What I writ and said out loud
With an unction and a shroud
Where my heart is I rejoice
And deliver love with a choice

Living according to Christ is wise
Becoming one with Him is more wise
Now that love is on the rise
Goodness comes against demise

So swiftly He comes and is here
Oh what love He holds dear
Is more than you know or understand
Giving and offering without a brand

Beyond the Sky

From the cosmos I am here
To love’s actions do I adhere
Spilling out love’s mysteries
Beyond the sky and the trees

I fly like a bird on fire
Nobody cares except to see the burning transpire
But this fire does not consume that which is pure
So what’s left over remains despite the cure

With the wave of a hand not my own
To see you and say, my how you’ve grown
Be that love and more beyond all time and space
So I may treasure every moment of your face

Not Repeat

I prayed to the Father a prayer I will not repeat
But upon it’s fulfillment will Glory be sweet
For those one with Him who comes
Already know what prayer it is that becomes
With the grace of love and forgiveness
Making it everyone’s business
To acknowledge Him who comes

Soon it will be passed through thunder
Making the world in their place wonder
At the lack of generosity by most
But the loving gifts by others as host
I am but a nobody who needs Him
Sheltered from harm on a supernatural whim
And loves you because He loves you too


You tugged on my heartstrings
I have been away far too long
So it is either my life shining bright
Or me dying in some way or another

However I go
I want you to know
It has always been about love and beauty
With the eye of the beholder being God himself

Knowing this and witnessing it
Leaves me to my own devices
And loving every moment of it
While hating what the world has become

I did what I could and was rejected for it
Cast aside and forced to die
Left all alone with no one to talk to
Yet I still love you and forgive you

But the world is changing, see
And it is for the better
Something founded on love itself
Outdoing any constitution already

It will be through Christ as the true victor
Only goodness would remain
For those truly loyal to God
Are few and far between


That inkling I found
It is so profound
The light and the spark
Ignite it all to light up the dark

But it remains contained
From everything I refrained
The eye of the beholder
Of what is, was, and will be bolder

While beauty itself breaks through
Life is sustained in all that I do
But ceases when the belief is over
And lacking the courage over and over

When it is over it is finished
To a new beginning not diminished
The cycle of love never ends
Creating life as it sends