The anger I wield is not not even my own
To the heavens I should have already flown
My might is but a flutter compared to His
So I yield according to what His Power is

So go ahead and disregard the inevitable
According to what you think you are able
Know that goodness will prevail in the end
Only love to you do I sincerely send

When it comes time to understand
The Lord’s Gift of it shall always stand
True love and against the deplorable
Loving what is really and truly adorable

Lesson to Learn

I tried three times to connect with you
My intentions were revealed to be true
Only to be denied and rejected at every turn
Was there some lesson to learn?

With no way to reach you
I cannot say for sure what’s true
But I can shake the earth for attention
Disregarding any indirect connection

This time I will throw in a tsunami
I guess we will have to wait and see
Loss of life and everything
Meant not to be just to be a warning

This blood spilled is but a drop
To reveal there is a one stop shop
Beyond this adverse life
Bringing in healing from strife

If you only knew I had been poisoned
And it had no effect so now I’m imprisoned
But the hatred and the blood of my enemies
Haunt the living through the trees

So let the truth wander in like a King
Filled with the charism beyond the ring
Fed up with the lack of love all around Him
He exiled everyone regardless of any trim

Filled His court with the lame, blind, and lost
Was laughed at because of the enormous cost
But paid it anyway all by myself
Put my bragging rights on the shelf