I articulated the cosmos
Wrote the Light and Love
Of God Almighty
Through His Sacred Heart

Unbeknownst to many
This one is the one who is
The same Bone and Flesh
As Christ the King

Granted Eternal Life
Granted Eternal Love
Granted Eternal Light
Granted Eternal Gifts
The Lord has been kind

So thank you to the kings
Who watched the signs
And saw that baby child
Is the one and only King of Kings

The gifts they gave of mere things
Were meaningful to life
Alas He also gave in return
The gift of His own life for all


Been Here Before

Peace be with you
I truly do love you
I will scribe my best
Words I confess

To be immortal
Means one has been here
Before and after
Have seen things and unthings
Live perilously and virtuously

Beyond any dreams
But your reality it seems
Preserved at will
Not mine but His

For God’s Glory and Love
Let God reach into you
And subdue you
By My Dove, says He

Then you will be free
Confessing good things
Instead of only deadly sin
Where Mercy always comes along to save

Held the Key

Floating and sighing
Immersed in your words of song
I received a revelation
Of love

Cannot help myself anymore
Have to do this for your sake
Breaking the daybreak
Into life by resurrection

I hold Ascension’s key
Still have it see
Do you believe?
I gave it all away

Now I have nothing
And now I have everything
By Inheritance gained
Even though I failed

Mercy abound
Love all around
You beaming most of all
While the world turns around


Sat myself on the sunset
And the sun rose up
Keeping my heart warm
Enveloped in the light
Of love

She sat beside me
Braided her hair
And held her head up high
Turning she faced the sun
Her face lit up with love
Mixing her word and song
With her heart’s tambourine