Trying to do your will
Dear God I love you
My heart longs
My heart throngs

I have been sheltered my whole life
Despite my afflictions and persecution
But I trust in thee O Lord
Your Holy Spirit has been sent

Into the world
Living and breathing


I can taste the future
Before it happens
I tasted today, yesterday
I taste tomorrow, today

I will taste the days always
Always it is bitter from the pain
Always it is filled with Love
Not disdain

I pour out my love like a river
Flood the nations with my laments
Only to be ignored while I live
And now I am getting angry

Seven hundred poems
I can hardly believe
A blink could produce them
Only to be ignored while I live

I will now pour out my fire
Kindle a new way of loving
With a passion so endearing
There is only one Passion

I love with the greatest love
Even to death do I give
I died today at the thought
Of never having a heart to heart

Earth and Fire

Oh maybe so the wind blows
Into a hurricane
Oh maybe so the earth she rumbles
Into an earthquake

All this is normal they say
But I say you are blinded
For I now call down Fire
Fire from Heaven

Come O come Holy Spirit
Burn the iniquities
Let the baptized and not
Burn by your fire of love

Earth O earth
Expunge the evil
The drills into your crust
Show them warnings to bust

Set your people alight
Like torches let them burn bright
Fill their hearts with the oil of gladness
And let not this fuel run dry