that white stone
His Name yet also my very own
Given and written by Him
Not pronounceable by any tongue here
But you can call me by the name John
I am a Son of God
All I can do is Love, Love, Love
Never counting the cost

Have Faith

I believe and hope in His Faith
I have to drill down deep to make any sense
My contemplation of Heavenly things
Is far more appealing to me
But that’s my weakness
I am selfishly in Love with God
But I Love everyone cause He does through me

In this very moment indeed
By sacrifice and suffering, offering and incense
Prayers and praise, Hope and Love
Brought together in silence
Peace comes upon this house
That no matter what happens
No matter the awful turmoil
That you be not afraid

Judgement Will Be Swift

You’ve no idea of the sacrifice I gave
You’ve no idea of what’s at stake
The Lord God Almighty I saw His Face
I did not die, what does that say?

I can feel His Strength, Love His Faith
I abandoned mine, His He gave
Oh you foolish people, wake up!
If you want His pity, now is the time

The signs are all there, but you ignore
Nothing more to say anymore
Judgment will be swift like a blade
By fire, you’ll be tested or burned away

There is no relenting this time
An unsuspecting world enjoying their sin
You do not need prophecy
To say your idols will be destroyed

We Know Not The Day

Something awakened
Inside of me
A Glorious Light
Of Heavenly Divinity

Eyes open wide awake
The Heart sees more than just dreams
I screamed at God yesterday
I screamed Mercy!

Oh I do not know the hour
I hoped it was today
But what I saw should it be
I had to cry out, there’s so many…

Love United

Understanding only goes so far
There’s always that moment
We can choose or walk away
It’s when we choose Love
To vanish all our differences

But there’s so much more
Give it over to God to be that Love
When the differences that divide
Are abolished from pride
It’s Love that unites us all

Evidence is all there

Do you really think a fluke’s at play?
Every command has thus been obeyed
The earth it trembles and breaks
The four corners have been unleashed
Wars and rumours of wars, no peace
God’s power is on display
Even locusts have come out to play
His message ignored and rejected
Will only lead to more destruction
So very few have discovered Love is the answer
Even their message is evidently trampled

What’s Happening

Did you think Wisdom comes from men?
Ha! It is written that He will raise the lowly
And cast down the mighty from their thrones
Thus it is already happening
Though you all choose not to believe

With the power of a single word
A nation can crumble into dust
With the power of a song of Love
People can be brought together
Hardened hearts will never see

See, it doesn’t matter what you do
God’s power is greater than you
Even in this moment as I write
Demons stab me and slash me
So all I can do is laugh

Signs All Around

There are signs all around
We’re near the end as they say
I know where I stand with God
Do you?

I care not for the attention of others
I care that the world not drag you under
These words ring true to some
To others it’s just another gong

I can’t force you to believe
I can point the way
No one has ever asked me
How did you Ascend?

Thus comes the conclusion
To an epic battle you chose not see
The dragon, that cunning serpent
Will be cast forever into Hades

You continue to be divided
Your gender, your faith, your colour
Don’t you see? The division destroys you
You are all Loved the same by God

So put aside your differences in pride
Do not reject others by your own judgement
For thus you will be judged by God
I have said this many times before

There is but a thread of hope
That I thought was all gone
Relenting a destructive command
Pending your response of Love

Do You Believe in Miracles?

So given our deplorable and sinful state
I was brought to the Father, face to face
I bore Christ’s face to bear the sight of Father’s
The moment our hearts fused, We became One
“Will you forgive me Father?”
“My Son, you are already forgiven”
God’s Joy burst in me an eternal flame
Eternal Glory awaits
The Father said, “Ask of me anything, and I will grant it unto you”
“A Miracle to deliver them Lord. For this world surely needs one and needs it now, please grant this request, I humbly pray. Amen”

My heart gave into Hope and Love
To bear the excitement and wonder
At the Miracle He has in store

Bloody Anguish

Oh Lord the anguish!
I’ve been brought back by Him
After having tasted death once again
My reckless behaviour
His Angels presiding beside me

I put my hand on my heart
Only to feel a lance put there
The blood will river to a flood and fire
To sweep away a nation in sin
I abolish all of the selfish rot

Oh Lord when will they learn?
I’m bleeding profusely
They decided to reject me
They know not your Glorious Love
Instead they relish in abominations

My Prayer

I Love God so much, I can say prayers like this
That the Lord blesses those who seek Him
To have the whole Truth revealed to them
About absolutely everything
So that they are filled in their hearts and minds
With God’s Spirit, His Love and Unity