So I jumped up and danced
To the music of your stance
Doling out forgiveness like candy
Never thought it would be handy
But no burden like the Cross
To bear it is a gift not a loss
Not for me but for you
This offering simply made true
True to the word
Never absurd
A wish for your divination
Your deification in Christ as a nation
The freedom to be a mirror
Of the Christ who is nearer
To our hearts ever closest
God most certainly noticed
For His response was and is the truth
Funny, it rhymes with sooth


I could not dream of goodbye
To you I will always remain
A certain kind of love

Poured out again and again
Hands trembling from within
While His Divine presence is always company

With a swipe of the word
Which becomes a sword
Now I have my reservations


My allegiance is to the Lord
Forgive my ramblings
I am just an old man
Getting older and younger
Because of who I am
Can no longer deny
Wish I could fly
See me floating by
With a smile to subside the hate
Over joy so very complete
So be that joy and more
To this my heart does indeed plead
Wishing you the best of love
As I move on along
I do not miss you so
But still wishing you were mine

Concerning Matters

You’re in my memory
While my memory fades away
Not on my own accord
But I will never forget you
My love for you shall live on forever
For your songs tore right through me
Especially when you are right
Concerning real matters alright

I used to not care about the planet itself
It will still be around long after we are gone
But the life it is teeming with now
Is hard to ignore in the Universe
But it is harder to ignore certain crimes
All of which God has eyes on
Especially when it comes to Children
You have no idea what you have done

Window Sill

I gave you my all
Before the fall
What you wrote struck me still
Saying goodbyes from the window sill

But it is never really goodbye after all
The strength of love ordered tall
Overcomes all burdens big or small
Listening to the Angel’s call

So believe in this hallowed craving
Listen to what I am saying
I found the answer and the key
It is to love simply


The unction from your lips
Satisfies my prophesying tips
As the belly of the sky is about to burst with rain
My days are not done stopping the rain

By faith every word uttered
As though everything mattered
The sky grew clear
So comes the sunshine dear

But with every prophecy comes a price
It is for me to give you advice
Painting a picture to show
Every time you will glow


I once called upon a storm to cease
To demonstrate faith to believe
But their hearts were swayed
Never to enter the sanctuary
My example as of late
Tied to a certain fate
They scattered divided
Tore me apart
Oh what a start!

Unity, my people
Unite under one banner of Love
And I will send more Love in response
Despite to date none have ever reached out


I ventured out to understand love
Discovered more than a surprise dove
A fashioned entity to relieve
Those who believe
In love
In the dove
From the perils of modern culture and life

I have set this Fire and the stage
You once had me in a cage
Not meant to be
Don’t you see?
Set it free


My poems are for the few
Lasting impressions like the dew
Entering silence like a lamb
Sacrificed for the Great I Am

If you knew the end would come soon
Truly waste not and let me swoon
Your beauty and your fame
You are no mere dame

This love I have begins with God
Everything to be given laud
For all He has done for you
But you in your ignorance sue

Not against you when there is war
Love you because you swore
To love like no other
This love will never smother

If you only paid attention to the words
Are not to be consumed like curds
Rather eaten like bread from Heaven
Something about the number Seven

Record of Fate

I have said it before and I say it again
Repent before it is too late to gain
Favour with the Lord God Almighty
And protection by His Spirit Almighty

There is too much at stake here
Something to take away your fear
If you wonder at what you’ve done
You better not wait until the Coming of the Son

I reached out before it is too late
For the record as of your fate
Forgiveness comes to those who seek it
Which comes from the Father as He sees fit