Jesus is the greatest
His Mercy is the fastest
His Love is beyond measure
Steadfast and fully sure

I am absolutely the least
Unable to celebrate the feast
My love broken and defeated
By how badly I have been treated

But I continue on in the Lord
Have to swing this double edged sword
Beware of what comes next
You might just find yourself hexed

Fading Now

If it is all in my head
I want to be dead
Because I am that anyway
To you and to them
So I will fade away
Echoing what only remains
That is what you and they want
Is it not?

Alas, I am trampled on by hate
With a looming disconnected date
That this is the worst possible way
To get attention
But I never wanted the attention
I only wanted to live to love and be loved
So I lived to the former
Was skimped on the latter
I will not stamp and rage
But quietly fade away…