We are instruments of God’s Will
And the Lord’s anger that comes directed
Toward those ignorant to His Children
He warned us not to hinder them
Yet hindered I am
I now waste away over time
Instead of living on as I should
Friends no longer friends
But my enemies are no more
New friends come along
And discover the heavy trauma deep inside


What you have got inside I love
Who you are is that which resides
Deep inside my own heart
Not possible you say

With God anything is possible
As it turns out I do not pout
When you ignore every iota I write
Especially concerning matters of Heaven

A heart loaded with Love
Produces a kind and generous one
And is one with the Creator of Heaven and Earth
For that Creator is Love


I awoke to find myself wandering
Wondering when you will be here
Finally sauntering into my life
In a special way you found my strife

I do not pretend to be anything else
Other than a dreary old servant of our Lord
Ignored on all fronts I still serve
Until I end up like fire

Truth is always there
And when conviction comes with truth
It spreads like fire and accelerant
So beware, He looks after His sheep

Joyful Hope

Protect us from all anxiety
In a way this has been fulfilled
I have no anxiety whatsoever about
Still in a joyful hope

Despite the evil that surrounds us
Despite the horrors and the death
Wonders will never cease to be
Oh just you wait

The damage to me is done
The pain just always is now
But what gives me away
Is I still love you always

Love Letter

Love comes to us in many different ways
Having a heart so free is testimony
Revealing secrets between the lines
And encompassing them in rhymes

I let my heart flow like a river
But what do you call a body of water
That flows like a river
But is much larger than the sea?

I call that a love letter

Worth Saving

I have got much to give
So I gave it my all to live
Sacrificed the life I wanted
By an offering for others instead

Let me smile while I suffer
As I lift my heart to offer
A great love worth saving
Held closer than any shaving

So I spin right around
Until I am met with a sound
That penetrates my heart
Oh what way to start!

Together Now

To all who are truly one with Jesus Christ
Remember, your actions are together now
And concerning your actions
You will always have a choice

So choose wisely and do not be like a fool
Do be like one who sits idle by the pool
Every opportunity to love will pass you by
Love, with the One who Is Love

Apostolic Journey

As I let the Fire burn
In my heart I have this yearn
But I am not good at leading by example
So I get Him to lead me instead

Where He has led me in my life
Would lead to thousands of volumes
Of an apostolic journey
To seek the love of the lost

After finding them I knelt to the ground
Like a beggar before the Father
Pleading on their behalf
Spare them with Mercy, I have failed to reach them all


You make my heart leap when you say my name
Any name uttered past your lips
Gives praise to God for He is good
So bless instead for we are weary

My name slipped like thunder
Under the roof of our Lord
Made me look like a blunder
But produced laughter instead of a sword

Struck with Joy

I dreamt you sang a song to me
A song that pierced my veil
Which struck me with great joy
That what you sought you found

But sadness quickly settled in
As your departure was quicker than your entrance
I felt everything you felt
No wonder you fled

But I maintain my gentleness and kindness
Only with love and to be loved that is all
Everything Love is will be poured out and shared
Another sacrifice for the greater good be bared


Relieved you must be
That your hatred of me
Has finally prevailed
Has me up and nailed
On a very cross of my own
Oh these seeds of love I have sown
Watch become something new
Despite the rolling hate ensue
I know who is on my side
In my heart does He reside
The same one you crucified
As a result is amplified


These are troubling times
Can I double my rhymes?
To pierce the deafness
So they too can listen and hear

The Lord has been pouring out mercy
It fills the hearts of those He sees
But receptive hearts some have not
He pours out that mercy nonetheless

Though Mercy lasts forever
The gift of it does not
It will soon come to an end
To those left standing without

But listen not to an old man’s word
I have lived more than a thousand lifetimes
Wisdom is attained by loving her
Not by books or any earthly thing you procure

Heaven is but a heartbeat away
But I stand here as I choose to stay
Engaging in a battle unlike anything you have ever seen
Everyone else thinking it is some wild dream

I care not what others think
I do not listen to the ones that hate
Leave them to their own devices
Look at what they devastate

So leave me be and let me be
The one that God sent me to be
A voice crying in the darkness
He comes to you, be awake!