Thump goes the beat
With the heart like rhythm
Badoom boom it goes
But which one is it?

Is it the fast paced rush
Are you out of breath yet?

Is it the slow, swirling, sensational
Not quite sleeping but close enough…

Or is it the constant drum
At a pace that lies still?

There is more
Like how I am entangled again
With you

Are you trying to pull me in?
I have infinite reserves of blessings
From God and in Christ’s Name
And I pour them on your head


I never smile to strangers
Not because I do not want to
But because I can read their hearts
And can see what they think of me
When I do
So I bless them instead
And walk with a heavy heart
For I carry you with me
When I look at you
My heart explodes with Joy
At your beauty
I have to veil it
Oy what you do to me…

Lo Down

I will give you
The lo down, see
I Am descended from God
I declare it openly
A descendant I Am

Now I must tell you
Not much time left now
He is always here
Witnessed through the eyes of faith
He comes down to us every day

I had another vision
That will not be written
Simply because
I am bound like a slave
With the illusion of choice
And I Am one who sees
For the only choice I have
Is to commit sin
If I want my life to be any easier
The road to Hell is wide and easy

So if Christ came down
And entered into your slavery
What do you think He will do?

I will not say anything
But this:
By the power of the Most Holy Spirit
I bind Satan’s forked tongue
In the name of the Lord Jesus
So that everyone Satan speaks to
Will be like they are stone deaf in hearing
For all eternity



Saw a little girl between two countries
Snuck under the soldiers foot
And made her way to the gate
As she ran she shrieked
For bullets sparked the way
A metal gauntlet of distrust and hate
A little girl, a child, ran…

Satan has such a grip on your throats
That you fear a mere child
A child seeking refuge
From the bullets you drop like rain
You make me sick

Progressively …

Such great steps towards unity
But you are still stubbornly divided
On matter and time

I saw another Word of Fire forming
But before it could blast forth from my mouth
My Heart melted in the rain of your love
Your pupils deeper than the pools above
I looked backward and forward
I saw and felt the crowd
Wishing I was there
Your love would have set me on fire
And mine would have brought the rain


Led by the Spirit
I Was, Am, and Will forever be
One with Him

So I asked Him

My Father, my Fountain
Refresh Me, for I thirst

In the prayer to You Our Father
We pray
Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Only no one on Earth seems to understand
What that means

How is Your will done in Heaven?

The Father answered…

Be blessed then with this Knowledge
My Will is done in Heaven because everything in Heaven is subject to Me
Do as the Angels do for their love is forever.

Thus the only way to fulfill the prayer itself
Is to truly offer God the Father
Your own free will
That simple

At some point you are all going to realize
That scattered throughout the earth
Are those who have truly risen from the dead…

And I cannot stop smiling
I am smiling because God is smiling back at me
I am smiling
Smiling because I know
The Lord raised me from the dead
And my heart is pounding
When do we get to announce it?
When can we say out loud in a trumpet blast
That all Glory be to God
That we have been raised from the dead
And Jesus has Returned!

As I stood in amazement
My Heart tugged at a chord
A song strummed my heart strings
Sing to me your lullaby of love, my Love
That song forever enthroned one after another
Soothe my suffering with the swirls of your heartbeats
Where else shall I place my head to rest?

So out poured a treasure trove of Gifts and Love
Joy and blessings for all
Be forever for His Glory

On That Day

On that day it shall be said to Jerusalem:
Do not fear, O Zion
Let not your hands grow weak
The Lord God is in your midst
A warrior who gives victory
He will rejoice over you with gladness
He will renew you in his love
He will exult over you with loud singing
As on a day of festival

I will remove disaster from you
So that you will not bear reproach for it
Behold, at that time I will deal
Will all your oppressors
And I will save the lame
And gather the outcast
And I will change their shame into praise
And renown in all the earth

At that time I will bring you home
At the time when I gather you together
Yea, I will make you renowned and praised
Among all the peoples of the earth
When I restore your fortunes
Before your eyes
Says the Lord

Zephaniah 3:16-20

It Is Clear

When he was about to die under the blows
He groaned aloud and said:

It is clear to the Lord
In His Holy Knowledge that
Though I might have been saved from death
I am enduring terrible sufferings in my body under this beating
But in my soul I am glad to suffer these things
Because I fear him

2 Maccabees 6:30

I have been saved from death
But endure terrible sufferings in my body for Him on account of Him…

Paid In Full

There was a dark and treacherous cloud overhead
I looked up and commanded its departure
Always in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord it obeys

Lo, if the power let flow the wrath is mine
The power to stay it is also mine
I have chosen to stay the wrath
And left these temporary markings behind
But I stay the wrath at a cost you do not know
Do you seek to know what price I paid?

I have decided I shall never tell you
But what I can tell you is this
And Jesus says this:
The deal is, if they ever love me back, I will even yank them out of Hell

At what point will I give in from suffering
Even if such storms of anger and hatred is brewed up against
I will not slash you down from an earthquake, but I could
I always decide to not pour out that cup against you
I do not, even though the devil tempts me every day

Now, if I say to you, leave me alone for a while to suffer greatly before the loss
What does that mean to you?
But truly I tell you
I Am all alone but not
And in that silence I bleed profusely now
I have no fear for the Lord is with me

No fear not because I am courageous (read both ways is true)
But because when someone said
Fear separation from God
I realized I am supposed to fear the one thing that shall never happen to me
And that made me wonder…

Stalk Of Wheat

The devil sowed darnel
Among the Lord’s fields of wheat

I always know which is darnel and which is wheat
Uprooting the darnel
Will pull the wheat up along with it
So alongside they will grow until harvest

Well the harvest is upon us

And the devil is interfering with the harvest
Because I have come across a stalk of wheat
Be not afraid


I stumbled as I walked
I wavered with every step
His steps mirroring mine or mine mirroring his
I could not tell whose was which
It gets blurry after years go by
That way we took was hard
It took
So much
From me and Him
And you

It hurts how much..
It hurts how much was lost
And how much blood continues to flow
For no sake at all…

My eyes a fountain
Streaming blood and water like a weeping tile
Next to the river of life I weep
I weep because of the loss..

I weep as does He
Why do you do this to Him?!

O Sirach

Then the prophet Elijah arose like a fire
And his word burned like a torch
He brought a famine upon them
And by his zeal he made them few in number
By the word of the Lord he shut up the heavens
And also three times brought down fire
How glorious you were O Elijah in your wondrous deeds!
And who has the right to boast which you have?
You who raised a corpse from death and from Hades
By the Word of the Most High
Who brought kings down to destruction
And famous men from their beds
Who heard rebuke at Sinai
And judgments of vengeance at Horeb
Who anointed kings to inflict retribution
And prophets to succeed you
You who were taken up by a whirlwind of fire
In a chariot with horses of fire
You who are ready at the appointed time
It is written
To calm the wrath of God before it breaks out in a fury
To turn the heart of the father to the son
And to restore the tribes of Jacob
Blessed are those who saw you
And those who have been adorned in love
For we also shall surely live

Sirach 48:1-11

No Stage

I could stand up on any stage
To Glorify Him, the Almighty Lord and God
But in fact it would be
God Glorifying Himself through me!

But what is the point?
Nobody asked me to
Even though I offered

In this day and age
All they want to see is
Lustful bling on a smorgasbord of sin
They to me, have made up their mind

I was about to prepare a blast
Of the furnaces deep within the earth
But your Mother Mary wags her finger at me…

I am listening…
And I hear the prayers for more time

First, hurry up!
Then, we need more time!

The gifts I bring to the world
Are the ones you never notice or see
Thus no thanks or praise is given
Except by the ones who by faith give theirs and more

For even to the ones who tortured me
Abused me and hated me
I will always love them
Forgiven long ago
For none of them
Knew what it was that they were doing
But they should have known better

A Day In The Life Of

A day in the life of the Lord
Is a day of Life in Heaven

A day of work in the Lord
Is splendid, joyful, merciful

A day of rest in the Lord
Envy I would cause should I say

In Heaven
On Earth

Got my bible on my left
Got my childhood on my right

What is next, perhaps I will wing it?