Crafted dreams while awake
Sought the lives who make my heart ache
Found many and blessed them on the way

I look back to find them
Blessed and full of life and love
Ideally entering that Sacred Heart of His

But many are still lost
Had hoped they’d change before the frost
Now I cry out in anguish and pain

Listen to the Word of the Lord
His Great Return is like a sword
A swift Spirit to sweep you away


I saw her smile
With that glint in her eye
Intent of love
Let out like a chorus

Gesturing toward the Truth
Revelations come this way
Watchtowers no longer watching
Wait until the lifting of the veil

Do not ask when or why
Accept the truth that you lie
But you can repent and relent
Cop to the lie for fogiveness


In the Heart of Heaven
There is a place you will see
A court
Filled with the incense of prayers
When I entered I sensed
Love and Mercy are here
Every prayer weighed and granted consent
That should their faith be great
To fulfill what was the intent
Believing in the greatness of God
To the exclusion of the self


Opened the door to forgiveness
Felt the weight lifted off my shoulders
Now all I want is love
But at what price should I pay?
Unto death even
Survived even
Nobody can stop it
Such love you could never let go
So make no mistake about it
I would die again for you
For it was your love that kept me here
Majestically stranded


You captured my heart
Filled with love from the start
Leave me not in this wasteland of dreams
Lift my pathetically beaten body
From the ditches of the forsaken
Matters not what happens to me
I have seen where I have been
Where I am
And where I shall be

Left my tears to irrigate the soil
Leaving only seeds of love behind
To all I have met and shall meet
So bless you on your way
I have not much more to say


Surrounded and compounded
Ready to raise the dead
Let go of that feeling
You got me reeling

Shook up and ill disposed
Standing ground and imposed
Burning desires felt from above
Everything built on love

In my hands a wonder
Not some worthless blunder
Going to burn some more
Watch it turn to lore


My heart belongs to you
As it does to the Lord anew
Every day I pour out all I am
Sacrificing the perfect Ram
Horns caught in a thicket
Never making a racket

Will you please
Hear my pleas
For your love in action
Wants to start a faction
Let it be that which you see
Comes from love mightily


Goodness comes while in flight
Wanting to put up a fight
Got the renegade blues
Dancing in these shoes

Swirling round the clock
Your eyes I want to lock
To make a grand entrance
Passing by those in a trance

So hear what I want to say
Death comes to your dismay
Faltering desires while you play
Believing in the right of way

Worry not over your own head
Rather displace your fears, I said
Entering into the light of salvation
Riveting every nation


You bring joy to my heart
I sing with love at the start
Glorifying you forever
Riddling your endeavour

I hold fast to your love
In return you come like a dove
On my heart you alight
Your word more than just light

My prayers are for them
The lost and foresaken
Keeping that bridge strong and sound
May your Heart cry out and resound

By the Spirit’s Fire
It is my desire
To remain here
Not out of fear


Eternal Emptiness is revealed
A perfect Nothing
For Him to fill it with Light
Is my purpose in life

So my light and my love
Is His one and the same
Forever and ever
The same can be yours

So keep listening to your Heart
Know it is love that compels
Nothing can stop what you cannot see
See the Light from the Fire