Looking closely now, Oh Lord
Sweet tender love not a sword
Got a place in my heart for you
Should you enter, love would ensue

I battled many a battle without a blade
My words of love will never fade
Never short on love that brings
A heart so full it sings

So hear the song my heart will sing
Notes in a chorus and a bell to ring
Love worth fighting for
Is never really a bore

I can tell you what things are not
When what should have been taught
Is love and unity, not what you bought
But Love that is soon to be caught

For you caught my love and it shows
Selfless and pondering love that flows
I revel your efforts to do so
Finally revering all that is due

Oh the Pain

I have tasted death more than once
Love is what kept me here
It is because of love I died
And I did not die for myself
I would gladly give my life
To save you all from peril
If you only knew what I went through
Oh the horrors and the pain
I kept that from my loved ones to spare them
But I have been keeping it in for far too long
There is only one thing I can do
Forgive and submit to the will of The Father
As it is in Heaven
So shall it be on Earth
For after I died and came back out of Love
It was not me who Returned
But Him


I am a light, not the Light
A mere image to His delight
But my image is cracked
I feel like I have been hacked

I am in so much agony on this cross
All the onlookers are at a loss
So let the suffering creep away
Feels like a thousand years in a day

I wept and I weep with sorrow
At what happens tomorrow
Seeing as I can see the future
Nobody offers me any suture

We must repent if we want life
Despite any repeated strife
I lay my head on no one
Never resting under the sun

Book of Life

Remember that these devices we are all connected with
Allow us to freely communicate, so keep it free
Remember that this data is being stored at the quantum level
Which means what you post is forever etched
In the Universe beyond your reach
It will only be a matter of time
Before privacy be a thing of the past
In the future you will see
That it be called the Book of Life
A complete and perfect record
From beginning to end
Of absolutely everything you have done and not done
But in the end there is a New Beginning
And time is but a record
So record for me your greatest love
And live in everlasting peace and joy
But only because of where I am at
I can empathize with the lost
So pray for me also, as I battle the demons away


You remembered me on my birthday
For I felt the love you said that day
You reminded me of my identity
Entering into love on a solemnity

Brandished love like a sword meant to pierce
The hardest of hearts so fierce
Found in every one a frightened child
Yet you murder them unreconciled

No nation left remains true to God
And all that is left is war and fraud
No device will save you from this
United you must be under Him for this

Consider me as His proxy before His Return
Already engaged in battle for souls that burn
Making sacrificial offerings to recompense
To you this makes no sense

So let the wise be dumbfounded
And the unwise be raised from the dead
Living on the earth like lightning
To only some so very frightening

Deepest Secrets

Sent you one poem among thousands to read
My hope is that love will have planted a seed
And by now it has become the largest tree
Birds nesting in the branches, see?

I can see the struggle for power in the world
But the division is too widespread
This will be the cause of a great fall
The lack of initiative to unite under one Lord, one God

So what I do, do not follow me
For I am someone who must delve deep
Deep into the deepest recesses of Hell
To pull them out before they die

But this world has encumbered me with their quibbling
Over the stupidest things
Now I pity the poor and forsaken
And live among them out of love

Their songs also bring me great joy
Their deepest secrets seeking love
But now I need to be alone for a very long time
Alone to atone and I am One to speak

To this I must say I have already gained
The forgiveness of God and I live
And my heart holds the hope
For forgiveness to also come from you


She lit the fire beneath my heart
Let me know her love from the very start
Her song, it spoke to me and it rang true
I felt the surge of love become light and dew

So I let this surge reveal my identity
That surge of love that is serenity
Never spoke too soon to be
Something that repeats like the waves of the sea

I know in my heart and mind the gifts God gave
Shared these gifts with the world to save
The difference is that what I had caused hate
Out of jealousy, they were irate

Now I have fallen silent among the trees
Wavering, whispering, and ready to break in God’s breeze
Let me die and distribute all my love
As an offering just like the Dove

I hate what this world has become
Atrocities and blasphemy they have done
I know my purpose and I can see
Fighting for the love that will be

Be the answer to heal the pain
I do not mind standing in the rain
While I wait for you my dear
There is nothing I fear