Loves finds a way somehow
At piercing the hardest of hearts
To brandish love like a sword
And what could possibly be the response?

By virtue of what is written
And by how much it has been ignored
Is already in the light
So when it gets brighter it burns


I opened the cosmos
And drew in a large breath
I lit the fiery flame of love
And breathed out my heaviest fire

Spread throughout the world
The tongues landed like seeds
Transfiguring the purified
By love on the earth

So I say believe in the inevitable
Which is God’s Glory


Deep into sorrow I tread
Sorrow for the lost I said
I broke the silence in Heaven
Announcing Christ’s Great Return

But no one believes me
Such talk gets you locked up
Indeed that is what happened
All I did was say what I saw

I have become the refuse of the people
Hated for the gifts
Never praised for what I give
It is on your heads not mine

So I asked Jesus why
Why do they hate me so much?
And He said
Because of Me…


I draw breath for affection
Get none anyway
Some girls get it
But bling takes them away
Others are trying to wear old man shoes
And look ridiculous doing it
Instead of being themselves in Christ
And changing the world while doing it

I breathe out fire
And burn everything away
Or I can snuff out the fire
And smoke comes out of my nostrils


Rings of gladness
Tokens of love
Abound in bounty
But narcissistic response
To any offering of love

I thought you should know
My heart within knows
How things are
Between myself and my King

I am bound by love
To obey love
So one more sacrificial offering should count
For something

To that, I writhe in suffering
Agonize in the absence
Tortured beyond recognition
Twisted by sin

But my Lord is my saviour
And His Will will reign
Not by force or manipulation
But simply by love

Where every move makes a shatter
Wherever the glass ceiling is the matter
I shatter by writ and grit
To the trenches, I say much better

You are worried about

You are worried about
Asteroids and comets
Aliens and bandits
Political affiliations
Fires and earthquakes
And unruly weather

So where is your faith?
In guns?
In might?
In humanity?

Laughter comes out
I am giddy
Cause I know the answer
Faith in Jesus forever will be

Keep On

As I breathe
The world churns
Another desire

As I love
The world burns
In caustic fire

I cannot change or influence
But Witness to the end
Life worth living
Eternal Salvation

So keep on sinning
I gave you fair warning
Now the world will see
The Power of God



I am but a child in the realm of gods
God is mine and my Saviour
And my Father
My Lover

My Love
What I do is for God’s Glory
A share of my inheritance
Revealed to me

Love loves you
And I know by virtue of love
That what I do is right
In the eyes of God

What a sight you are