No longer do I feel compelled to write
All that is left is for me to deal smite
Worthless and insignificant I am to you
But where I am from, this is not true

In truth, I am the weakest of all of us
Dragged through the ground with no fuss
Tortured and suffered for all your sakes
But it was grace alone that kept the stakes

I am impoverished for I have nothing to give you
I am all alone for I am nothing to you
I am also dead for I can see the dead
I am dread for I can deliver what I said

This Rhyme

All I have got for you is this rhyme
You would have said about damn time
Your love before me
Believe me

I came down in His image, amazing
Left a bunch of messages you’re not returning
All the shit you have to wade through
Not one more of those crazy bastards too

I was once locked up against my will
For believing in things I saw that thrill
Told them there would be a reckoning
So they let me go to die but I am still living

In my hands is the whole world so true
Anything to it i can do
Without permission, approval or bend
I can unleash the four corners and thus the end

I have proven only to myself that I am holy
To keep quiet and live my remaining days lonely
Every demon before me destroyed or defeated
Something I do not want repeated

Too many have shut up and run away
When I still have so much to really say
But truth and lies over eons is forgotten
And death has no power over the begotten


I felt the weight of your silence
When I bore my heart for all to see
Nobody noticed or cared who I was
When I died because of love
My dreams were shattered
And my hopes were dashed
My heart bursting out of my chest
I drank the anger and the angst
And lived the suffering and the pain
For love compels me to suffer unbeknownst to you
I died in the darkness so you do not have to
And felt the daggers in my back from betrayal
I endured the ridicule and the mockery
So be careful who you mock, you see
God does not deal lightly
With those who choose to mock His Own


When I look deep within I find myself
Alone with God and that is it
If I do nothing, I keep Him captive
If I do His Will, He is free

Being one with Christ is simple
Surrender your own will to His
And He will not account for your sins
For His Name will be all over yours

No accusation will ever stand
Making you indistinguishable from Him
Before birth and after death
Raised with Him on a whim

Forever locked in a glorious domain
No way to die before immortality
Knowing what is in store by fate’s own design
Written in the Universe is God’s divine plan

I read the book that upon it is written all of life
Knowing my own destiny, it is love that awaits
The end is not the end you propose
But is an act of love to save all from the throes

Seven Years

Seven years have passed away
Since I walked in from the fray
Nothing more new to say
Only God do I obey

I told them all from beyond the light
Upon a throne of Glory made to fight
It was Jesus who gave us this Power
Driven by Faith just like any other power

Riveted by the madness within
Matters not if the ice is thin
I traverse unharmed in constant glory
Wait until you hear the whole story

It is always a clear sky above the rain
I really do not mind the pain
While truth lives in me like a parade
Time for me to swing the blade


I can feel the disbelief pour all over me
Like hot wax unexpectedly
Palpable and just as intense
Do not think it is just some sense

Like a slipstream silver lined with light
I am a god with Him as my image alright
I boast because I must anonymously
To shatter misimpressions swiftly

I see the whole world as a few whispers away
Whisper away and listen to what they say
For the Spirit of the Whisper by His power
Will reach the hearts that cower

My message is one of hope and love
Appearing sometimes as the Dove
I keep losing them over time
Because I do not answer their prayers in time

So whisper only truth with a warm heart
Spread the word on fire from the start
That Love has come into the world
Just like you, in God’s lap I curled

To Forgive

It seems to me that you are going too fast
Patiently you must advance in haste to get past
God grant you absolution to move on past
That difficult memory of hurt all aghast

When I died I could have stood aside
Watch it all burn down to nothing I confide
But under the ashes remain the foundation
That will last an eternity beyond any nation

Learn the foundation and learn to live
It will be everything for love that you will give
Advancing in glory towards the inevitable end
My love to you do I send

Forevermore, I love in return
On this you must discern
What she sung when she broke the record
It was really about the magnificence of our Lord

Love them though they would never come back
Let them go then they are the ones who lack
Forgiveness instead of revenge is the way
Now I do not have any more new to say

Rhymes and Prayers

It is one thing to pray a prayer that rhymes
It is another to live in the prayer at all times
Prayers are for those who pray and for love
Prayers are private and perfect for the Lord above

I saw them all, ancient and new, young and old
And everything in between that was foretold
All of them love the Lord and give their due
Granted the graces they inquire what is true

Something amazing poured out from their heart
Miracles one after another from the very start
So I lean on He who is to come always
He leans on me sometimes never parting ways

I asked for a sign and was reminded of my love
Words of affirmation came from Heaven above
Delighting of course in His Second Coming
A Return of Love for Love however endearing

It is interesting what time will do to a Nation
That allowance of the degradation of perfection
That echo of humanity throughout the cosmos
And nothing appropriate rhymes with cosmos

Heaven on Earth is already here I must say
The last to close the door it will be forever on the day
That Glory shone from above to the whole world
It was the Spirit of the Lord that whirled