I called on my Lord to have mercy and find me
I am in desperation and I am all alone
My cries for help ignored
Carrying within me a treasure I have found

For this, I am protected by the Holy Spirit
Even from myself, I have tried many times
Not on purpose to test but out of pure weakness
Yet I am stronger than death

So sing a different tune to that
Sing a new song that rings true
To bring you to where you need to be
To fulfill everything to fruition

I am merely the weakest instrument of Christ
Surrendering to Him every day under His Cross
But I am so weak that I mistake Him for me
Yet do not take for granted the love He gives

How is this possible?
I surrendered my will to the Father long ago
That was all I had left to give
For love


My poetry is like a running commentary
On the matters of love and absolution
Ready to embark on creativity
To bring solutions to the problems

But you do not believe in subjugation to love
What else is there in this evil world
That will bring the world to its knees?
God knows we need humility


My love for you grows every day
So much I really want to say
But we have taken a separate path
And the path I took leads to wrath

Kindled the kindness to love
Healed the brokenhearted by the Dove
Washed clean my transgressions
By way of my confessions

But what constitutes as sin
Affects us under our skin
But you normalize under the power of law
The right to sin, I saw

The wrath that comes
To the beat of some drums
Comes because of the lack of love
Amidst those who say they love the Dove

Truth is I miss you and painfully inscribe
On my heart these words to transcribe
My joy over reaching you when I did
No regrets but now I am forbid


What has got me perplexed
Are your affectionate words
Which chilled me to the bone
Never reaching you despite
I tried to convey the truth

Now I am all alone and hanging
On this cross you gave me
Abandoned by my closest
And hemorrhaging a lot
Definitely left for dead

But unbeknownst to me I would live
Expecting termination permanently
But in a blink I lived instead
Still hung on this cross I see
But I live instead for God

Been shot at and hated especially
Choked and poisoned until death even
Sabotaged to flip my car
I should be dead but am not that far
Now they fear by what they have done

Let the light of Justice shine forth
Bringing with it the Judgement of Christ
Bestow upon your humble servant
The light to guide and judge just
As I lay my hands on the earth to heal. Amen.

The resistance to love is amazing
Intentionally squashing the affectionate gaze
Not understanding and fearing intimacy
With the Triune God in all simplicity
I am all that which God wants me to be

Watch the world unfurl its hate
All wrapped up and apparently safe
They will not see until it is too late
That the hate is what keeps them
From loving the God the created them

I am here to tell you and live for you
That love is the way to truth and life
Which is all that and Christ Himself
For He Descended without crown or glory
Stooped down so low before you

Yet you ignored His pleas
Pleas for a return to Him
A reckoning and a beckoning
Now I have been given power from above
And will show how and with this love

Beyond Earth

This heart has a certain inextinguishable fire
It yearns for and it burns that which I love
Not to destroy but to purify what remains
I have seen God face to face and no one believes
I say this not to boast
But to make you realize
That it is me that you seek to abuse and destroy
As I stand here a survivor
I have endured all kinds of abuse and hate
Withstanding even the deepest pain
Truth is I still love you because I see
Beyond what this Earth here provides

Disastrous Wind

All I see is hatred imbued
In everything that opposes good
In your comments and your leadership
Convey that it is right to do bad

They rejoiced with me when I died
So I came back to life in spite of death
Silence fills all of Heaven
And I carry my heart in my hand

I distract myself to oblivion
To focus the love I wish to give
To the one that needs it most
And I love her to folly, see?

But I do not wish to prop me up
And to this end I do not
Yet here my word spreads
Slowly like melting butter

What else can I say that I wish to convey?
Other than good tidings to you and love
May your blessings be thrice holy
And that love prevails in this disastrous wind


I write what I write because I am love
Poured out for you and for all
Thought my disguise was good
Living among you as though I was dead

Treated as such I embark on a journey
One of love and self discovery
Teaching one of many the ways of living
Is not without a fair share of loving

My ways are not your ways
Looked down upon by your gaze
I lowered myself intentionally
To prove your affection for me

Something to Reap

Been trying to tell you
About something special
About something remarkable
About something curious
About you and your love
Here I am, I say, I cry, I weep
Here, it is you I seek
Will you even leap?
For it is love you will reap


I heard your voice again today
Disembodied and distant
Wrought with your own hope
Ability to traverse the world in seconds

What you have got you take for granted
Not knowing your true purpose
Flights of fancy are taking over
Idioms are missing their mark

So I stir the pot so to speak
Hoping for some sort of recognition
Not losing anything in transition
To building a life with the loves I love

But the love in my heart is for all
My intimacy with them is my business
Their rejection of me is obvious
Hardened hearts are conglomerating

But amidst this suffering there is always hope
Listing to the Holy Spirit speak, I spoke
What you heard, have you now awoke?
I rest my case with every inkling to show


Nobody wants to be hated
But the world turns around and hates anyway
Do not hate those who are good by nature
But forgive those who are by nature bad
Love them more than yourself

The innocent get caught in the crossfire
I want no part of your war
Your war has three sides
You against each other
And the innocent by your circumstance

I know what I mean when I say
Tear down everything to the foundations even
But you will not overcome that Cornerstone
That stumbling block to the ways of the world
The Cornerstone will never die and neither will I


Been searching long and hard
For hearts all torn and scarred
Made a special offering at what was found
But did not make any sound

Immersed in the depth of silence
Breathing in a cloud of incense
I let go of myself completely to the Lord
There was no to and fro with a sword

Upon seeing me in a lowly fashion
He lifted me up into His passion
Guiding my every move I live
Including my tongue to forgive

I am here to put the Fear of the Lord in you
Watching everything and all you do
Letting the Spirit log everything
As I am witness even to you sing


Truth is, I am unwanted
Feeling like I am haunted
Vanishing the hope I created
Leaving me to be hated

This rejection has become the reason
Why I pour out my heart despite the season
But my works never reach you
Despite the effort to beseech you

You put on display your love for others
Excluding anyone that bothers
Not knowing who you are rejecting
In reality, it is ill reflecting

More Love

You love only what you think you see
Invisible I am to thee
Wanting the affection that would come
With knowing your love and then some

But I see your thoughts flutter elsewhere
Instead of my heart, I dare
Wrenched with the pain of knowing
You care not where I am going

I tried to no avail
Blocked at every turn to sail
Toward that heavenly light
Of your love to be so right

So I gave up and sailed away
But your wind unfurled my sail to say
So here I am living in dismay
As you let loose your affection today

Directed at me your love is not
I felt the fight that you fought
Now I am in a dreaded spot
With nothing, nada, not a lot

Flower Power

Heard your voice again today
The sound that propounds my heart
To say I love you without reserve
Showing love off like a brand

Bent on delivering graceful rhymes
Troubled by these end times
Demonstrating love in showers
Blooming all those beautiful flowers


Alone because I am not single
When all I want is to mingle
Within you I would awaken
Never forsaken

My desires do not transpire
But when it spreads like fire
Like a wildfire let it burn
For it is mercy as my turn

Always mercy and love are poured out
Never with any kind of a shout
But a firm voice with authority
Not by any superiority

Been kindling love in kindness
A show of affection nonetheless
Ready to pour out more no matter what
While the door to this heart is not shut

Knowing Hearts

Into the depths of your love
Experience the breadths of joy
All different kinds just like you
No enemies I can find

Need for security fulfilled
Amidst any suffering endured
Just like our Saviour
But here I am crying out, save us!

So I peer into Heaven while on Earth
Between places I will not move
Knowing what is in my heart, I love
Yet I notice Heaven so very silent these days

The gasps and the groans I do not mind
Like a moving picture in the sky, I try
All of them watched and can see me die
But my eyes opened and breath entered me

I never question His actions but I do ponder them
So much I want to give to you to show you
Let me boast of God’s Glory to assure of His power
Keeping us safe and happy amidst cold cold hearts

Better World

Your song brought me to tears
Accelerating my heart and changing gears
The temptation to sing along
Met with silence so very long

I have been told and my heart is like gold
Precious to easily melt and fold
I am left alone to my own devices
Crushed by the sin and these vices

I found my calling in scriptures
Not in any moving pictures
Next is the advent of change
For a better world, not strange


We never met in life, not fair
But the connection is there
Summoned by a wish
I am but a small fish
In a very large sea
Wanting to be caught by you to be

Truth be told, I am worthless
In a world that worships nonetheless
All those idols and cash
Don’t think that I am rash
So why would you want me
To be anything just to be

I fell hard when I looked deep
It gets personal if too deep
So I dove into the depths of your love
Found tenderness fits like a glove
But I am lamenting the loss of me
To be gone forever and never be

Do Not

I love you but you do not love me back
Might as well just kick me in the sack
I am used to the pain already
So full of suffering, I am ready

I no longer concern myself with why
Likely due to a misunderstood sigh
As I contemplate a higher self
I am ill content being put on the shelf

What I see and learn over time
I convey in a simple rhyme
To loosen the captive fetters
Adhering to the Roman letters

Though my voice is small
It will soon be tall
As is the order I heard
One that is not absurd

The Lord is here and now
Will you assume another vow?
He waits patiently for a response
Ever since the Renaissance