The things I write
Would astonish you
I never posted
Absolutely everything

Thousands of them
Situated like a stone
With unity under one roof
In Christ Jesus
He is the King of Kings

The God of Gods

So do what you ought to
Before it is too late
Is very much something
Out of love you should do

I can attest to Everlasting Life
Having lived through it once and a while
This is what love offers us
And that same love is God

But how I am treated and others
By the very ways of this world
Warrant an apocalypse
To establish God’s Kingdom on Earth
For your hearts are hard
And it grieves me greatly
To have to be this way


Been trying to reach you
To no avail
You would rather be

Thought I would saturate
The world with stanzas
Hoping to reach you
But the audience is lacking

What they see and what they know
Is not what you presuppose
I can pull the veil over their eyes
But they are covered in scales

I shook the earth and no one blames me
Now the glow of nature comes


God’s graces be with you
I have told you what to do
It has been said before
This is not some lore

So I wandered far away
Still wandering to this day
Wondering when you will say
I love you, please stay

Where I wandered no one knows
But I found a hidden treasure I suppose
Delighting in the Lord’s presence
Nothing for those sitting on the fence


I am desperate to die
I need not tell you why
Jesus already saved me
From Death you can see

His Kingdom has come
I thought I was done
Waiting for others to see
Heaven is the place to be

As His Witness I have seen
And there is nothing but pain
His love I have again and again

So repent from your misdeeds
The wrath comes
In the wake of disaster
One third will be wiped away


I warned you of escalations
Now nature will continue to get worse

The longer you refuse
To listen to the Word of the Lord
The larger the escalation

Seven years of suffering ensued
Due to the obstinate in power
All because pride eats them away

But the Lord will take away their power
Their influence will be squashed
He will give that power to the undeserved
And undermine the authority of man

There really is no authority of man
An illusion created to fool them
Into thinking their deception will save them

Truly I tell you
Love’s response will be swift


I read your heart again today
Found it in such dismay
Down to a flicker of a flame
I will breathe into it life

And let the flames grow into a fire
A fire for Love
Filling that void
While standing on the ground

So stand your ground
Love is the answer
Wish you would embellish love
For love will embellish you


I gave it some more
I gave it my all
Poured out onto the earth
This cup of Wrath God gave

Look to the One you should adore
Fill your mind to the core
With the positively fantastic
Glory of God’s Love

So few show repentance
Your lives are a lie
Devoted to wickedness
This generation is destroying itself


Dangerous and alone
Subjected to evil
Finished with trials
Devoted and adorned

See the circumstance
That greatness comes
Full of Glory
Defeating wickedness at every turn

So bombard me with Love
Giving love the attention
For the entire world
Across Heaven and me


Every year that goes by
That the Church remains divided
Divides the Body of Christ
To which suffering is ensured

Unite under one Cross
Unite under one Body
Unite under one Love
Unite under one Christ

Then you will be told
To repent from your sins
To be allowed to see
The Heavenly Kingdom within


In awe of this burning love
To find one for me
Deliverance to be

Given to me
To do with as I please
I choose loving one another
Over delivering calamities

Despite the unpopularity
Of this poor prophet’s word
I kindle love’s gesture
Waving you over here

So visit me in your dreams
And I will bring you Delight of delights
Unpronounced love
Forever giving and receiving