Move On

Oh how I wish these words of love reached you
I have nothing more to say now
I just want to be with you
Basking in your presence

So I delight always even when you are not around
Knowing you are alive and well gives me joy
But also I long to know your pain
To alleviate your suffering, my gain

But as it is
And the truth be told
You want nothing to do with me
So I move on


I cannot bear the pain
It feels like it did before
I will end my life
Just a matter of when

My love
I hope you can forgive me
As I forgive you
But you do not know to

As I could never reach you
Despite reaching the stars
My words grew cold
In the still dark night

Be good to me
Though you are not good
I would send you a postcard
But you would just throw it away

I am not usually this negative
This toll was unusually high
A loss of words and life
Ended whilst in strife

Fading Now

If it is all in my head
I want to be dead
Because I am that anyway
To you and to them
So I will fade away
Echoing what only remains
That is what you and they want
Is it not?

Alas, I am trampled on by hate
With a looming disconnected date
That this is the worst possible way
To get attention
But I never wanted the attention
I only wanted to live to love and be loved
So I lived to the former
Was skimped on the latter
I will not stamp and rage
But quietly fade away…