Been feeling down
Do not know where to turn
Want to die
As my life fades
Into oblivion
How negative I see
The same you would be

Then came the song
The one that took
My heart places
I had never been
Found a long lost love
Only to be seen deranged
Somehow on offense
When humility is at stake
I did not play the game
Now I need you
Your love

Fought and Won

Cannot get enough
You got it galore
Still only human
Even though
I am the Destroyer
And the Creator
Together once more
Been here before
Something is different here
Got all the power
Cause I held it back
Consumed it all
Destroyed evil in one bite
After having been subjected
Turned into the dejected
I am still a nobody
But the Heart says it all
And it bleeds
So change your ways
Revelation is being fulfilled
You cannot evade or fight
Your way out of this one


I am powerless
Taken all away
Nothing left
But my love

Took thousands
Of years
Of poems
To get here

And now
I find the vineyard
All in shambles
All in disarray

Out of mercy
I warned
I conveyed
A message

Ignored by many
Succumbed to the few
A light for all people
Upon His Glorious Return

The messages are clear
And the ones you hold dear
Lead you to
A true life in God


I cannot bear the pain
It feels like it did before
I will end my life
Just a matter of when

My love
I hope you can forgive me
As I forgive you
But you do not know to

As I could never reach you
Despite reaching the stars
My words grew cold
In the still dark night

Be good to me
Though you are not good
I would send you a postcard
But you would just throw it away

I am not usually this negative
This toll was unusually high
A loss of words and life
Ended whilst in strife


I am a nobody
Having nothing
Sacrificed it all
To be this that I am
For a reason

I can see the false hopes
I can see through the lies
But I am treated woth contempt
For doing nothing wrong

I thought wrong concerning your heart
I thought wrong concerning your desire
That long lost love forgotten soon
Placing me before this time

I can see the future and it is bleak
Though Love wins in the end
Of which death has no power
I live for you
Love you always

I am not rich
Only poor
I am not famous
Just trashed by you for being me

Will we ever get along
Knowing now the suffering caused?

No idea

I had no idea
You could be so cruel
Despite my suffering
You chose to pursue
A false dream
Instead of flourishing
A love that you lost
By ignoring me

This wounded me hard
After teasing me with hope
All year round
A dream made real by your love
Made stale by you

A wound so deep
It never stopped bleeding
A lance so sharp
Pierced me through

So as I fight to live
The wound gets deeper
The longer you stay away

To relieve the pain
I have to die
I have the least to lose


Her face and her eyes
Are so beautiful
But her heart
Is a facade

So is the face
Grinning despite
Giving me pain

I am done
I thought this was it
I set myself up
For disappointment
Thinking you thought of me
But I digress
A thousand love poems
Are not sufficient
To earn your respect and love

So goodbye to you then
Do not expect a thank you
The vipers out there
Will eat you whole
And I will be gone
Nowhere near to save you

Not here to say
I told you so
I love you
But you will never know this love
Tragically you hate me instead
And all I did was love

Now I am bleeding profusely
From my heart the pain seeps
For a man abandoned by everybody
I offer my suffering for this man
Then I find out that man is me

So yes I am selfish
But that is my flaw
So I give myself away
As I take my own life
And finally leave this place
Away from all the hate