His love is so strong and bold
Yet gentle and kind, I’m sold
He has taken me places only dreamt of
The New Heaven on the New Earth, love my dove

I have tasted His goodness I must proclaim
His love forever going His way, my claim
Want to be a part of the great good that comes
Always in the forefront going before me He comes

He has lowered the mountains in my way
This is something metaphorical to say
That I have no enemies not defeated by love
Did I tell you I am in love with the Dove?

So go ahead and take and take and take
Never giving back any money you rake
I have warned you people of many things
And it all came to pass to what this power brings

I held my hand and cross so high to the sky
Left a mark on their lives so sly
But felt it was a waste of time
Parting a storm by a single word is not a rhyme

Forever Engraved

Forever engraved on my heart
Are the words spoken
By God Himself
Words that bound faith
To the reality We are in
So He can say to that mountain
Go and place yourself into the sea
And it will obey
If it is His Will

In truth
Out of warning
We shook the earth
And filled the sky with ash
But you never listened

Brewed massive storms
You pray for mercy

Knocked down the lofty
You still lie and cheat
But raised the lowly
And they deserve better

We even thwarted plans of destruction
Though I ask no credit be given me
But God though through me
For I am truly nothing
As that is even how people treat me
By ostracizing me unusually
And that matters not to me

For I say there is no religion that teaches this faith
Other than by the One
Who gives you His true body and blood
And your imperfections, O Holy Church
Have a long way to go to heal

The first step to healing
Is humility
To unite the dates of Easter
Both of you
Stalling only makes things worse

We have issued warnings before
We have swung this Word like a sword
Unheeded they will slice off bone
And the earth will continue to shake you all up and devour
Until you listen and obey God for your sakes

I Believe in God

I believe in God

That is my motto. Like it makes what I do matter, I suppose, but what did I do? I am a wretch beside even thee, and if I should compare, I am put to shame and the Lord is Glorious in all He does.

I know what Amen means and it is not just a word to you if you are not blaspheming with it all the time. It has purpose, rather authority when one wields it at the end of a single word, via command.

So I say love one another

Peace be with you

My poems are rather rash
The nitty gritty ash
I am but ash
Before the Lord
In all His Glory
So peace be with you
My Heart is gleaming
My hope is in the Lord
I hope in you too

Let us leap that faith together
Over the stone fences and the liars lairs
And into the hearts of the crowds
Bringing peace to the world
By a simple way
That is all it takes
Love in all that you do
Love you

Come to Me

I have been told
By many and few
To not dwell on the past
It appears we have no past
And therefore no future
But there is one thing about me
You should know
I love absolutely everyone
And bear their pain or disease
If they passed me by
Turning me into
A hypochondriac
According to science
However, I do not complain
But offer it up to God
He then takes it away from them
If that is what he wants
For it is written
He shall bear their suffering

Your heart is so far away

First Warning

Since I love puzzles
I left you one to solve
A ray of hope and a Revelation
Of a Son come down from Heaven

I sent word to the thrones of power
None responded nor relayed even Love
For their prayers were empty
Thinking only of themselves

Yet I am a priest
A priest forever
According to the Melchite rite
Which is the order of

So I leave this in your hands now
While I expect the greatest of faith
I know the usual response
Ostracism is your game
Two can play

I will for a short time only
Hear your prayers by my New Name

And the earth shakes and shatters
As the bowels of the deep earth
Open to consume a great evil


I am telling all of you
All of you
How to get to Heaven

Do you know?
Are you there yet?
Did you know?
You have to be there first by faith
For after the veil is lifted it will be too late
And that is when you will mourn if the case

I am in Heaven now
And always will be
Here on Earth
I even found it hard to believe
But that is a very long story
Back to square one with you
Just never learned to square dance
Dinner or tea first?

Childlike Faith

There is an extraordinarily massive and phenomenal amount of true joy
That comes
Like a forest fire on approach
But not consuming anything as it permeates us
But lighting us up from within
The Light of Christ
The Light of Love
And this is my way of showing you how
Which is not for everyone
But We hope to save them all
So let us start with shining some light in the darkness

Because no matter how hard anyone tries
You cannot do it on your own
You need Him and His Divine Love
Even His Divine Protection

Which reminds me…

I call out to those that do believe
This one rather has
Quite the intensity
I have never known it to fail1
When the one who says it believes
Has the childlike faith that the prayer would be answered
So, if you do not have any faith within you
Ask Him for it
For someone would only do this out of love, really
Because if you miss any hour
You have to do it over again until you do them all
For when you do something in the Name of Jesus
You are in His Stead and so is He

Powerful Novena of Childlike Confidence
(This Novena is to be said at the same time every hour for Nine consecutive hours – just one day)

O, Jesus, Who has said, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.
(make your request)
O Jesus, Who has said, all that you ask of the Father in My Name, He will grant you through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Thy Father in Thy Name that my prayer be granted.
(Make your request)
O Jesus, Who has said, Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My Word shall not pass, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.
(make your request)

Living Faith

Living your faith is Faith
But what does living it mean?
If one of the core elements of faith
Is abandoning your own will to God
Every day
You would have no cause for war
But in your blindness
You would be led away by sin

Therefore laws must be obeyed and suffering bestowed when broken
The most important one is love
And you can only love more than one person at the same time truly
If you absolutely love everyone
Otherwise you would all destroy yourselves in a matter of minutes
Take a look around
Love is your only hope you have left
Live it, Love
And if someone asks you what your faith is
Say, Love
Say it, Love
Say it with Love
Love loves you

Difficulty With Faith

The difficulty most people have with faith
Is that they have none within
Peacocking around as though they do
No one wants anyone to know
What they really believe
So attending Mass
Is so very painful for them

We have not yet got to the fundamental elements of True Faith
The kind that can split the sea and churn mountains into rubble
Not figuratively


Alas, I must write of the response in your hearts
The response that makes the cup fill
With wrath
Do not forget, I will still drink it
Even if it makes me suffer
For a thousand years
I will relent my anger

But I would prefer a cup filled with blessing
So when it fills
I pour it on you all instead
Because I can

Now many have asked for signs
Many have dismissed the Truth
Signs are all around you

What good is faith
If you do not love it?

And I have given signs
That were never asked for
But foretold before the day

Some say it was a fluke…
If you read anything I have written
Then you will know
That fulfillment of all Scripture and Time
Is not a coincidence
There are two sides to every coincidence