In Memory

“Do this in memory of Me”
Said you, my Lord
Teach me that memory
By Your Spirit or fade
But do not fade from me
Teach me that Memory
The one by the great books convey
An everlasting sustain and echoed refrain
To be simply embellished
So even the lowest can convey


I intercede for you
My burning desire
Yearning Fire

My affection for you
A kind and loving heart
Been with me from the start

Never leaving my side
Even when I subside
Living bound and free

But I digress
The Spirit is being stifled
By futile knowledge

People believing
In only themselves
Have themselves to blame


My heart can feel
You think with your heart at me
And I wonder at your constraint
So let me tell you what I saw in a vision
I saw all those in darkness
By the light of God
They stood out
Like thousands in a canyon
They stood out
Like a sore thumb

Love I know
But I am unworthy
Rising up from the dead
Is not as easy
Without Grace
Grace on a wire
Crossing the threshold
Crossing the fire


You only caught a glimpse
Of my Heart within
Found me and hid me out of fear
Know it is what comes from the Holy Spirit
The Light that permeates
That warmth to heal
Power out of my hands
To let God’s Glory shine
That Power invoked by Faith
To change the world for Good

Love of Singing

I wish you could hear
My heartfelt song
Belted out with a gong
My lips and voice to sing
That Refrain of Love

I stepped into your light
With the hopes of flight
Singing out loud
A voice you never ever heard
Your silence keeping me from

I have not sung of love
In a very long long time
Until this very moment now
So the hearts of Angels can praise
For centuries to come

My own voice brought tears
By the tune and sears
Shaking up desolate dears
To stand up without fears
Delivering sincere cheers

So love never ends
And it can never ever die


Heard the Angels sing
That chorus in your song
That song of Heavenly desires
It was not the words
But the light of love
That caught my attention
So I stayed
Could never fade

Without you I am empty
This life of suffering I endured
For your sake I gave it all
Cause I finally found you
You who are the one
My Heart sings to every minute of the day

Now the air is filled with lies
I am all aired out and despised
For defeating enemies
With a simple swoop of love
I have nothing to hide
Except who I am

But you my dear
Are the only one who knows
The truth and life of mine
I boast of great love
Coming from that beautiful heart of yours

To you I am nothing
To me I am mourning
And that is true
But I am not me anymore
But the One who is to come
Opening Hearts to God
Personally and full of love
One heart at a time

Surely you wil one day discover
That great love put on a show
In a crowd of losers and lost


Feels like I am done for
I feel like how I felt
When I was betrayed
But did I ever give out
Seems like it, you
I do not even know
What I am doing anymore
Should I cut off my right hand or left?
Something I believe
Would change the world if I do
Now got got my power
All to you I gave it to
With it dear
What will you ever do?
To change the world, you
I knew it was because of you
Now I sow my tears at the loss
The loss of those who love


My tears tore a hole
In my heart and soul
Breathing in fire
Exhaling desire

Just to be with you
It is you I pursue
With love and grace
Wish to see your face

Said so much over the years
Spilled my own blood over tears
The pain of never knowing
It is for you my love is sowing


Heard the devil say
Go straight to hell
Like dust I brushed it off
Can see the web of lies
Painting me in a different light
Than the love I am I give
Powerful people ignore me
Do not even know me
Then I will say in the end
I do not even know you
As you never knew me
In the least of those on earth
Exacerbated by the virus
How you treat them thus me
You will indeed be judged harshly

Tired of warning you of the evil
That comes to destroy
I know love
Sacrificial Love I have lived
Over and over again

This heart beats the beat
But the hard of heart I know
Cracked the hardest part
Loved the edge of living
Delivered many a gift

This very life does not matter
The Lord delivers a thousand years
In a moment like a day
As I step into this darkness before you
I am with you to the end
Truly the end has already come
And it’s end is already delayed

Now I brandish this sword of flame
It’s ambience scatters evil like cockroaches…


As they gazed up to Heaven
Wondered how He shall return
Assured He shall
Returned He has

Their spirits were revived
Their lives bent on love
Discovered something special
The unity ever sought or desired

Bringing together all the four corners
United and One
Little did they know they would be united
To His Death, Resurrection, AND Ascension

So take comfort if all you do
Is with the love that is the Lord’s
That victory over death and life
Is Immortality forevermore