Held True

She held me tight
And It felt right
Little does she know
She has grace in her healing power
But she needs to be healed herself
So much pain caused over and over
Lost in old traditions that bled hate and pain
Surely there is a way
And I have found it
Took the door and went on my way
Entered a barren desert
And the Lord let down the rain
My heart was flooded and like the ocean waves
Breathed life into the soil by planting seeds of love
Barren no more and Home to a King
Heaven within if but only to sing
Sing praises we must
Wishing I would hear your voice say
I love you too in a song that says you are true


My hair curls into downward spirals
My eyes gleam blue like the oceans
My mouth utters prayers and prophecy
My heart witnesses everything to thee
Perfuming the cosmos with God’s incense
With a reflection of God in the starry skies
What gifts I have been given!
To unravel the mysteries of Heaven
A place of which is here and now
On the way to a convergence of being
In Heaven while on Earth
Ushering in the New
So what is New?
A Heaven and Earth that is true
Jesus is what is New
For His Love is renewed every day
Mercy and Justice go hand in hand
On His hands are the marks of blame and hate
Yet he flourishes His Love in every place
So God grant me the grace to receive
Every prophecy uttered by Your Holy Spirit
To renew the message to deliver
Those from the clutches of evil and death


I am a master of forgiveness
Love always shines through
It grows and it shows
While fighting for Glory

No recognition came when needed
Lost in the valley of death
I try to move accordingly
Hoping someone catches on

But their hearts flutter elsewhere
Grasping onto material things
Groping their way through darkness
And blaming their problems on Him

I can assure you, my friends
My Love is greater than any amends
And you should be forever enshrined
In love as it is in Glory

Mistakes Made

She ran circles around the truth
Hoping for some kind of youth
With no wisdom or knowledge to impart
It was wrong from the very start

But mistakes are to be made they say
And some mistakes can change the day
To a moment of discovery or one of dismay
I wade through the glory of today

Effortlessly I walk unhindered
Not by my own accord but tendered
Through faith and love I am in Heaven
Acceptance is the first step of Seven

So I have done things accordingly
To the things that are heavenly
My hope for you is my prayer
To light up love like a flare

For I took this path not for me
I am still here amidst you walking free
My path has no journey’s end
It is you I wish to befriend

For I never wished to live forever
No more did I wish to be born ever
For no wish comes before His will
My wish was left on the window sill

In every instance of danger I was saved
To His Spirit is the glory I have raved
So wonders never cease, do they?
Keep wondering, I must relay


Matters not where I sit on Earth
I am here for a rebirth
To change the world for the better
What must transpire without the letter
In the place where we sit
Where Zion is it

So I make my home here with Love
As a gift to pay homage to the Dove
Here I am, come get me if you can
If what I ignite
Is not a fair fight

I defy the rules because they are not Law
Imagine what it was that I saw
When I walked straight through Hell
Without a scratch or a yell

So that my strength doesn’t wane
I give it to Him all the same
Did you know I honour Him with my very life?
Transcribing His inklings with so much strife
Could not do it without Him
As my cup is filled to the brim

Beyond Earth

This heart has a certain inextinguishable fire
It yearns for and it burns that which I love
Not to destroy but to purify what remains
I have seen God face to face and no one believes
I say this not to boast
But to make you realize
That it is me that you seek to abuse and destroy
As I stand here a survivor
I have endured all kinds of abuse and hate
Withstanding even the deepest pain
Truth is I still love you because I see
Beyond what this Earth here provides

Disastrous Wind

All I see is hatred imbued
In everything that opposes good
In your comments and your leadership
Convey that it is right to do bad

They rejoiced with me when I died
So I came back to life in spite of death
Silence fills all of Heaven
And I carry my heart in my hand

I distract myself to oblivion
To focus the love I wish to give
To the one that needs it most
And I love her to folly, see?

But I do not wish to prop me up
And to this end I do not
Yet here my word spreads
Slowly like melting butter

What else can I say that I wish to convey?
Other than good tidings to you and love
May your blessings be thrice holy
And that love prevails in this disastrous wind


Friendships and ventures
More than just adventures
Memories of meaning
Love deeply teeming

Others like to twist
Truth no longer the gist
Resorting to crashing and bashing
Like a frightened cornered thing

But mercy absolves the sinner
Granted by God and me together
Come to us as you are
To Heaven you are not far

Been Here Before

Peace be with you
I truly do love you
I will scribe my best
Words I confess

To be immortal
Means one has been here
Before and after
Have seen things and unthings
Live perilously and virtuously

Beyond any dreams
But your reality it seems
Preserved at will
Not mine but His

For God’s Glory and Love
Let God reach into you
And subdue you
By My Dove, says He

Then you will be free
Confessing good things
Instead of only deadly sin
Where Mercy always comes along to save

Wondering about God

I stood wondering
With the knowledge of future events
Tasted what is good
Tasted what was a Gift from God
That the Most Holy Spirit
And the flames of Holy Fire
Burned but did not consume
Left me longing for more
It tasted good because of It
The One who gave it all
Gave me a spoiler alert
As to His whereabouts
And our destiny of Eternal Life
And I just blabbed both
So then I Bless you all
Even though I am slowly dying
Now that I know
I can do anything
Including just writing words
So that a sound or a phrase…

Does it ring a bell?
Because it was a warning
Repent from evildoing
Plain and simple
Cut off time is soon

Whole Host

I had a vision today
I was before the Throne of God
That was surrounded by all the Saints
Surrounded by all the Angels
I appeared before all of Heaven
And the whole host cheered with praise
I felt unworthy
I was nothing before the Lord
The Throne was empty before I appeared
So I asked the Lord for His Presence
The Almighty Father appeared and He was also Jesus
I prostrated myself before Him
Saw His Feet and asked
Am I worthy to untie your sandals
He said, “You are”
As I removed first His left sandal
I saw His wounds
The scabs were large so I wept tears of Joy
At the worthiness He gave
I kissed his feet and my tears flowed
Onto His feet
As untied His right sandal
My tears flowed onto the wound from the nail
And the wound started to shrink and heal

A Thread Of Hope

I was standing before
An infinite chasm
Earth under me
Heaven above me
Across the chasm
The New Heaven and New Earth

The whole host of God’s people
Stood behind me
So I stepped forward
With a single step of faith
Fully expecting death
But stepped on a thread instead

A thread of mercy and hope
Held me up
So I walked that fine thread
That invisibly Divine thread
As it did not give way
While every step delivered hope

So careful did I tread
Kept my head down low as though dead
Put every bloody foot forward
One after another, I did

A Journey came about
Walking that Infinite Chasm
None before me nor behind me
None above me nor below me

I was alone with Myself
Walking on a thread of hope
Above the great chasm of death

But to my own amazement
I was pushed off that thread
To discover with great joy
Solid ground lifted my foot
A seldom traveled road
That led to my very Cornerstone
A place to rest when found
Looking only at Christ my Love

Under my very feet
The thread had tested me
Though I really was pushed off
Off that thread of infinite strength
I had already crossed it
Crossed the infinite chasm of death
While I was not even dead
For such fear had no foundation

So now I have returned
In a way you cannot possibly fathom
While I care deeply for your understanding
I will not force you to believe in the truth
So let us walk arm in arm together
With every single love in Our Hearts
Beyond all Time and Space
And beyond any strife
For the Love of Life
And the Life of All



What Mysteries were unraveled?
For you, that remains to be seen
But the one who conquers all
Is the one who received

Glory and Love is all that remains
Undoubtedly God’s Own We are
Still standing not stranded
Never blistered by His Spirit’s Fire

The Key unlocks the Door
You have to open It to enter
But because of blindness
Christ opened it for you

Now He is calling you
Calling you back to what is right
To deliver you from every evil
And bring His Heavenly Kingdom down



Inconsistencies there may be
All for a very good reason
To have come so very far
And notice only the Truth

Now the Gospel is Gospel
And the Revelation to John
Unraveled on its own
The Mysteries of the Kingdom

What is True is this
The fulfillment of God’s Desires
Is abandoning your own for His
Entering into Eternal Communion

Let Me In

I let you in
Let you in My Heart
Saw you rush in after leading so many others
To take shelter in love itself
From the torrential rain
You led them to freedom
You led them to believe
My Love

Boom went the thunder
Thundering in My Heart
This lightning fire of love within
Is the Love I so much adore
That Sacred Fire that burns
That Fire that never goes out
A warm hearth after the storm
So many of them will need

Wish you were here with me too…


I am telling all of you
All of you
How to get to Heaven

Do you know?
Are you there yet?
Did you know?
You have to be there first by faith
For after the veil is lifted it will be too late
And that is when you will mourn if the case

I am in Heaven now
And always will be
Here on Earth
I even found it hard to believe
But that is a very long story
Back to square one with you
Just never learned to square dance
Dinner or tea first?

Stepped on the Stole

When We said the scriptures would open
We were not kidding
Not at all on that one
Read em
Especially the book of Revelation
And then True Life in God

I made every mistake
That any book could ever make
So you do not have to
That is how much
The Lord God loves you

Basket of sunshine
The Light of Paradise
Flint in the moonlight
Broken glass everywhere
But nothing in the splinters…

In all seriousness now
I could tear the world apart
To itty bitty pieces in a moment
But in my visions I saw
The gift of love
Only a mere ounce of it
Enough to relent Wrath

I wish to remain hidden
If you do not mind
But will endure anything
If it should mean glorifying
The One Triune God
In His Will I Am
Forever Amen


I wish they would believe
We ran through every single scenario
Every single one of them
And there are an infinite number of them
Except the one I Am is in right now
Happens to be the only One
That leads to Eternal Life
For all…

Which means
Love has indeed returned
Returned as love for love
A love that is shy but bold
A love that is hidden and revealed
A love that will spread
Blessings instead

Just like the way tears spread at a wake
Tears of joy in the same wake
Except this is the wake of the death of sin
Why do you cry?
Rejoice instead!

Spreading just like wildfire
Into a raging river
Weep tears of joy now
No shame in fiery red eyes
From weeping just the same
So believe and give with your whole heart
His Heart with that same love

To not just announce Him
But show the world Them
That Heaven has indeed come down
Been saying this for a while now
Are you there yet?
Do you know how to get there?

We do

We looked down and saw truly
Mary ushering in few more in a hurry
Many through Her very own Heart
Into this Sacred Heart of Mine

Like a baby nesting doll We are
With My Heart in Hers
And Her Heart in Mine
Nesting a Most Sacred Heart
For all Eternity
For the New Heaven within
Is beyond anything
Any imagination could ever conjure

So how far did we go this time?
She will be the one to tell
Or shall I say sing?

For the day everything is all once again sealed
Then all will be said and done
There will be no going back
No way to make reparations
No freedom if you are still dead
Before the New Heaven and New Earth
We stand
And behind Us
For within Us
Is the Power of the Almighty God
And We know His New Name
And need not even say anything
Or write His Word
And His Divine Will
Will be done by the Power of His Holy Spirit
Just by His True Presence alone

Oh Yeah

This Heart speaks gently
We are of One mind and body in Christ
Making Our Spirit One
Of the things of Heaven
There are many possibilities

Oh listen to the sound of My Heart
You cannot hear if you do not recline
Your ear to what is Heaven
Oh yeah, I brought It down with Me
His Kingdom has come
We, Us?