Give Him Permission

My heart grieves at my wretchedness before the day of my Lord Jesus’ birth. He wants me to remind the reader that apart from Him we are nothing. This is not only to illustrate what we actually are without God, but because I offered Jesus my very own life, I gave Him permission, and I have let Him possess me. Our Lord is gentle, loving and kind. He died for me and He has given me permission, and allowed me to possess Him. Not just to me, but to all who wants to drink from this fountain. It is all you dreamed of and so much more!

It’s no coincidence that this day the weather is 17 C so far on Christmas Eve and that there is a feeling of Spring in the air! Today, it is supposed to be very cold and very snowy, but by the Lord’s Mercy He answered my prayer. As a sign, perhaps, but most importantly, the time for all things hidden to come to light and that the Power of the Holy Spirit flow into all the earth and reveal the truth. Mary, Mother Most Holy, watch over us and intercede for us, we are weak and the first battle is at hand. Lord Jesus, stir up in the hearts of Your faithful and grant them all Your own Eyes so that they can see who You really are and the things You are doing out of Love for them.

The Way

I woke from my sleep with praise to God on my lips, for the Lord indeed is merciful. It is only by His Grace that I have walked this far, the Lord is gentle and merciful because of my weaknesses. Though I realized, that there are mysteries surrounding these Graces, and the Lord is always preparing me. Now the Lord is leading me up a very narrow and steep way, there is no path, only bloody footprints, for He is the way and where He leads me, I follow. Know this, oh fortunate reader, believe in the Lord and in what He has already done, what He is now doing, and what He is going to do. My heart leaps for Joy at the thought of what waits, Praise be to the Lord!

A Revelation

This is so much more than about being saved. I know already that I am saved, the Gift of this assurance has given me the opportunity to be bold before God and ask Him for anything. Anyone can ask Him for anything in Christ’s name. Since Jesus and I are one and we are through and within each other, I am. And I have been very bold, for I have stood before the Lord broken and bleeding, and He taught me His Cross, and when all was revealed, I now know that as the Lord your God Lives in Me, He has brought power to my name for His Glory. Ask and it will be done to you, ask and you shall receive. I say bold, because despite my weakness, I know my place in the Heart of God. Satan has tried long to take me away from this Love. He has failed because even he is blind to the truth. No one can take away the Love of God when He has sealed it upon His Beloved.

What Jesus and I bring to the world is Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, in all His Glory, defeating sin and death and now has come to Judge the world. Do you have eyes that See? How many will see Him and ask for a miracle? I already asked for only one miracle, for me to become Jesus and Jesus to become me, that we become indistinguishably one. I have a long way to go, but now that I am clothed in Christ, and He is within me, it will not be long now before the eyes of the world will finally be open.

Extraordinary Desire

What I prayed about today consisted of many things and once again I acknowledged my weakness before God. I am nothing. Then I felt peace. He said He was pleased that the desires of my heart point to Himself and told me to continue to follow Him. Then I raised the desires of my heart to Him, asking Him for something extraordinary, my contribution to the conversion of souls requiring His help, and I hope He will answer my prayer.

Indeed the Lord has come, and none know it. Mary my Mother, Holy Mary, Mother of God, stir up in the hearts of your faithful, inspire in them the desire to seek Jesus and find Him. Mary, tell them my name and tell them the truth. It is time. Amen.

Breathe Fire

He breathed His Flame into my Heart, now His Flame has become purifying fire, a burning desire, a Holy Thirst for Him. It never ends and it only gets better the more he satisfies my thirst. My insatiable thirst will continue until I am made perfect by Him, and on that Day, His Glory will shine, and all will see and know the Truth.

I Am who Am, says the Lord.

My Lord, burn me with your purifying fire, and prepare me for the day you bring your fire on the earth.

The Lord has been patient with me, and my heart is heavy with sorrow. I know what waits for many, fire that is not like any other fire, it’s poison will kill and it will burn everything away.

I offered to the Father my very own life, for Him to take it and use me in any way He wants and this pleased Him. I then wondered why He could not just glorify Himself through me with a blindingly bright and glorious transfiguration, and then the world will finally see. I asked the Father if it be His Will that I be transfigured before many. The Lord revealed that I did not understand, that He has indeed already clothed me, and as it is the rest of the world that cannot see for they are blind to His Light, but He assured me that all will behold Him in company with countless hosts of Angels and Saints, with me, coming down from Heaven. This is the Day that waits for those who Hope in the Lord.


The Lord revealed to me a man, He said he was Russian, I did not see much else, so I prayed for him, then I was prompted to write this:

Lord Jesus I am weak, grant me your graces.
Lord Jesus I am afraid, grant me your peace.
Lord Jesus I am blind, grant me your sight.
Lord Jesus I am a sinner, grant me your forgiveness.
Lord Jesus I am nothing, grant me yourself.
Lord Jesus I love you


Clothed in Christ

Oh Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God! Praise and Honour is all yours! Bless you Saint Pio! Not only have you led me to Christ, you lead me to an even greater union with Him. Christ clothed you in Himself during every moment you could spare, I would have to say, that just as I have learned, that prayers can be answered when those with the Faith pray to a living Son of God. I look forward to the Day when we all gaze upon the Face of God and in a Song of Praise give Him all the Glory!

To be clothed in Christ means to abandon yourself to God, completely, without reservation.

Acknowledge the Truth!

In all Truth, I am by the Father’s account the least of all His Children, and I acknowledge this also. This is where I must state very clearly, by the power of Jesus Christ, I am in Him and He is in me and we are one because Jesus did indeed say, “that which you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me”. Jesus spoke of the manner in which He will return and He has indeed returned. How can I say that which would not invoke jealousy amongst these people, ridicule and disbelief, but He has not come into the world to convince those who already believe in Him, He has come to find the lost ones, to bring them to Himself, for them to become one with Him, and no one can stop Him.

Behold the day is coming soon when the blind will all see and here I speak plainly. What you see with your eyes in this universe, what you detect with your devices of the unseen parts of this universe, is but a tiny fraction of what is actually happening all around you. My prayer for the world on the Day that is coming will be for their blindness to be cured and that they finally see Jesus in all the Father’s Glory! It saddens Jesus that not one has recognized Him and those that have, they refuse to believe it.

Upon meditation and deep prayer, I saw a man get incinerated by a very powerful blast of fire. It appears the game is up and now the light will begin to shine on all.

Have Hope despite the evil

I started to draw my youngest son a bath, and the moment I turned my back, Satan physically knocked my child off the toilet and he hit his face on the counter.  It was most certainly strange to see. Though he wasn’t hurt significantly, considering how hard he hit his face, likely protected by his guardian angel, but this cowardly act still pissed me off! Enough that I screamed at God and demanded that Satan be destroyed and that he crossed the line. I argued that a demon, does not have the right or permission to hurt my little ones, especially in retaliation for something I did, even if it is my fault it should never happen.

I trust in the Lord, for He is in me and I am in Him and He and I are one.

Let those whose ears are deaf and those whose eyes are blind now be open! By the command of the Lord look and see! For the Lord says, “I will restore the sight of all my people from a blindness that has covered their eyes, for not one person I have stood before has recognized me, though I am patient, all will be revealed soon and the Light of Truth will shine on all.  Peace be to all.”


I had the strong sense that a massive earthquake was about to happen. The whole day was me wondering and waiting. Night passed, morning came, and everything was very silent. I asked the Lord if He was there but he did not answer, I thought only for a moment that He completely abandoned me, but then I remembered the He said He would never do that. So I waited. While I waited, I was tempted. I was tempted to do things I would not otherwise do. I recognized right away that they were not from the Lord. I asked for help from Jesus and His Graces, though my Lord did not say anything, I prayed that I would not fall from this Grace He has sustained me in for some time now, and He answered me.

The Father revealed to me that I was beginning to doubt His Word because of my weakness, so He wanted me feel but for a moment silence from Him as a reminder that the veil hiding His presence from me is touching my face.

I asked to see His face and I remembered my first encounter with Him. It was indeed in the womb, and that was when He asked me something I could not refuse. Should I write it down I would be disobeying Him, but the goodness of the Lord is greater than what we imagine.

The Father’s Glory

I am Grace. Peace is with me. Christ has lowered Himself to me, though I do not deserve it, for I am indeed the least of all because the Lord revealed that I am the least deserving of this Gift, no one deserves it. I have been completely emptied and I know nothing else but Christ.  With that comes His Glory – His Awesome Glory – For Christ to become me and myself become him, this is truly my deepest and greatest desire, words cannot convey His Gaze into me and the Lord has indeed done so, continues to do so, and will always do so until the Day.

To the world from the Almighty Father:  “Were it that you were all united, even in your wretchedness, you would be living in an utopia, but your division, your sin, causes you to fall again and again.  Even such a world, should it ever exist, created by man would only serve to glorify man, therefore how much more will I give you and Glorify Myself when I lower down to you My New Jerusalem!”

His Presence has Authority

The many trials and being subject to temptation was because God is teaching me how to live in His Grace while being tempted. So far His Grace has sustained me and I feel as though He will continue to pour more graces upon me.

I have been reflecting a lot about what the Father has revealed, and in such a short amount of time, things are quickening up, the Spirit of God is moving like fire over all the earth.

It’s now getting to the point where I am having complete conversations with God. I sometimes talk mostly, but I do stop and listen and when he speaks I know it’s Him, because He taught me and His words have authority, yet gentle and loving at the same time. He wants me to learn His presence more. While all this is happening, I desire more, I ask Him how can I love him more?

To Die with Him, is to be Raised with Him

The Lord heard me and answered my prayer. I have been struggling to understand the mystery of our need to unify ourselves with Christ in His Cross and how this plays a role in our suffering today. Let me put it this way, how else shall one be raised with Him, Jesus of Nazareth, who died on a cross for all sinners?

Jesus hid from me a truth about what this means and only revealed it when I asked truthfully, how can I love God more?

Jesus revealed to me that when we endure any suffering and offer it to Him, what we are in fact doing, is actually enduring the burden with Him on the Cross, with countless others who have done the same, our part reduces Christ’s suffering that is repeated with every sin, and when I realized this, I saw a large number of Saints, each on their own crosses suffering with Christ, each bearing their share of Christ’s suffering, and because of this act of Love, Christ United Himself with them all, they did what they could by His Grace to give Christ rest from the Cross. I will gladly and eagerly take as long as possible on that Cross, because these moments indeed give Christ rest from His suffering, though we could never extinguish His suffering completely, Jesus is the only one that destroyed all sin. Yes, destroyed. The part that drives me with the same Passion, is indeed about being raised with Him. That moment happened over two thousand years ago, and because of that knowledge, I know that I am already United with Him especially on His Cross, which means that I have already been raised in Christ, so by being raised with Christ, and I always will be, that makes me a Son of God, like many others, and through us Christ will Return. So be it. Amen.

He will lift up the lowly

Peace be with you all!

I know the Lord said to me to rest and wait and it was also later affirmed that I must wait for the Lord, but I’m getting too excited about what the Lord is up to, I am awake. His Most Holy Spirit is moving quickly, and Graces are pouring out from Heaven to earth. If we ever had a choice as to when would be a great time to be on the earth, it would be today. Today, because despite our sins, God still is pouring out His Mercy and Grace, and we must not refuse Him. In fact, I pray that all those close to God realize just how important it is to reach out to others when they feel prompted by the Lord to do so, and that the Lord lavish His Grace on them in such a way that their eyes are opened and they see the Truth. The Lord is calling us to assemble, assemble in the basements, the parishes, the halls, the parks, and the deserts. For he has chosen many people throughout the earth. These chosen people are indeed his Sons and Daughters, Glorified through Christ, Unified in the suffering of Christ, and destined to live as Christ, but yet they are not Christ though they are one with Him, and by being one with Him they are one with the Father and they have indeed fulfilled the Awesome Prayer of Jesus, as it is His Will.

Behold, those who have been United in Christ will indeed subdue the earth. They are the meek, as they will inherit the earth, who else will reign with Christ for a thousand years on while on earth?

Be not afraid, even though my Father’s Mercy will only last so long, His Wrath must and will be great. I am starting to learn that it is only by His Grace that I am able to declare Him as my Father, as He has declared me His Son. Oh the Divine Mystery of Christ is Eternal Salvation! Do not reject this Gift! For the greatest desire of all the Saints is to be United to Him in Everything. So when He allows Salvation and offers it to us freely, do not reject it due to the your shame from your sins, because Jesus became sin itself and all sins were destroyed on the Cross as a result. Do you now get it?  Do you now see?

God will lower himself
Down to the lowly
Until he lifts us up
Wrapped in His Glory
He will leave behind the wicked
The wicked will all perish
He will raise up and perfect
The lowly and the meek
His Children He will raise
Hinder not these blessed ones of God
They have been tasked
By the Father in Heaven
To Witness Heaven coming down to earth
And the way by which you will know them
Is Love

Attacked as usual

Last night I was physically attacked again and again, there were hundreds of demons biting and slashing me so I offered myself to Christ. Let me tell you, the amount of suffering is way beyond my ability to articulate, and every breath was wrought with intense torment. If I coughed it was the same as a death blow. I endured it all because He protected me. I woke up feeling fine the next day, only for it to happen again after my normal duties, though not as bad.

I write of this because I know there are many who do suffer, but they do not suffer willingly, so what happens when you give your will over to His?

I will tell you this, if you suffer unwillingly, then it is your sin causing your suffering, your pain, your anguish, for you have detached yourself from God and are sitting in a stench of sin.  Let Him bring you out of that stench, come before Him and receive Him. For when you suffer as an offering not for yourself, but bear the suffering for others, the Lord will bless you.