One in Play

Dwindled my thoughts down to nothing
Only back to God did it bring
I am simply but a nobody
With an immense power in my body

To my own credit I would never think of
I am alive because of love
Nobody believes me when I say I cannot die
Even by anything they can conjure based on a lie

I can be injured and feel intense pain
Suffering though I am not living in vain
My life a tribute to the one who is Love
Only to be the one they would certainly shove

What they fail to see is this
Is the Spirit’s voice is my bliss
So no matter how many demons attack
I find myself still alive with some slack

Like the three saints in the furnace of fire
Giving into faith as a way for living to transpire
The will of God unfolding what I am holding
Towards a new way of living according

You may have the audience and the glory today
Tomorrow you will enter into the demonic fray
It will tear you to pieces and again the next day
Unless you can live one with Him even in play


I sought what you fought for
Looked in places like never before
Only to find you’d already gone
And I died a horrible death in this song

What you sought and what you held
Was something by me that was beheld
But what I know and see
Has set me completely free

You are not the only one battling demons away
So far I have kept them all at bay
Never will I give in to your demand
As that is what I hear when I listen to your band

So pick up your solemn guitar
And pluck the strings of hope not far
Forgiveness is granted no matter how bad
Despite how heavy my heart is so sad

All the warnings that came with my song
Were never sung yet alone by a throng
People cannot help but fall for their demons lies
Because I can hear all their cries

So let’s pull them out from their deplorable state
No one is tied to a certain fate
I am proof of mercy infinitely gained
In my heart He lives and always reigned

I understand the full absolution
Of what was done and not done
In accordance to God and His hand
Something for you to comprehend

Great Transfiguration

Oh the agony in the mere minutes that await
Oh the pain united unto Him forever and ever
Salvation belongs to our God
For He has saved us from the clutches of death
Our prayers have been answered
And on a united front we stand
I chose to interact with God
Outside of my duties as a father and a husband
With God and the only God
At the face to face level

Let me say what has been said in secret
He is coming
He is already here
I tell you because it is time to bear witness
To what We have called something before
The Great Transfiguration

Those chosen by God will be Transfigured
They were chosen not by their own merit
They were not chosen because of anything they did
They were chosen because the Lord saw Himself in them
Now witness the Ones who are Love
This will be known as the Great Return
My heart is racing

The Poor

Never before has it been what it should be
Without the need for financial intervention
Felt everything being put on ice
Don’t need any financial advice

Give it all away, I say
But when I’ve got nothing
What can you do or say?
I am always in need

Cannot say any more than this
Cannot stand what capitalism does
Torn about what benefits it outdoes
But they leave the poor behind in the dust

Cannot say it enough
They have got it rough
Especially when they are out of touch
With what you all fabricate online


Matters not where I sit on Earth
I am here for a rebirth
To change the world for the better
What must transpire without the letter
In the place where we sit
Where Zion is it

So I make my home here with Love
As a gift to pay homage to the Dove
Here I am, come get me if you can
If what I ignite
Is not a fair fight

I defy the rules because they are not Law
Imagine what it was that I saw
When I walked straight through Hell
Without a scratch or a yell

So that my strength doesn’t wane
I give it to Him all the same
Did you know I honour Him with my very life?
Transcribing His inklings with so much strife
Could not do it without Him
As my cup is filled to the brim

Rocky Ground

Here I am standing on rocky ground
Wondering at the trees
That landed their seed
Quickly they sprouted up
And the roots that embraced the stone
Stood tall and strong for years to come
For every undertaking is an exception
A light and beacon for every nation
For the stone I embraced
Is the cornerstone of the Church
Quickly I was raised up from dying
My life needs not any prying
Now that some have nested in my branches
Others want to burn what I grew with care
But what they do not realize is
I am already on fire with the Flame of Fire
Just because I am silent now
Does not mean the fire will not burn hot
The longer the silence the grander the heat
As I stoke the Flame of Fire
To spread so wild, I am ready
So from my hands come a blessing not a curse
My intentions and my prayers in constant alignment
I breached the walls of hate with Love
And now I can see truth simply
I am like a tree of knowledge
On fire without any burning
While the world is turning
A fiery breath that consumes all evil
Watch and learn what the God of Love will do
And many wondering at what good it will do
Not just words when they themselves consume

Who I am and who I keep hidden away
Are one and the same being
I need not anyone to tell me anything
For I saturate my mind in His Everything
And at once a portent appears every time
Access to the heavenly courts and His throne
Living before all of Heaven and Earth and Hell
What you will see is the end to come
But with every end there is a new beginning
I am here to witness the end
And usher in the new beginning

Infinite Knowledge

As I am granted infinite knowledge
I do not use use it and cannot use it
For any personal gain
So listen closely to those who claim God’s favour
If they claim their favour is of God
By evidence of their monetary fortune
They are the source of the problem
Instigating wars over belongings
And protection of the worthless dust in the heavens
The reality you live in is broken
Let go of the past, the Word had spoken

Carried Away

I wrote with my finger on the sand
A word of warning carried away by the wind
To those caught up by their own fate
Now you have got me irate

Bleeding causes weakness
You cut me deep in the deepness
My worry is my own pain
But I let go and am carried away

If you were my hero
I already saved you from death
Caught up by wind that carries fate
A whirlwind of sanctification borne for this age

You will succeed in love where it is right
Lifting hearts to God while in flight
Besetting forgiveness as a pillar
Reminding me of a great thriller

Invisible and feeling dejected
Too many give up because of it
What you do to the lost you do to Christ
For He entered into our humanity for life


Immersed myself in your beat
I reclined because of it in my seat
Felt that your mission of conviction
Towards love was not admonition

So simply you cannot avoid it
Everything is joined to it
Lifting up the brokenhearted
According to what was started

Now I stand firm in my resolve
To bring you to your senses to revolve
All your works around the Lord over gods
All the power still at odds

Have you ever felt truly alone?
Abandoned by every one of your own?
But I know more than you
And this love is what is true


You can hear my heart pounding
Upon hearing about your confounding
Of the wise at their seats
Not understanding the beats

Oy my heart aches
My whole body shakes
When He lifts the veil
There I become frail

Vulnerable and meek
It is just you I seek
I died last week
Among the least and weak


Everybody knows it is a time to be
With the very ones we love to see
But my world is upside down
You have no interest in me

The crushing blow to us all
Will affect us forever more
I am left all alone thinking
Surely to life there is more

Indeed there is as it is
Love is where it is at
With grace and glory
A life worth loving is a life worth saved


You’re so far away
I wish I didn’t need you
But the fact I do
Means I have gone crazy

Distant and afraid
That you will die without me
Been wondering
When will that ever be

Got me thinking of mortality
A distant memory fading away
Grasping what is real
Enabling love to have a say

I love you beyond the stars
Reserving the best for you
Oh how I want to write you
Even if I knew you


An overwhelming sadness
Fills my heart today
A sorrow of the deepest kind
For those who are lost
And now death is at hand
Forgive and be forgiven
Let go of an evil past
Join me in
An unending hymn of prayer
For deliverance in Christ’s name


I know you were sent by God
As am I sent by God
To rid the earth of evil
Amidst an extreme purge

I brought this curse upon the earth
Now people are banding together in kindness
While the evil ones will always stand out
They have more reason to be afraid

The reality is this
That our lives are lived
In accordance to His Will
Without it we are dead