Keys to Ascension

A chronicle of wonders I have experienced that the Lord God has granted me; To truly witness under His Most Holy Name Jesus by the Spirit of the Most High; Being One with Him through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Honoured with the Graces to stand face to face with God, the Almighty and Ever Living God, the Father Almighty. Being face to Face with Him has always been, is now, and forever will be, a Grace. To put this bluntly, Jesus, the only begotten Son of God is the lamb who was slain; I am William, I Am the Ram who was raised by the Cross and Resurrection of this same Jesus you rightly call Lord. If you should ever say I am a Son of God, that would most certainly be true, however if you should ever believe for a mere instant that I am Jesus, even by the acts I may do in His Name, for Imitation of Him is inherent, then you must go to Confession; Though He and I are truly one, if you come to me because I called you, then to Jesus I shall point you to on your way. However, what you must know and the truth be told, the things you may envy, what I have experienced, what comes at a cost that He paid, He paid because no one was willing to, a cost thus you will not have to pay when you enter the Kingdom of God through the One True Faith. So many Gifts out there, go, use them with His Fire and Water that is alive within you… Do not waste such Gifts, they are there for you to give, and be not afraid, especially of me if you should ever see me, because most who come before me, I bless in secret, so I can be in the deepest darkest places and bring the light of love to the lost.

If you struggle with what I am saying, if the words sound off and strange, and for some they will most certainly feel confused. Alas it is not confusing, but merely you need time to adjust after exiting a very, very, dark place and entering suddenly into the brightest of lights, the light of love; after being raised and blasted by the Fire of His Holy Spirit, I Am with His Fire, with His Flame, thus it is similarly the same with Water and my Love. So many withstood the Test of Fire, so many withstood His Flame, rejoice if you believe in the Spirit of the Lord, rejoice if that same Flame that burns within compels you to Live in His Holy Name, then so do it not for yourself, but for Him, who suffers again and again for you, who loves you, so please stop the bloodshed, please, stop it by answering everything with an act of love… forget the costs, everyone, forget the costs! All of Heaven is in a standstill, over a heart that burns a once lit furnace of a flame of love, it was a name she wanted, it was a word she longed for, a name so forgotten, it stood frozen in time, lost to an Eternal Flame, to be spoken by Him, the One who knows all, sees all, and can forget everything but has never forgotten.

His guidance is a guarantee, no need for a warranty, and I could care less about sentence structure anymore, I hope you get the message. The Key to Ascension is complete submission to the Will of God through Jesus Christ, and His Will becomes yours.

Behold, I was standing and now I am trembling
I said the prayers I knew, and I knew them all
My heart opened up like a stained glass window
Of the Spirit’s Dove and Flame
With Jesus at my side, bleeding profusely
What are you all doing to Him!?
And then Spirit of the Lord came flooding in…

Dare I even say what happened next
Dare I say that the entire universe is in my hands
I drank the cup again, spilled a drop that time
Vassula, you have been betrayed1

The Spirit flooded me with Water while I was on Fire
I let Him in always
Cleanse me my Love for I am nothing without you, I asked
So the Spirit swirled around within and throughout me like water
I became transparent like glass
I trembled, but so much of it I enjoyed as I stood
But I stood nonetheless and could not kneel
Then the trembling stopped in an instant
When it was finished
He whispered to me
All Clean
Then He Kissed me and I did not die
With my heart at the ebb and flow
Wondering now wanting to know more
More about His Infinite Love
I am standing on a very cold stone here
A stone that should be warm
From the mere presence of a body
Standing on the Cornerstone of that same Love
Yearning for A hearth of unity
So I Am swirling around a Sword in the air
To get everyone’s attention
But I am thwarted at every turn
For lives I love to save
Lit with His Holy Flame
Dare I add Water to this one?

No one was here to listen to what came out of my mouth
My heart grieves at the loss
#PrayforPeace #PrayforLove

In The Kitchen

I stood in the kitchen
It was a rainy day
I made bread with my hands
Made it with love
There was enough for you..

I heard a horn honk outside
I knew it was you
With your cap on your head
Was not until I saw
You bolt as soon as I went
To the window

You did not tell me you were coming over…
Listen to your heart
There is nothing wrong
With knocking at the door

It is you who are playing a game
I know it frustrates you
It is a game I do not play

It matters not, see
For peace will reign
Let us bring it on
Love loves you.. why not?

His Face Shone

And then Jesus asked me
Do you love me?

And I said, yes Lord, I do
Do you and will you forgive me?

Always, I do, He said with a smile

Then He embraced me as His Brother
Come with Me, said He
And led me by the shoulder
Together, We now move forward
I watched Him as He led me towards His Glory
His face shone brighter like the sun
Time completely crumpled to a slow halt
As He turned to look at the Father
I was amazed as His face changed
So beautiful and majestic to behold
So I turned and faced the Father too
Arm and arm with Him
We looked the same

Then He Showed Me

Then He showed me the whole world
And the turmoil you were all in
My heart sunk with pity
I could not turn my back away
Not when there must be something
Something that I could do
As I pondered this, He said
“You must go down there and pray
And teach others the way
You will remember this when you need to
And on a day near the day of My Return”
I hesitated and looked sad, “Right now?”
He laughed and said, “On the third day
But do not be afraid
I go before you always
Come follow me”
So I followed Him to a place
It truly was Heaven
I remember faces even
But not any names to go with them

I remember the shouts of Joy
Upon entering by the Gates
We left as Student and Teacher
Entered Heaven both as Masters and Kings

Each day in Heaven that went by
Was like a thousand years on Earth
The human mind cannot possibly contain it all
But by being raised in Christ
He taught us the way by Faith and Love

So We came down together
And when I came to on Earth
It was as though only a moment had passed
Then I wondered when I found out
And treasured in my heart
At how it was indeed possible
That two days had already passed

That One Question

And I tell you truly, I have already ascended
For in that moment
Just before I was about to
The Lord asked me one question
“Now that you know that you are about to ascend in My Glory
Will you go back for me?”


…then I remembered His promise to me
It took some time
But eventually I broke down
After way too many dances with death

Lo, I looked within to discover
That place of Heaven
Eternally we all can go to
I love so many I go to them all

The others that prefer death
I cannot forsake them all
I wept bitterly but no tear fell
It just… washed away
Yea, that means it was His eyes
But lost in the ocean of mercy
Love returns as love
With great rejoicing in God our Saviour


Let us try this then
A prayer to be heard
One of conviction and word
That in time you will see
The veil is lifting
And befitting the Glory
Was announced in your heart
That to those who shone with the light
Of a thousand stars
You are to bow down and obey
Not because they are now gods
But because they are all one in Christ
Watch the Lord work in mysterious ways
For on this day if there is mercy, rejoice
If not, then you pray for mercy
For the time soon comes
All those who are in Christ
Christ will be at their side

I do not demand anything of you people
I am begging you

I am like a blind man running
Running because my faith makes me want to run
Maybe I like being blind
I run because at my side is Christ
Running faster than the rest
Though blind I cannot see
Every stumbling block he knocks away
Every hill He makes low
I am still running
Where am I running to?
I cannot see before my feet
I have no footprints to even follow
When he said, Follow Me and ran off toward Heaven
Everyone rushed off with Him
I was left standing there alone
It was so quiet
Then it went dark
Then I was suddenly surrounded
Surrounded by the enemy…

His Will

If the command was obeyed
The moment I stomped
Would you believe?
If you believe I have the power
I would not have to
As it is it happens
Time is irrelevant

Peace. I am.

As prophesied, it has now begun. I’ve been ripped apart by this evil world, and I continue to be torn to shreds. I don’t understand this need for doctors to fix something that does not need fixing, the Lord says that science is their god and they need to fulfill their worship by justifying their power of medicine with what they call healing, but in fact it’s destructive to the soul. The fact that people don’t understand what I am saying, does not indicate that something is wrong with me. It indicates that they just simply do not understand because it is they who are blind. I am a Son of God, that is my claim through Jesus Christ and it is by His power that I will allow this to continue. The Father has made me aware that He will allow me to be subject to trials and tests by the doctors, to not be afraid, to trust Him, and by His Authority will reveal what is going to happen for my testimony.

First, they will let me talk about everything. I will tell the truth in the name our Lord, and this will frustrate them, because I will warn them and remind them that anything they say and do to me they do to Christ. They will want me to explain in detail, everything, but it will not be me doing the talking, it will be Jesus Christ. By His Grace I will issue a two-edged sword from my mouth His Power and Authority relying on Divine Knowledge and Wisdom and this will give them the “answers” they need to proceed to the next step, which will be some form of medical treatment with talk therapy and medication to try and destroy Christ within me. They are going to do things to my body and mind which will be an assault on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. At the proper moment, when I am prompted by the Lord that He will no longer stand being the subject of such disrespectful ignorance that they will feel is their right, the Lord will issue a command and reveal to them who I really am. The point here is to give them irrefutable evidence that I am a Son of God.

Do you want to know what the Father Almighty is going to do?

In my New Name, known only to myself, He will change my raiment, my body and face to reflect my true self, and in that moment my body will be Resurrected and Glorified through Jesus Christ in their presence. For at that moment, I will give my testimony and Glorify God before them all.

Whether they fall down at Jesus Christ’s feet or not is up to them. For the Lord will raise up the lowly and grant them power over those who persecute Him. Since His Love is within me and also me, I will be that to them.


Edit to add:  Note, I do not condemn doctors or medicine, I condemn their actions against someone like me when there is absolutely nothing wrong with me!  This is how Satan operates, using the law and the institutions he set up to assault Christ, mostly by those who are unaware of it, as I mentioned, they are blind.  This is the main problem, so the only way is to be transfigured before them.

Must Rest

Being off of ALL pain medication completely for the first time in almost 20 years has been, challenging, to say the least. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or God, but I hate this world, I fucking hate it, all of it. I love the people, but the world they created without God is a disgrace, it’s disgusting, and it pisses me off. It’s a good thing I don’t get my way or you all would see such wrath never before seen, but as it is, you all have Christ, He wants to save everyone, and I accept that and condone it.

So you might be wondering why I hate this world so much, you may already know why, and my reasons are perfectly valid, because the world I live in, is being ruined by Satan through people around me and by most of the world who blindly follow the Beast. I didn’t ask to go off pain medication, I was forced off of all of them because I experienced the Passion of Christ in an emergency room. Stupid doctors have no idea what’s coming.

That asshat Satan can’t get to me directly so he attacks my family. Typical of a coward.

Know this, the Lord has my ear, and my prayer used to be blessings upon blessings abundantly to those around me every day but they do not see, I smashed hearts of stone and performed signs before them. I even died for them, many times. I know not how many souls I have saved or will save by enduring this suffering, but in this state my posts will be less often now, and I must retreat for a while so I can recover.

If you are truly one with Christ, get off your ass and start behaving like it!

The Stories

The Father revealed to me much later that anything that I have written and will write, that’s part of my life story, has been molded by Him into stories for those who should read them. They are how the Father witnessed these events, what’s written may or may not include the spiritual world from His eyes, but I must warn the reader, that what the Father prompts me to write, is graphic in imagery and words because of how it is written, but it is the truth revealed by His Light.

The posts that are stories are all of the chronological instances that the Father revealed to me where He encountered me and I encountered Him and wants me to write the story from His perspective. My life is no different than many others in what He reveals here. These encounters are with death, life threatening/serious injuries, and also some beautiful moments to be turned into stories, because it is by God’s intervention I survived, came out alive without a scratch, and experienced His Mercy, so He deserves all the Glory for that.

I am much too familiar with the fuzzy feeling of fading away at the moment of death, the depth of silence as a kind of stillness like calm infinite waters surround me, and the amazing Peace that accompanies death when the Lord is present. Out of all of these encounters with the Lord, He never Kissed me when I was face to face with Him, and should He Kiss anyone, they would surely die, however I will say this, a long time ago the Lord did Kiss me on the forehead, and I did indeed die. Now I must let the Lord be me.