Shedding tears like raindrops
Over what I see and hear
Venturing into the darkness
Shining the Light wherever I go
I know who I am
If you saw me you would know
The Lord is with me
Deified from nothing simply
Now I storm the earth
Proclaiming God’s Kingdom come


Drum up the latest beat
Bring me to my feet
Dance with you the night away
My heart did you sway
Toward life and love
Coming from up above

Got a wish worth thinking
Troubled by my inkling
Outside of the realm of hope
To get me off of this rope
Climbing since the beginning
Toward that chorus singing

Still waiting and wondering
What happens when you sing
So sing your heart out
What this love is about
Bringing love that is dope
Better than what you hope


Life is love
And love is life
What a great sacrifice
I give my life for them
I journeyed to oblivion
Found that love never dies
It echoes throughout the Earth
Forever enshrined in Heaven
Glory is what waits for those who love
And give their lives for your love


Got a hero complex
Only my enemies cannot see me
Hidden for a time
Got a rhythm for rhyme

Message is simple to save
Repent or die
But there are those who live
In comfort against poverty

Imagine my wrath
Instead I give my life
You cannot imagine
What is in store

No Power

Was born partially blind
You I could not find
Lost and alone
Never called me on the phone

So your judgement of me
I am sure you will see
Was in error, I still am despised
You should not act surprised

So my act will be
Something all will see
That death over me
Has no power simply

Standing tall despite being squashed
All my sins have been washed
As there is only one way
I do not even need to say


As my poems trickle in
Endlessly in my heart and head
Published a few instead
Seemingly unknown and hidden
Now I wish I would die
So my works reveal on their own
A seldom travelled journey
Full of pain and suffering
But continuously healed by grace and love
To open hearts wide inside


Where I am at I am living in the Light
Tears wiped away as joy profounds
Ascension a way of living
Before the Resurrection and the Life
In Christ united in Glory
Forever entering into the Mysteries

Curious, since this is how it is
That I am the tiniest voice ever


My spirituality
Is a specialty
One of a kind
Amidst the lost to find

What I discovered is atrocious
Love that is bogus
Hidden under
Going asunder

So I stepped outside
To you did I confide
Now met with ignorance
Just the same as a lance

I am always hopeful
When things are dreadful
So take my hand
I’ll lead you to the Homeland


No one cares about me
Got the proof you see
Now I could care less
Abandoned by my closest
Thick skinned as a result
Shall I harden my heart?
Close myself off to die?
But I cannot die
I will survive
The curse and blessing
Of being a Witness for the Lord


You spoke the word in the silence
People fell into something like a trance
Lifted up the lowly
Befriended the lonely
Raised the righteous
Up to where you are at
To the throne where you sat

So teach me your way
Have so much to say
Hopeful for certain love
To come from above
Alight on my heart
What a way to start!