I felt the weight of your silence
When I bore my heart for all to see
Nobody noticed or cared who I was
When I died because of love
My dreams were shattered
And my hopes were dashed
My heart bursting out of my chest
I drank the anger and the angst
And lived the suffering and the pain
For love compels me to suffer unbeknownst to you
I died in the darkness so you do not have to
And felt the daggers in my back from betrayal
I endured the ridicule and the mockery
So be careful who you mock, you see
God does not deal lightly
With those who choose to mock His Own


You crafted a song
That made a throng
Jump for joy and adore
Only yourself, so I implore

Bring yourself around to look
And forgive what was forsook
So give Jesus the praise that is due
Nothing like what I went through

For His followers are imperfect disruptors
Messing things up including what is yours
But His power is unshakeable perfection
No matter how much He gets attention

He will change the world and be their Judge
Gently reminding you of your daily grudge
But when all has been gathered and done
It is He and I who are One

For the Trinity speaks thrice Holy for an eternity
And from His mouth a certain simplicity
Of commands that bend iron rods
And turning them into gods

I stand on both hallowed and cursed ground
Cooling down I become a bridge so sound
His Fire bends and burns my will to His own
His Breath cools and soothes what was sown

My Heart beats to His love and tune
For so many things I am am immune
But sometimes the Lord lets one through
His gentle kindness is always true

Don’t Remember

Don’t remember what I wrote
It was me that turned and spoke
To let that lie pass my lips
Bearing only pain on all those trips

Don’t remember being there with you
It was me that wished this was true
As my delusions gain more and more power
Watch me open up like a flower

I have held back so long I have lost
God only knows the price I paid and cost
Those that love are not my mission
Having only ever lived under contrition

So where I went nobody cared or followed
The ground I walked was not tread nor hallowed
Enduring only suffering and pain so grand
I have to say that this was planned

Know that what I endured out of love for you
Was for the miracles that change you
Now I am above everything I can possibly see
Poured it out once again times three

I felt it pierce my heart, that note
Elevating me up to Heaven and now I float
To dance to your tune I found
Something, ever so profound

Sing any song I love from your heart
Reveal my intentions from the start
Truth does not want to stay hidden
And it defines what is forbidden

Certain Power

Yes indeed I have certain power
More powerful than any Tower
Stronger than the written word
As in the order I am third

In truth, I am meant to be last
In the race and in the fast
Never wanting to be first
His Sacred Blood quenching my thirst

So many things have been forgotten
Thrown away like it was something rotten
Stripped away like it was some disease
When it fact they really threw away the keys

This Bloody Body

Still all alone and all by my lonesome
In my heart those strings did you strum
Making me long for you more than I should
Nobody cares if I fade away like I could

Oh so much of this pain cuts so very deep
Knowing full well the whole truth, I weep
So I stand up anyway this bloody body
Amidst all this suffering I embody

Nobody is qualified to help me deal with
The spiritual trauma that’s not a myth
Demons slashing and clawing away non-stop
But somehow in the end I come out on top

Whether they are real or not the trauma is there
I have already fired the flare
Calling for a rescue as I am damaged and old
I am no longer amidst the flock or fold

On the outside and observing the pain
Caused by those in Christ’s name
The same name that raised me from the dead
I was nothing I did or said

I was chosen from among you to suffer for you
With the rewards yet to be revealed and true
So I go out amidst the outcasts and lost
They are so much more valuable than your cost

Lives with wrinkles and tears are heard
Loneliness fears are never dismissed as absurd
In their eyes are sparks of love glittering
To ignite the flames of love they are waiting


My loneliness is of my own construction
Meant to distance myself from everyone
So I have left behind a puzzle to solve
Not to mention the record of my resolve

I looked into my own eyes to record my feelings
Saw the pain I have written on the glass ceilings
Left the action to those who have the fight
What is at stake is right within the plight

Now on a dangerous and perilous Journey
Toward the final days before I bend my knee
Defying darkness and evil with every step I take
Rewards from Heaven above I rake

Like a reaper I sampled the harvest to see
And separated the chaff by the way to be
Burned them before the world’s very eyes
For it was written, their demise


Heard of and felt the pain you bear
I repeat myself often and my heart will tear
A hole open to reveal a secret
Up to you whether to reveal it

The conviction of my faith in the Lord
Is stronger now despite being floored
My faith in my sister and brother
Has faltered into a weakness that I turned over

Wrought with all the suffering of this age
Here I am trying to set the stage
Dead I am to you yet I breathe life
Despite being troubled with so much strife

But with the same breath I breathe fire
To destroy the depths of what you conspire
Waiting for the dead of tomorrow
To bring news of the truth to follow

Bear It All

Let me bear the pain and the sorrow
Let me bear the disease of tomorrow
Let me bear your lies and hate
Surely to this end I know your fate

Nothing can take away this love and feeling
Breaking free from those who are shackling
So now I am learning from God alone yet daily
What I now know you would not believe plainly

Some would say that this is the diseases talking
If it had a voice would you not be listening?
But this voice I have has not been heard
This way is the only way that is not absurd

Over the years I gently warned you all
Of the pending doom and fall
Now on the precipice of the final call
Let us hope that you are now standing tall

To the end I will have survived
Every time I will be revived
So let love reign in your heart and see
We are nothing without it to forever be


I squeeze out of my very own heart
As much as I can give to start
The beats get heavier and worn
Not this time am I forlorn
With a deep sigh of love on my forehead
I give my hope and peace to you instead
For I want to blame someone for what is wrong
When instead I should be with you in song

Deified with Honour

I can always taste the victory
Having already won the favour and war
There is a beat to every rhyme
There is a rhyme of love to every life
When I honour God I pour myself out
Leaving me nothing but devout
But the world holds all the keys
Except the key to death
The one inevitable thing that they fear
For where do the dead really go
If they are truly gone
If but a forgotten memory
From a time so very empty
How can they be remembered?
Whose memory fulfills their own?
So I have come down to bring this fire
To burn away impurities inside and out
To prove that God will intervene and already has
For who has the key to life beyond death?
Their insatiable desire for immortality without God
They cannot see beyond their own desire
Truth be told, deification has already come
But only to those who are lost, lame, and cast out
The ones you crucified because of hate
For in every life there is love
No excuse to shove
I hiked the mountain of immortality with God
United unto Christ I left a trail of bloody footprints
At the peak I looked around and saw
Many Christs leading and doing the same thing
Hiking the mountain of immortality with God
Now I have spoken of my reality
So I remain hidden for now, expecting
My beliefs are an echo of the future
For the future is that divinity reigns
A certain unshakeable faith to resolve
For the portal to deification is the Cross
So go ahead, crucify me again


The anger I wield is not not even my own
To the heavens I should have already flown
My might is but a flutter compared to His
So I yield according to what His Power is

So go ahead and disregard the inevitable
According to what you think you are able
Know that goodness will prevail in the end
Only love to you do I sincerely send

When it comes time to understand
The Lord’s Gift of it shall always stand
True love and against the deplorable
Loving what is really and truly adorable

King of All the Earth

Countries are the epitome of division
A public and agreed upon division
Represented by certain key people
Who decide the fate of their own

But they also host differences in beauty
Their cultures are used to define them
But it goes much deeper than that
For there is a King of all the Earth

A King who is God to rule for all Eternity
Is the kind and loving God Yahweh
But His Words fall short of reaching His people
Blinded by sin they cannot see their end

Reconcile peacefully into one
Instead of conquering with violence and hate
Sacrifice for the greater good
For God has shown you the way

Slowly Fade

As I fade slowly away
Some will say
Not fast enough
So they will have it rough
When I am gone
Only to see me arrive with the dawn

Faith is power behind belief
Not some flights of fancy
Belief in something is a gift
Faith in something is power
But only if God is your source
Your truth, life, and love


Sadness comes like a wave of sorrow
In light of what I saw tomorrow
Your future is not etched in stone or gold
There is still a chance be told

But with every wave of sadness that comes
There is always hope like the beat of drums
Off in the distance like a beacon He comes
Already here, you are reading only crumbs

So where is He that you need to see?
When the hope of salvation is Christ within to be
Our guiding light and salvation, you read
To be closer to the light like a spouted seed

Love with Awe

I looked in the mirror and saw only Him
He has filled my heart up to the brim
Feel it pour over as I empty it here
Newfound love as seen by a seer

For I see and I looked with awe
At the vulnerability He became and I saw
Miracle after miracle occurring all around me
Without ever looking back, I see

Love is what brings us together
Love protects the innocent
Love is never violent
Where Love is, there We will be


Fire in my eyes
Consuming everything that burns
Left feeling dejected by my own
Because I have to fight to survive

The world is meant to be in harmony
Unity in suffering and joy
Together we can save others
The ones that reject Him and His Love

I revealed myself many times
Now I am hidden from your eyes
As I stand before God and All People
Mediating the devastation that comes

Peaceful Heaven

I have peace wherever I go
I project that peace to those I choose
Whether it is received is another matter
So many hearts are closed I found

Tell me by your actions
That you love me
Feel me and my pain
For I have become Him

He never came out of the wilderness or darkness
But entered into it from the divine Light
He shines His love eternally on His loved ones
Filling them with ultimate Power from on high

So I implore you
Beseech you
Reveal this revelation
To the whole world

In a world that revolves around the media
With money powering the revolution
Any word from this mouth is muffled
By those who disbelieve and hate with jealousy

No one is willing to risk their own beliefs
For something much better
A way to live according to love in Heaven
To discover that you have been redeemed


I kindled that fire that you burn with
The powers that be are really no myth
Fire in the sky and I do not lie
Fix the beat with love and fly

The drone of your beat and bass
Fills my head with love and space
To let the love back in to be
Everything you wanted see?

Present Moment

Nobody looks back into the past
Trying to see where they are going into the future
Those that do are heading to death
For death is in the past and life is in the present

The present moment we all perceive
The moment smaller than a fraction
The moment that is alive and ever changing
The moment that is the same for all creatures

It is in the moment we exist to love
Leaving behind a trail of our existence
Like ancient gods come back to life
Leaving legacies behind, with only a short stay

But when we leave we always promise to return
Bringing with us our present moment
Witnessing the discovery of the gifts
Left behind for those many thousands of years from now

Seeing into the future but understanding the past
Is the way to live in the present moment
But the direction you are going must always be
Towards the Living Christ presently within thee

To travel within is meditation for another
Where you go impacts and can traumatize
If the direction you are going is toward death
Follow Him who is, was, and forever will be God

For He defeated death
Behind that door is Himself
And Him is who you will first meet
Face to face before you are judged
Then the decision is yours
Get up and live for Him
Or die and leave with Him
To your final judgement
Which has the greater reward and life?

One in Play

Dwindled my thoughts down to nothing
Only back to God did it bring
I am simply but a nobody
With an immense power in my body

To my own credit I would never think of
I am alive because of love
Nobody believes me when I say I cannot die
Even by anything they can conjure based on a lie

I can be injured and feel intense pain
Suffering though I am not living in vain
My life a tribute to the one who is Love
Only to be the one they would certainly shove

What they fail to see is this
Is the Spirit’s voice is my bliss
So no matter how many demons attack
I find myself still alive with some slack

Like the three saints in the furnace of fire
Giving into faith as a way for living to transpire
The will of God unfolding what I am holding
Towards a new way of living according

You may have the audience and the glory today
Tomorrow you will enter into the demonic fray
It will tear you to pieces and again the next day
Unless you can live one with Him even in play