You touched my heart and know it not
What you felt when you did was sought
Until rejection came along
I only wanted a song

So I retreat and I think and pray
To think of something to do or say
To alleviate that suffering, that pain
I can feel that too, it’s all the same


As I stand here among the towers
I look to the ground for the flowers
Pluck the ones that delight your eyes
An offering against all demise

Now my chance to love you is fading
In your ocean of tears I am wading
Feel like I am losing control
Taking it’s toll after toll

My choice of words my way
Make for a better day
Full of love from the beginning
And here I heard your heart ring

That joy that makes your heart leap
Should be held close to keep
That elated feeling of being loved
Not something that is shoved


Where has the love gone?

Love retreats to a place you do not know
When love is not involved in anything you do
It all loses meaning even if there is an excuse
For what other reason do you have to live
Than to love like God can?

The greatest power in the Universe undeniably
And you brandish it like it was not even yours
Truth is, love brandishes you
If you allow or give permission for love to
Do what is according to God’s divine will

Move On

Oh how I wish these words of love reached you
I have nothing more to say now
I just want to be with you
Basking in your presence

So I delight always even when you are not around
Knowing you are alive and well gives me joy
But also I long to know your pain
To alleviate your suffering, my gain

But as it is
And the truth be told
You want nothing to do with me
So I move on


You judge me by the way I dress
No word of this gets to the press
I am drenched in His Blood
Do not forget the flood
And the rainbow
The seeds of love we sow
New beginnings are through
The one who returns to us and you
So if you want change
It starts with you and what is strange

Great Return

Satisfied I am dizzy
My hair is frizzy
Seeking Her
But shackled for sure

You wonder at what I will say to the things you bring me, but the reality is I want you to believe that I am Christ, but for me to say that I am not He yet He and I are one and the same. Fulfilling the prophecies of Christ’s coming again, for the Jews believe in one of two ways the Messiah will come. One way as a man, which Jesus fulfilled and another way as a nation. Not a worldly nation but a nation of Christs one with Jesus on His Return which is the Great Return.


Outside of the conversations
The murmurs of the heart
Between lovers and their delight
I cry out in anguish

Helpless to help those that need helping
I extend my hand to aid and am bitten
Now I am just waiting for her
To do the will of God before the world

Law of Love

I listen closely to the lost
To look for the ones truly lost
Found them in my heart
Just like how I found my Lord
For in my heart is a New Heaven
Created by God through Christ
Within Us for all eternity
New Heaven, New Earth
New Law
In these there is only the One Law


Truth is
I descended into the dead
It was not long before
They discovered who I am
Then all hell broke loose

Who and what I am
Is not meant for hell
But ascension from the pit
Was after three days
And nobody knows me

What I have been through
Has been dismissed as false
Greatest puzzle I have ever found
About how to entertain
The possibility of a refrain

So take a close look at my hands
See that they are healed but full of pain
Your pain and the pain of the dead, not mine
It seeps through my arms aimed at my heart
So I take a deep breath and breathe my Spirit free

I let out a soul crushing prayer of sorrow today
For the dead to be brought back to life
But this reality it seems is far from faith
For those that have the power
Do not have the ones who believe


Let me sing that song that’s in your head
Let me feel your emotions instead
Let me say those things about you
Let me stay in your heart that’s true

I found a heart like a home
Not unlike what you see in Rome
Wanting to stay to bring you joy
Nothing else and there is no ploy

Compare me not to the selfish nature
My cup
I drink
I share

Whether you are willing
The sacrifice is chilling
Here I am now waiting
From you everything


Ignore me not
Your love I have got
Always what I sought
Never will I blot

What I give is mine to give away
Others think they have a say
But the reality is today
To my God I pray

Your ignorance will not last
I can see you do not fast
Fast from what matters most
In order to prepare for that Host