Learn from the Ninevites
The lesson wasn’t learned
But should the nations repent
The destruction would be spared

Never before has this world ever been
So disgustingly drenched in sin
They only know one thing
Cause and effect

Now they’ll receive what is due
This Word as written proof
You as the witness, so testify
My Love is poured out for you

These people cause this ruin
Because they want to live this way
It’s been said before and I will say again
They are blind to the Truth so pray

My Lord will relent if they heed His Word
He will retract His wrath for your Love
But this prophet has been cast aside
Now I’ve turned away from the elect

So if you feel lost and confused
If you believe the power of this Sword
Do the most awesome act of Love
Unconditionally, believe and you’ll see

Peace. Amen.

Power Is His

Once is a coincidence
Twice is a fluke
Thrice is amazing
More than that is Power

What more shall I command?
Volcanoes to burst the crust
You’ll know it’s the end
Alas, Angels will be at my side

I’m still pointing the way
Believe in Jesus’ name
He has the power to save
I am just an instrument of Power

Now comes destruction and waste
In the blink the world will change
In that moment, be the light of Love
Those lost and afraid will need Him

The Dead

Endowed with the Spirit of God
I blazed and burst into flame
His Face shone like a thousand suns
Of those that saw they didn’t see

I bled out Love and I still bleed
For those who’ve wandered off
I’m here to testify to the Truth
Of those who love sin to ruin

Thousands of years in a flash
Your thirst for innocent blood and war
Will be met by a clash of plagues, death, and ruin
I’m done with the dead

Where Are You Going?

At the crossroad I waited and waited
Many passersby, so few even noticed
A King of Heaven pointing the way
Disbelief on their faces as some passed
Heading down the wide and easy road
To an illusion of life that leads to death

Now Judgement comes swift
Like a thief in the night
Oh what a Glorious sight
Majesty and Power
By His hand, Judgement is His
None can contest
So ACT out of Love above and beyond

His Name

I lifted my eyes
To the Heavenly Kingdom
Glorious praise surround
An altar, an offering

Lifted this way, it’s Him
My Lord Jesus Christ
One with Him and Me
Mercy is that despite me

I have a new name
And it is all for Love
That’s what I give to all
I’ll die for this Love to be

Nothing in return
Should not one even believe
My offering still stands
You’ll either accept or deny

So break your own heart
If you have to be free
It takes no time at all
Just His Name will save

Treasure Mountain

If you heard my story
Your heart would bleed
I thirst for Love that’s real

What desert is this?
I’ve been abandoned, abused, scorned
Real Love so very rare

But you, my diamond flower
Potent your Love is
You see it not

That’s okay, no one does
They guard their own love
Like it’s treasure they found

Unable to give it away for free
Fiercely afraid of losing it all
God’s Love is so much more

Over the mountain they’ll see
That greater Love still will always be
The Light beyond darkness

At the summit, either ascend or descend
I’m standing waiting
Kneeling praying


So there’s a place, the Angel’s know where
The creatures that crave your crops
Will swarm and storm that place
Their insatiable appetite to consume
Will leave nothing but rot and distaste

Thus this command, meant to point the way
Lest you leave yourself in a wretched state
Like the crops, you’ll be consumed and left to waste
Unless they turn away from their hate
Amen. So be it, just one command to obey

Stone Hearts

I closed my eyes before a crowd
My heart tore open wide
Out came the water and blood
The weight of their stone hearts tore a hole
My eyes saw no one but one
A loving heart, just one, so sad

They do this to themselves not me
The quakes will keep coming
Until they see that it’s them not me
Keep this up and guess what

Destruction and waste not ‘cause you’re you
The Angels have their command
To humble the wicked
But you’ll get caught in the crossfire
It matters not ‘cause you’re you

No one raves about a prophet
That seeks fulfillment and light be shone
On the truth and what is Love

God is here and He is Love
But if you have not Love
Nothing you are and nothing you will be
So why are you so concerned?

Do you love their evil deeds?
Or do you love the dust and ash?

Be Free

The Lord raised me higher
To The highest Heaven
I saw the whole world
In an instant
All within me
Now I will find myself
With Him and in Him and Me
So when I do I’ll appear
To myself in Glory His Love

I am so in Love
I can’t contain myself anymore
I live and breathe His Spirit
Like fire what sets me free
Is beyond what you think
My heart beats to His melody
I should have died right here
O Glorious and Powerful Love
Be free!

Great Quake

I know the day
And the month
Of the great earthquake
O California waste

There’s no stopping this one
It will come to pass no matter what
Whether you are here or there
Just be sure you’re right with Christ

They know it’s coming
But they are unprepared
In the year that’s in wait
Alas, it will be too late

Judgement Day

Apart from Christ I am but a puff of wind
Through Him, with Him, and in Him We are
His Spirit is Our breath, Our Life
Though still I fall from grace
He is quick to forgive and raise

Our enemy camped all around Us
Their collective consciousness Hell bent
On Our destruction, Our demise
But We smile instead with the Joy of God
Do your worst, We say, you’ll fail

We have Angels that surround and protect
The command We give is to Love
Answer evil with acts of Love
Despite thousands of years gone by
You want war instead

War you want, war you will get
Those that fight by the sword die by the sword
Your powers are nothing but a speck
To the Majesty and Glory of God
His Fire you cannot withstand

In the blink of an eye you will all be before
Him and His Majesty and Throne
Judgement Day
If you’ve obeyed His Command
Forgiveness is free

All will bend their knee
Out of reverence, not fear
In Peace, Joy, and Love
Heaven comes down
Evil thus cast away


People don’t like to hear the truth
Especially when it doesn’t suit them
Their world revolves around pleasures
So I come along and state for the record
Divine Truth, I am rejected and scorned
For warning them
This familiar path of sacrifice and Love
Is meant to warn and point the way to Heaven
To warn them of Hell, it’s real

If you saw innocent children
Walking into a raging fire
Blinded by the pretty fire
You can save them
Your actions would hurt them
Saving them from death

What would you do?

What’s Real is Love

If you ever find yourself
To your left is hate
To your right is death
The way out is simple


Cause it can’t be taken away
It is life, it is free, it is real
Tangible and Wonderful
He is Love

What I command is very real
Where the command rests is His
Now guess what’s next
Since they do not bend

From the bowels of the earth
I command fire to come forth
Like never before, you’ll see
But this is nothing
Compared to what comes
For those who persecute His little ones

Fear not if you love, believe He is
The one who will save
His Love was, is, and always will be
The way to Grace for Peace and Joy

But no one cares, that is true
They fear ridicule for His sake
I wonder at disbelief
But there are those that do

The Lord will take His stand
His mighty hand will strike the heart
With His Word and His Power
The mighty will be struck down forever



The message below is not a warning, but a message to the powerful. I had a vision a while ago, where a significant portion of the West coast of North America catastrophically will shake and fall into the sea. I didn’t ask Him about the decision that was made, but whatever sin it is, it must have caused harm to His little ones, it has caused this command. Even your scientists warn of a long looming quake, now there’s no stopping it.

Your world doesn’t yield to warnings
You didn’t before the towers fell
You didn’t after the evil collapsed
Still to this day, your grip chokes the poor
My Father hears the cries of the poor
But you who have been given the power
Do nothing because you are afraid

Now it’s too late for you
Your decision with a heart of stone
Has hung a millstone around your neck
Thus you will be cast into the sea
For that will be better for you
As you refuse to turn to Christ
Now My Father will turn His face away

Divinity Unleashed

What I know and what I see
By Divinity, but to you
Is not what it seems to be
I have Angels at my side
They enter at my command
The earthly plates and flow
Did you know?
No. You cannot see
I know by Divinity
He is Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh
Now the four corners have been unleashed
What comes is nothing
Compared to My Father’s wrath in the end
I’ve been shoved down deep to be silenced
But the creed says otherwise

How many more quakes will it take
Shall I turn to pestilence and plagues?


Over thirty years ago
I relayed to a loving heart
A concern I had which still holds true
Satan’s greatest deception: that he doesn’t exist

Now that the world lives this way
His deception doesn’t delay
Trying to convince the world
That God doesn’t exist

O nations so deceived!
When will you open your eyes?
Now it’s too late
For those who do not see

I weep from the deep
With some hope of my last stand
Glory to God in all that matters
Still one more chance

His Will

If the command was obeyed
The moment I stomped
Would you believe?
If you believe I have the power
I would not have to
As it is it happens
Time is irrelevant

Peace. I am.

As prophesied, it has now begun. I’ve been ripped apart by this evil world, and I continue to be torn to shreds. I don’t understand this need for doctors to fix something that does not need fixing, the Lord says that science is their god and they need to fulfill their worship by justifying their power of medicine with what they call healing, but in fact it’s destructive to the soul. The fact that people don’t understand what I am saying, does not indicate that something is wrong with me. It indicates that they just simply do not understand because it is they who are blind. I am a Son of God, that is my claim through Jesus Christ and it is by His power that I will allow this to continue. The Father has made me aware that He will allow me to be subject to trials and tests by the doctors, to not be afraid, to trust Him, and by His Authority will reveal what is going to happen for my testimony.

First, they will let me talk about everything. I will tell the truth in the name our Lord, and this will frustrate them, because I will warn them and remind them that anything they say and do to me they do to Christ. They will want me to explain in detail, everything, but it will not be me doing the talking, it will be Jesus Christ. By His Grace I will issue a two-edged sword from my mouth His Power and Authority relying on Divine Knowledge and Wisdom and this will give them the “answers” they need to proceed to the next step, which will be some form of medical treatment with talk therapy and medication to try and destroy Christ within me. They are going to do things to my body and mind which will be an assault on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. At the proper moment, when I am prompted by the Lord that He will no longer stand being the subject of such disrespectful ignorance that they will feel is their right, the Lord will issue a command and reveal to them who I really am. The point here is to give them irrefutable evidence that I am a Son of God.

Do you want to know what the Father Almighty is going to do?

In my New Name, known only to myself, He will change my raiment, my body and face to reflect my true self, and in that moment my body will be Resurrected and Glorified through Jesus Christ in their presence. For at that moment, I will give my testimony and Glorify God before them all.

Whether they fall down at Jesus Christ’s feet or not is up to them. For the Lord will raise up the lowly and grant them power over those who persecute Him. Since His Love is within me and also me, I will be that to them.


Edit to add:  Note, I do not condemn doctors or medicine, I condemn their actions against someone like me when there is absolutely nothing wrong with me!  This is how Satan operates, using the law and the institutions he set up to assault Christ, mostly by those who are unaware of it, as I mentioned, they are blind.  This is the main problem, so the only way is to be transfigured before them.

Fire In The Sky

Why has the Lord sent me back?
The torment of Hell surrounds me
The enemy is camped at my doorstep
They mock me and in secret they plot
Demise to them is not my demise
I am a Son of God and I command
Fire from Heaven to consume them all

Lo, when the whole sky fills with fire and flame
I will look up and lift my hands with joy
The Holy Spirit will enter and consume
All that is not of Him and reveal
All who are like unto Him
None shall ever oppose Him again
Behold, My Father will make all things new


I’ve turned a corner, and was aghast
What I saw and felt was a torrent
Of anger, so I stomped my foot
Commanded the earth to shake
Commanded the waters to break

Little do you know that my offerings for your sake
Are to let you in Heaven despite your foolish state
I will vouch for you, your perceptions are misplaced
Then the fire will come, will you withstand the flame?

Must Rest

Being off of ALL pain medication completely for the first time in almost 20 years has been, challenging, to say the least. I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or God, but I hate this world, I fucking hate it, all of it. I love the people, but the world they created without God is a disgrace, it’s disgusting, and it pisses me off. It’s a good thing I don’t get my way or you all would see such wrath never before seen, but as it is, you all have Christ, He wants to save everyone, and I accept that and condone it.

So you might be wondering why I hate this world so much, you may already know why, and my reasons are perfectly valid, because the world I live in, is being ruined by Satan through people around me and by most of the world who blindly follow the Beast. I didn’t ask to go off pain medication, I was forced off of all of them because I experienced the Passion of Christ in an emergency room. Stupid doctors have no idea what’s coming.

That asshat Satan can’t get to me directly so he attacks my family. Typical of a coward.

Know this, the Lord has my ear, and my prayer used to be blessings upon blessings abundantly to those around me every day but they do not see, I smashed hearts of stone and performed signs before them. I even died for them, many times. I know not how many souls I have saved or will save by enduring this suffering, but in this state my posts will be less often now, and I must retreat for a while so I can recover.

If you are truly one with Christ, get off your ass and start behaving like it!