In a blanket of pain
From others I get disdain
Unknowingly self-destructive
They think what they do is positive

I go by unnoticed
Hoping you noticed
But as reality kicks in
My mistakes, my sin

Yet reconciliation prevails
Over condemnation and nails
Granted forgiveness
Despite my nothingness

Disciplined Love

There is joy to be found
Despite what evils surround
For we have refuge in the Cross
But to some they are at a loss

To discern spiritual things
Is not like observing Saturn’s rings
But rather disciplined love that does not relent
Listening to those whom God has sent


You’ve all got lives worth saving
Even the troubled life filled with strife
So I listen to the Lord to discern His Word
Which says love another life
If everyone did this
What a world
What a place
It would be like Heaven
That place we strive to live in
Fulfilling that ancient promise
Of bringing A New Heaven
And a New Earth
To our very home
Transformed by Love


My heart just exploded
I felt a surge promoted
Good things are about to happen
Yes, even during these difficult times

Love is poured down from above
Healing the broken hearted
Know that the Lord is always with you
And the Spirit rejoices in your prayers


She soothed my pain
With her song by the rain
Raining tears
Dispeling fears
Raising me up
Filling my cup
I love her
And God her
For her grace is perfect
Mine like an insect
She deserves more than just praise
Her heart not in some phase
But rather united
It is as I said