Better Story

Wish I had a better story to tell
While I tried to run away, I fell
It has been years since I received You
Knowing in my heart You never left me too

Time for me to step up and take my staff
Make my journey back to You to love and laugh
The time has come for me to leave soon
Living under God’s Light yearning to loom

Would You walk with me cause I cannot run
Do not mean to take away the fun
Just wondering is all Your presence soothes me
My pain is great and I do believe in Thee

Always You

She taught me a lesson and I did not know it
But what I learned I did not like it
Maybe it was the way she did it
Felt like a shot to the heart but I will protect it

For what is in my heart is far more valuable
Than anything on the earth that exists
I live in the light and a beacon in the dark
I hear between your words your false accusations

What kind of world do you want?
One with honesty and transparency
Or one with secrecy and deception?
Some prefer the latter but will lose it all

Even in my worst moments I felt His presence
And in moments of Glory I give it all to Him
Given the freedom to explore love
What I found was more than what I could ask for

I felt a certain love before and held it close
Want the same for us, but I am such a bore
Open hearts and loving actions
Revealing a new way of living

Under God’s guiding light
Treading paths never before tread
To never worry about anything again
To live as love for love and always you


She sent me waves of her love
Could say it was from a dove
Crashing upon my shore
Truly, it is love I adore

She has got it all and then some
Her looks, her gestures, her strum
So I responded with what I thought was little
Turned out tsunamis can belittle

Nothing More

Saw you in the limelight
Oh what a beautiful sight!
Can’t say I am surprised
Jealous love is comprised

Need that song you chose not to sing
Need that love you chose not to bring
Need that life you chose to sacrifice
Need that joy you chose without price

I have knowledge beyond the cosmos in my brain
I have a kind of love that is greater than the grain
To sing and bring love and sacrifice without price
I think I repeated myself not twice but thrice

I wonder at the divinity of those and things
At what it delivers us from and delightfully brings
Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Kinship, Divinity
Deification by the Most Holy Trinity

Inspired by Him who is and works His Will
I saw the future and it made me ill
So what can I do but pray
I have nothing more to say


Wish you were here with me now
That you were not afraid of a simple vow
But I digress, keep the demons at bay
Does it matter even what I say?

Felt the pain and the gain as it were
But it is difficult to say as it were
I felt your elastic longing for love
Been pouring it out for years, love

I have all the power in the universe
Abuse it not, I must insist no curse
In agreement of love between every nation
Following every cross’ station

I believe in sanctification
Not in some earthly foundation
For love deserves better than what we can offer
But the acceptance love has regardless is in the coffer


My love for you gets stronger
With every day that passes it gets longer
Sustained by God’s divine forces
I can hear the lonely voices

Saying nothing but what they want for themselves
For things that you can only put on shelves
With the odd torch burning brightly
Saying, “God is here, tread lightly”

I have seen His Majesty and He is not pleased
But has compassion and wants you eased
A message of salvation unfurled before your eyes
A cosmic tapestry of love beyond the skies

So hold close to your heart this love that is true
I would do anything for you
Die trying if I have to
Saying all along, I really love you


Going back into time I saw your face
Remembered you for your love I trace
With my fingertips on your spine
Sharing with you my love sublime

I can stand with the Lord amidst all the noise
And hear His voice in my heart with poise
Guiding me, speaking softly and intently
A discovery to embark on a journey

I turn to you with His Fire in my eyes
Worry not, it is not you I despise
I offer my hand and say, watch love destroy a lie
With a compassionate and gentle prayer and sigh

Riptide Love

Got caught in her riptide love
Feeling like she took my heart
And ate it up like dessert to start
How far will she go with love in tow
She brandished her word like a sword
Struck that glass ceiling
And everything came crashing down
Now things are beginning to be new
But the Word has never changed
That message of salvation
To His Name we must all send
This prayer of Everlasting Love
Comes with that scandalous Cross
So here is my offering
Nothing is tottering
Never faltering, no matter the persecution
To that end I love and I pray
What else can I say?

Make Way

Where do you look with your eyes the most?
I would expect that extraordinary Host
What does your pupil allow to enter undisguised?
It should be the poor, lonely, and despised

For in their eyes they hold the true Light
That spark of love for which you fight
In God’s eyes a particular delight
So treat them however you like

See what happens when Grace turns to Wrath
Wishing every eye was upon Him and His Path
Following His bloody foot prints
Make way for the Heavenly Prince

But you do not heed to His Majesty
To know Love’s Grand Tapestry
Is weaving through time and space
A message I’d love to give face to face

So when every eye is upon Him
The Ageless One will stand on the brim
With every notion of love and direction
To bring peace and love and resurrection

Infinite Knowledge

As I am granted infinite knowledge
I do not use use it and cannot use it
For any personal gain
So listen closely to those who claim God’s favour
If they claim their favour is of God
By evidence of their monetary fortune
They are the source of the problem
Instigating wars over belongings
And protection of the worthless dust in the heavens
The reality you live in is broken
Let go of the past, the Word had spoken


My love and my hope
At the end of my rope
Don’t know what to do
Feeling ever so blue like you

Treated myself to a family
Encountered a massive tumour
It is not some abstract rumour
Truth is, love prevails no matter what

Been saying for years
Been saying all along
Love your neighbour
And even your enemies

Being saved is not all about God
It is about cooperation with God
Entering into a kind of dance
Revealing a whole new stance

A stance before God
Is a place in laud
Granting graces galore
Admonishing all your gore

Out of all the love that is given
He grants it to the forsaken
Forsook because of knowledge
Forsook because of pain

Like An Angel

I guess I am like an angel
For an angel is a messenger from God
And that I have a message to deliver:
To read His Messages and to love

Sure, read His message here
But what I am referring to exactly
Is the Grand Message of Love
True Life in God

For I have read them all for thirty years
As I followed them to receive Understanding
Of the Knowledge and Wisdom provided
I was delivered and completely guided

To live a true life of love
No matter what happens
But a word of caution
His Knowledge is a gift and a burden

To enter into it unknowingly will only confuse
For one must bear their own cross with humility
United with Him on that Cross is the only way
An entrance to the Grand Tapestry of Love

The key to it all, to living and loving
Is to surrender to Love’s call to be
A living torch of compassion
And with every touch, imbue love

I have been saying for a long time
Unite under the one name Jesus to be saved
Unite under His New Name to be raised
His New Name you cannot sense with your senses


So for me to even say His Name would be folly
In truth, Christ has a middle Name
Only a very small remnant know what It is
That is the state of the world today

If anyone is to ask who I am
Tell them that I am a living tablet
Upon which God has inscribed Himself
The Words of Eternal Life

For truly I cannot die and not meant to
Peter had it right and still does
Lord, you have the Words of Eternal Life
Now He is with Us always and forever


I immersed myself in His Silence
Nothing, not a sound came out
Listening deeper that silence got stronger
Then He spoke to me in a whisper
Which to me was like thunder
Astounded I wrote what I heard
Took to heart what seemed absurd
Fluttered my heart like butterflies
Leaving a kaleidoscope of dreams behind