Believe in God

The problem with the world today is they believe in the wrong things that misdirect them away from God.

These things that mislead them are simply not from God. One thing from God that I have learned over the years is that the Lord is indeed merciful and bestows grace upon grace upon us, grace leads us and we follow Him. Warning to you, grace is given freely and you must accept it, however grace like this doesn’t last forever unless given this way. We are in a sea of grace, yet we still war with each other and kill. The Lord will have none of that.


Before she fell she could see the dead
Brushed it off over the years, it was said
And was given a permanent grace for life
With the promise of Heaven on Earth and no strife

No time to waste, she was overwhelmed by grace
Cracked the foundation that was laid in place
When she fell to her knees in adoration
She became hallowed ground for Deification

The grace given to me by His power
Is to live forever in Him in union in every hour
And was told my body was going to last
A thousand years so I will still fast

My patience has stretched to infinity
Knowing that He alone is the Trinity
On Earth as it is in Heaven
One Bread One Body no leaven

Love’s Fire

Who am I that I can breathe love like fire?
Love that burning desire
Felt it trickle in as a stream
Now a river it is a dream

See? A river of love on fire for you
Oh that purifying fire will pursue
Until you are enveloped entirely
By the burning sensation ever so gently

If you look deep while you feed
Off your dreams and your seed
You will find the truth simply
That Jesus is the Key

I found the Key and opened a door
Entered it and found a world full of lore
But with one thing in common to see
That the Christ is within you and me

It is a movement of the moment
That love beyond our dreams is meant
To fulfill their destiny only dreamt of
Love coming from Heaven above

I wish for many things that do not come true
Wondering why it is my wish for love is blue
I reached the stars and opened my mind
But my words fell short to remind

I saw a future that will survive
It will be love that will revive
The dead corpses that litter the earth like flies
Will prophesy and from death they will rise

Music fills the air with delight and I relight
The candle of melodies revealing the light
Dancing for joy while with a lover
Wanting more than ever some cover

To infiltrate a world bent on hate
Rejected at every turn I get irate
Revealing the moments required to live
According to the love God will give

Nature’s Wrath

Do not underestimate Nature
She knows your true nature after all
Whether you are evil or good
Is in her knowledge

Where she strikes back for your sins
The scars on her face
A reminder of her own fate
Of when our own beloved star consumes her

Where will you be in those eons that pass by?
Just a memory of the pain you caused
Or living forever in the halls of the gods?
Just remember who is out there among you


I scanned the horizon for your love
Found you standing there with the Dove
Led to be delivered from all evil in time
For this unpopular and ever so lame rhyme

Many opportunities to respond come and gone
Where this light of Christ is shone
Like a beacon shining bright for all to see
Revealing personal love for you and me


I felt the holy flame sear my bleeding heart
Never felt the same from the start
Broken skies and glass ceiling woes
Has me standing on my toes

With a wave of His hand
Armies of Angels He will command
Levelling for good the warrior’s breath
For vengeance over their death

The ways of the Lord are not your ways
My senses ringing the choirs of praise
Bringing peace and joy along for the ride
Delivering love, I must confide

Is there any way but love to bring
A special song we can all sing
A new kind of passion that burns
Fuelled by His own taking turns

With every breath I take
Suffering ensues with no break
Enduring the greatest pain
Reliving the greatest gain

So what did I gain with pain?
That ever piercing lance in the rain
Alongside a promise to reign
Over me and my love champagne


I hoped that by now you would have heard
Of my love for you from a small bird
Chirping away such delights
Revealing the love of lights

Sustained by His love and power
As fragile as a flower
Yet forever yielding grace
Against everything we face

My love for God cannot be extinguished
Thus my love for you is never missed
Unfathomably in it for the promise of life
Living it free and not under a knife

But there are those that do not belong
As their intentions are really all wrong
Masking their true intentions with lies
Never making any compromise

Reconciliation is lacking everywhere
The stain of rejection over there
The reign of love over here
Brought to you with love, my dear

My own imagination went wild
And I became like a child
Granted permission to do many things
Without consequence, love it brings

Nature’s Anger

In all of my days
I intend to amaze
Crossed the line back and forth
Until I settled somewhere far north

Unlike the desert, it is a mess
A frozen wasteland nonetheless
But beauty exists beyond what the eye can see
Torn apart for financial gain I can see

So look inward toward yourself and ask this
Am I responsible for any of this?
And do your part to circumvent her anger
Instead of shouting your nonsense at her

Distant Shore

Once someone is united with Christ
They can choose to separate
But once united
One and the same
Once united
Forever it will be
Once united
Not like marbles in water
More like dissolved in water
Flowing love out like a river
And as wide as an ocean
From a mountaintop way up high
Climbed this high so you do not have to
Laid low that steep and bloody mountain
Now you are surrounded by love
Watching the tsunamis come and go by
All that so my love for you
Crashes like waves on your distant shores


You have my heartfelt gratitude
For all the things that you do
Let the love you show return as Love
It gets greener when you follow Him
Pain and suffering become like nothing
Compared to His Passion
Oh, the joy in unity is it never stops
The heart from beating while bleeding
Though it grows faint from proceeding

In truth, we have two hearts
A human heart and a spiritual heart
Which in me is bleeding profusely
For I condemn your wars and take no sides
Justice comes with Wrath which is inevitable
End your wars
Or watch Nature turn on you all worse than she is now
As is my command


Love begets love so look and see
A new kind of love for you and me
Like a father’s love for his children
What will you say then?

As a Father I stooped down so low
So as to experience the same love in tow
But to experience such rejection in times like this
We are all grappling with it all as you and I miss

I felt the hunger for this love you wield
But you hold so much back and bear a shield
I wonder if I should even bother anymore
Who knows for losers like me what’s in store

In Store

Love begets love so look and see
A new kind of love for you and me
Like a father’s love for his children
What will you say then?

As a Father I stooped down so low
So as to experience the same love in tow
To experience such rejection in times like this
We are all grappling with it all as you and I miss

I felt the hunger for this love you wield
But you hold so much back and bear a shield
I wonder if I should even bother anymore
Who knows for losers like me what’s in store


I pick a pleasant tune
And tune myself and everything out
Tuning into their love
But sometimes longing

Felt the dreams of others
Ignored my own dreams of course
Judged because I have nothing
For I gave it all away including my life

For love, for peace, for joy
And as a result I now have all three
Living the life of love and no violence
Teaching it to others by example

Never uttering a word I am silent
While I turn my other cheek
But if angered by an atrocity
Never raise a hand against

If acted against by any evil
The Holy Spirit steps in and intervenes
Maintaining peace and joy and love
Thus never doubting of His Love

Slowly Fade

As I fade slowly away
Some will say
Not fast enough
So they will have it rough
When I am gone
Only to see me arrive with the dawn

Faith is power behind belief
Not some flights of fancy
Belief in something is a gift
Faith in something is power
But only if God is your source
Your truth, life, and love

In Store

Before you wake from your slumber
I am already engaged in battle, not dumber
My silence is not rejection
Despite my depression

I fight in the echoes of my own screams
Almost like going berserk it seems
But you know what is great
Before you know it you’re at the Gate

As one of the few who ascended His Mountain
And drank from His Holy Fountain
I have revealed much already so far
And want to do so from afar

My Lord laid low that mountain pass
Now His eye is on that ceiling made of glass
About to break the status quo
Makes you wonder what’s in store though


Sadness comes like a wave of sorrow
In light of what I saw tomorrow
Your future is not etched in stone or gold
There is still a chance be told

But with every wave of sadness that comes
There is always hope like the beat of drums
Off in the distance like a beacon He comes
Already here, you are reading only crumbs

So where is He that you need to see?
When the hope of salvation is Christ within to be
Our guiding light and salvation, you read
To be closer to the light like a spouted seed


Had another dream and you were in it
Felt your heart beat the same as mine
Synchronized our love for each other
And was immersed in a sea sublime

Been there and back again to save
The best for last I am there to rave
Making my heart leap and race
In anticipation of love’s twist and reign