You are a fool
If you only look on the surface
At just a man behind the glasses

Understanding Heaven
Involves a constant steadiness
Of Heart, Wind, and Flame

Something you cannot see with your eyes
Something that cannot be taken away
Something that I Am said I was
So I must believe in We instead

What is blood but the dust of the earth
And with His Heart
Flows His Blood and Water
His Body is not dust
But everlasting life

Parcel in Perfection through forgiveness
Sacrifice, there is only one true sacrifice
Hence the Divine Unction of Ascension that comes

All around me thunder and lightning
The world is in for very turbulent times
We decided to wait this one out

You definitely cannot say I did not warn you
At this point I have not looked to see what comes next
No one heeds or admonishes His Word anyway

I am ostracized for how long?
Put your ear to Heaven
Put your ear to Hell
They all say the same thinng
Jesus has Returned

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