Wish you were here with me now
That you were not afraid of a simple vow
But I digress, keep the demons at bay
Does it matter even what I say?

Felt the pain and the gain as it were
But it is difficult to say as it were
I felt your elastic longing for love
Been pouring it out for years, love

I have all the power in the universe
Abuse it not, I must insist no curse
In agreement of love between every nation
Following every cross’ station

I believe in sanctification
Not in some earthly foundation
For love deserves better than what we can offer
But the acceptance love has regardless is in the coffer

Corporate Greed

I have noticed corporate greed
It tends to bleed
Out the truth you see

So listen carefully
Though not responsible according to legal
You hands are covered
In the blood of the many
And your words tied up
In eloquent speech

The poor are poor
Here on the earth
Because of your corporate greed

There is no washing it clean
By any mere act you here possess
I see your awful crimes
How could you possibly compensate?

I say repent and regret your deeds
Confess your evil deeds
Before you are confronted with it
No Mercy for those who show none

I hate the world you created
Love has no place to rest here
Restless I go searching
For long lost hearts of love

And I found you

Pacing in Pain

Despite pacing in pain
I cannot contain
My love for you
It grows

The longer you are near
Seal my heart with a sear
Oh how that blood pours out
When will you, dear?

I drowned in my own words
Failed to compensate love
Brought shame to my house
Yet I am forgiven by God

So I write of God’s Mercy
How He rooted my life in Christ
I will announce until I drop
Everything will happen in a flash

So whether or not
Your beliefs are wrought
From a solid foundation
That is a rock

Nothing can shake me
Nor tear me down in vain
My strength is the Lord’s
My life is always His

Nothing received
Is ever by merit
But rather by mercy
As we are ALL guilty

Remember that
Remember Christ
Remember Jesus
Nobody remembers me except Christ

Kingdom Come

Here is something that has been said
Here I will say it again
If you are rich in wealth
Give all your wealth
Directly to the poor
Else you can never enter
The Kingdom of God
The time is near

So for all the rich today
You may already be too late
For the Kingdom has already come


I turned into a monstrance
To project the love of the Lord
Situated before sinners
I live according to His Word

But their hearts are hard
It is difficult to get over
That the loss is their decision
Tearing open that hole in my heart


Truly I tell you
The Lord has returned
Sooner than expected
But should not be a surprise

Every mountain be laid low
Every hill flat to a plain
No obstacle can hinder Him
However He will respect your decision

As it is and it is true
That the world expects
A grand entrance for their King
But they forget He returned like a thief

He wants nothing to do
With this generation of wickedness
And will reveal Himself
When this generation has passed away

Letting Go

I have to let her go
As tears streak my face
She wants nothing to do with me
As indicated by her inability
All I needed was a yes or no
But was bludgeoned with silence
Silence from the very beginning

So I stayed and I prayed
Remembered Love
And found her here in my heart all along
Though her love is strong
Beyond anything this world has shown
I saw our two hearts as one
Now from my heart she will not hide

But the world is cruel and unkind
Has driven Love itself into the desert
And from there I will prophecy
Prophecy unlike before
Where mother nature will have her way
Unless you repent
But no one listens anyway

So enjoy the show
As the earth is subdued into mighty shakes


I had been stripped
Stripped for wanting help
I had been held
Held captive for my beliefs
Behind closed doors in secret
They planned my demise
But my trust was in the Lord
And in my guardian angel
And He delivered me
From the hands of my enemies
Delivered me from certain death
Not once but many times

So here is to a wonderful God
Who grants all this
To the worst ever wretch
You will have ever seen

Hidden behind the one way mirrors
I told them the truth with faith
Now it has all come to pass

Now they leave me alone


If I have not posted in a while
It means the poems are in a pile
Unworthy of public consumption
Or just really really bad gumption

I write dozens a day
Sometimes more
Only a few make it this way
Saving the best for another day

But you my love
I made you feel guilty
For all my bad feelings
When all I really needed was a hug

You are thousands of miles away
In the desert I have strayed
Now I am just as lost
As you are

Your silence is unbearable
As it crushes me under water
Like a thick and heavy weight
On my chest keeping me under

That is how it is
So I bore it the best, I dd
Letting me let you go
Remembering you always

So let me remember you
Before I forget
By posting my heart’s desires
Even though you would rather I be dead


What else can I say?
You make my heart flutter
When I think of you
So there is no telling
How my heart will behave
When I am near you

Though the flutters may fade
I decided to love you instead
Brandishing curiosity
Encountering intimacy
Delivering poetry
Thinking of you

Where to go from here?
I hope you are not stuck in the mud
The absence of your presence
Tears me apart to tears
With every step I take
Not in concert with yours


I posted a revelation
Hoping to reach every nation
Jealous are their hearts
So I slipped away in the dark

Even in the darkness
There is only Light
To Gloriously shine
His Love I am

I write by iteration
Listen by locution
These words are for you
I am a simple instrument

To be one with God
Is to be in complete submission to His Will
If it be His will I live alone in a desert for a thousand years
So be it

Maybe the world will have changed by then
Maybe I am so disgusted with the world
That I have already entered that desert
Simply outlive you all, I Will

But I love you so much
To miss you would hurt
And a lost opportunity
To pour out God’s Love

So I decided to stay
You make my heart sway
In the winds of love
I live

Revelation to man

I do not know why
God chose me to say
Christ has come
Rejoice and be glad
Come to Him in the Eucharist
Be one with Him
And He will reveal Himself

For I am a wretched sinner
Unbelievably undeserving
But granted nonetheless
A life of Eternal loving

My stake in this is high
In the desert
Life is nigh

Truly I tell you
When He did reveal Himself to a man
In all His Glory
The man was so frightened
He ran away with a stumble
Out of fear his beliefs crumbled

For his heart was a stone
No blood coursing through his veins
No understanding
Not even prepared
Asleep with no oil in His lamp

As obtained by evidence
Life is precious and fenced

If a brief revelation of His Glory
Does that to just one man
I cannot imagine what it would do
To the entire earth if all of Heaven came down

But with Christ by my side
Never leaving me or without me
His Mercy is a welcome gift
Considering I was once like that man
So for you there is always hope

Christ Returned

Christ Returned somewhere between 1994 and 2003. Nobody knows what day. Not even the Son knows, only the Father. Which does not makes any sense at all.

I have the evidence I need contained in a book written by Christ Himself which enjoys a Nihil Obstat and imprimatur in the Catholic Church but my evidence will be rejected by the many with cold and stone hearts whose interest is only themselves.

I gave up trying to figure out when exactly Christ returned as that thought moved immediately to the backburner because He is already here and is not happy with how things are. The fact that no one, I repeat no one acknowledged Him to His face but rather hated Him instead. Others were simply blinded because their sin produced scales over their eyes and then there are those who are asleep, who are still sleeping. Wake up! Do not bother trying to look for Him. If he wants to stay hidden, if it be God’s will you will never see Him.

I can say Christ has returned
But I will NOT tell you where
If you want to know the truth
You can only know by revelation
And Revelation has come