Beautiful Journey

Did I tell you I am lonely?
When with you feeling like I am homely
No one understands but that’s okay
I have nothing more to say

I know many feel that I am crazy
Hence all the drugs with my mind going hazy
Don’t know what to think anymore
As my body falls to the floor

Still standing I look down to see
Myself dead as can be
About to leave my body behind
I heard your voice calling me to you to find

So I jumped right back in to be
A part of your beautiful journey
So waste not this opportunity
As my heart flutters quickly within me


I am a nobody
Having nothing
Sacrificed it all
To be this that I am
For a reason

I can see the false hopes
I can see through the lies
But I am treated woth contempt
For doing nothing wrong

I thought wrong concerning your heart
I thought wrong concerning your desire
That long lost love forgotten soon
Placing me before this time

I can see the future and it is bleak
Though Love wins in the end
Of which death has no power
I live for you
Love you always

I am not rich
Only poor
I am not famous
Just trashed by you for being me

Will we ever get along
Knowing now the suffering caused?

No idea

I had no idea
You could be so cruel
Despite my suffering
You chose to pursue
A false dream
Instead of flourishing
A love that you lost
By ignoring me

This wounded me hard
After teasing me with hope
All year round
A dream made real by your love
Made stale by you

A wound so deep
It never stopped bleeding
A lance so sharp
Pierced me through

So as I fight to live
The wound gets deeper
The longer you stay away

To relieve the pain
I have to die
I have the least to lose


Cannot help but remember
Being strangled
When I was a child
Because they thought it was fun

This memory and the taste of blood
Raises anger like a tempest
But I forgive them
Love them

Pity them
Exacting no revenge
Breaking that cycle of hate
My vengeance is love


My situation is this
I cannot die
I tried many times
And so have they
So when I go
It will be permitted
Not condoned
That is the truth
Because it will not be my hand

The truth also is this
I already destroyed Death
So it has no power
Dead is dead
So who then allows you passage?
And why are the Martyrs sleeping?

While the earth itself is your rot and ash
Your flesh rots
Christ’s does not
Only a Christ can rise from the dead
Only a Christ can raise the dead
Only a Christ can ascend into Heaven
That only means I am a Christ
For I have done all these things
But you are too blind to see
That I am not THE Christ
Yet We are one and the same
Through the Most Holy Spirit
One with the Father I Am
In Christ’s Holy Name

So I beg you O Peter
As I descend once more even deeper
Beneath you and this world
In reparation, such reparation!
With but one simple act of faith for you to follow
After a united Easter Sunday
Would finally be accomplished
By raising Me up from the dead
Just like Lazarus
For all the power to you Jesus gave
Or is it just a seat to you?
So here is your opportunity
To show mercy
And reveal the true mystery of Christ!
If you think this is a test

I need not the world
But you need love to live
It is what keeps the beat
Will you let Love live?
Love loves you
And I know what you did

Humbly repent
Unite the dates
I gladly die
For your sakes

You Won’t Like This

One after another, Angels
Keep your pace
Such unwavering hearts
Oh what lack of faith!

Oh Angels, shake down to foundations
Open up the bowels of the earth
Blast out fire and ash
Let them know it’s this command

Then from the ocean’s deep
Muster up your wind
And mix your four elements
They’ll call it climate change

To where shall you turn?
Where can you hide?
Under the mountains that crumble?
Or the sky that burns?

Let go of your hate and repent
Or witness a thousandfold event
Hear O Angels of God
Heed God’s command. Amen.

Must Rest

Being off of ALL pain medication completely for the first time in almost 20 years has been, challenging, to say the least. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or God, but I hate this world, I fucking hate it, all of it. I love the people, but the world they created without God is a disgrace, it’s disgusting, and it pisses me off. It’s a good thing I don’t get my way or you all would see such wrath never before seen, but as it is, you all have Christ, He wants to save everyone, and I accept that and condone it.

So you might be wondering why I hate this world so much, you may already know why, and my reasons are perfectly valid, because the world I live in, is being ruined by Satan through people around me and by most of the world who blindly follow the Beast. I didn’t ask to go off pain medication, I was forced off of all of them because I experienced the Passion of Christ in an emergency room. Stupid doctors have no idea what’s coming.

That asshat Satan can’t get to me directly so he attacks my family. Typical of a coward.

Know this, the Lord has my ear, and my prayer used to be blessings upon blessings abundantly to those around me every day but they do not see, I smashed hearts of stone and performed signs before them. I even died for them, many times. I know not how many souls I have saved or will save by enduring this suffering, but in this state my posts will be less often now, and I must retreat for a while so I can recover.

If you are truly one with Christ, get off your ass and start behaving like it!